What is this dissert? Is this a fruit dessert? Can you find it from Cambodia? If you would like to know more details, please watch my video  Hello Hi Neary Korea I already arrived at TK AVENUE MALL Where do shall we meet? Yes, I’m coming too, let’s meet at SUL-Bing Café opposite side of TK avenue. Okay Neary Korea ok Hello Have you ever try any food at SUL-Bing Café? No I have no. I used to pass by here What type of menu the café has? Do you know shaved ice? Sul-Bing is very well-known shaved ice café in South Korea. you can try Sulbing’s shaved ice in Cambodia as well Probably tastes good and looks good I used to eat Khmer shaved ice, I never tried Korean shaved ice shaved ice started with red bean shaved ice which is call pat bing su in south korea very long time ago Ohh I used to hear it from some Korean drama There are many different type available in Sulbing café. they have a lot of different flavors. They also have Tokpokki. I really like it (Tokpokki) Which one shall we eat? Please recommend for me. Sure, I will recommend you several. I come here almost 2 times a week because I love this place  I will recommend you 3 flavors that I like the most and 1 popular flavor. I would like to order 3 flavors which are Strawberry, Durian, and Chocolate Look so yummy !!!!! I would like to post this picture in Instagram. It’s not an ordinary shaved ice, it is like shaved snowy ice made from milk. It’s much different than an ordinary shaved ice. Strawberry is really fresh and this is very soft.Have you see the snow before? Just see it on TV. This shaved ice look like another shaved ice but it is much sweeter  The second is Durian shaved snowy ice which is my favorite. Yes durian is Neary Korea favorite. It smells so good! You cannot find this menu in South Korea (does not exist).Only available in cambodia. I want to eat it now. So let get start. For me I like this flavor. This flavor is the best seller in Sul Bing cambodia It looks so good! How can I eat this? I do not want to mess this up! Let’s eat  This chocolate cheese flavor is very yummy. I think People Who love to eat chocolate will be satisfied with this menu Now I am full. How do you like it? It really delicious. Thanks Neary korea for introducing this desert to me. Yes I’m very happy to have this desert with you chhing. We should come back again soon!! Thanks for watching my video. please click like and share button. If you want to try Sul-bing please tag your friend.The first branch locates at in front of Tk Avenue Mall. The second branch is in Mid Town Mall See you in next video. Bye bye