It’s October 14 and you know what that means — it’s National Dessert Day! Before getting a sweet treat of your own, check out your fave celebrities chowing down on desserts right here  It’s National Dessert Day! This makes today the perfect opportunity to go get some ice cream, donuts, pie, cake, or whatever your dessert of choice is, and indulge without worrying about calories, right?! Even the fittest celebrities like gorging on dessert food every once in a while, and there’s evidence of that in the gallery above We know the Kardashians LOVE their cakes, and they make a point to show off the fancy treat on everyone’s birthday White cakes shaped in a floral pattern are pretty much synonymous with the Kardashians at this point!    In general, celebs like to go all-out for birthdays When Gigi Hadid turned 21 in 2016, she attended Coachella with Taylor Swift and Taylor’s then-boyfriend, Calvin Harris Taylor made sure Gigi’s birthday wasn’t forgotten, though, and she brought a cake on the private jet that was transporting them to the concert It was clear from Gigi’s social media post about the sweet treat that she really enjoyed it! Another great time to enjoy desserts? After award shows, of course! Just ask Selena Gomez, who was caught chowing down on donuts after the American Music Awards one year After weeks of red carpet and performance prep, we don’t blame her for wanting to indulge!  Click through the gallery above to check out even more stars, like Reese Witherspoon, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and more, eating their favorite desserts And make sure you get out there and celebrate National Dessert Day accordingly!