– Previously on That Youtube Family! – So Abigail went missing, and we couldn’t find her for a while, but! I think she’s at Goblin Valley. – [Dad] Audrey! Jake, Ty,
come on! Mom found her! There she is! Guys! – Jordan! Jordan! – Guys ! Where have you been! – Where were you! – I’ve been looking for you everywhere! – We looked for you everywhere! – [Audrey] You were with the doll! – I don’t know! I’ve been
looking for you guys. – [Mom] No, you were with Abigail, and you were acting weird again. – You left behind way back there. – No. Jordan, ohhhhh… – [Audrey] You have to watch the footage. – [Mom] Let’s take the dolls… I don’t see the dolls anywhere. – Okay guys. We’re trying to find Abigail and it is raining like
crazy and we can’t find her and we need to find her
and take care of her and get out of here. – It’s really wet. I’m cold. – Guys, we need to kind of spread out but stick together at the
same time, and find our doll. – Okay. Let’s go. – [Mom] Guys. Spread out.
Let’s try to find Abigail. I think somebody needs to
be a buddy with Jordan. – Not me. – Not it! – [Mom] Guys. I can’t,
like, show everybody and film if I have to hold Jordan. Jordan, you’ve got to stick with Dad. Dad and Jordan will stick together, and everybody else needs
to kinda spread out and try to find the doll. – It’s so wet. – I have a feeling that if I stay by Jordan, I’ll see Abigail, because somehow those two are always magnetic. – [Mom] That’s true. – I don’t even know. – I know. You never remember. – [Mom] Here. I’ll give
you guys the camera and you go start looking for her. We’ll go around this way.
You guys go that way. We’ll come this way. Ty, are
you staying with me or Dad? – [Dad] Kay, cuz, this goes around, so swing back to the left. – We’ll meet you back at the left, yeah. – [Dad] Kay. Alright. – This… this game of hide and seek is going on forever.
Like, it’s been raining. – Abigail’s a really good hider, too. – I’m just done. I just
wanna go back home. – Yeah. Why did it have
to start raining on us? – What’s up? – I have no idea, but,
I hope that that’s… I’m wondering where the car is, now. I don’t even know where
that’s at. You see Mom? – She could be anywhere, honestly, like this is a huge valley. – This place is monstrous.
We haven’t seen her yet. Jake and Ty are clear over that way. – Did you find her there? – [Jake And Ty] No! – What do you think we should do? – [Audrey] Oh my gosh! – [Dad] What? – [Dad] There she is. Kay, hide and seek! Let’s go get her! Whoa. Where’d she go! Where did she go. – It’s all over right here. She’s gone. – [Dad] What! How did she do that? – [Mom] Not again. Ty, did you see her even move? No! – [Dad] Jake? – [Ty] She’ just like, poof! – [Mom] Not again. How
are we gonna do this. How are we ever going to get her. – [Dad] Alright. Audrey… – What’re we gonna do. I don’t know. I feel like we have to get
her and take care of her because I don’t want anything
weird happening to you. – And guess what? Rain! *gasps* – [Dad] She doesn’t like water! – [Ty] She felt it! – Yeah. What’re we gonna do now? – [Dad] Why did we bring
her out in the water? – Oh no! – [Dad] This is gonna be a
hide and seek gone wrong, guys. – Oh no! – Everybody, look. Look in little caves, look in rocks, look where it’s dry. We might be finding her there. – [Dad] Oh my… – I didn’t think about that, Jordan. – [Dad] Good idea, Jordan. Wait did- – [Mom] She’s alone! There’s water! – [Dad] Did you come up with that? Or did that just pop into your head? – No I just remembered
that, that it’s raining. Cuz I’m soaked and I’m cold. – Isn’t it interesting that Jordan, the second child, who’s been acting weird, just remembered that, that
she doesn’t like water? – [Dad] Yeah. – Are you feeling the cold
that Abigail’s feeling? – [Audrey] And water is made of H2O. – [Dad] Oh my goodness. – I don’t know if you’re like, just feeling the same, like, thing. – I don’t know! – So where do you feel? Is
she sitting in the dark? What are you feeling? – I don’t see anything! I’m just cold because it’s raining. – So you’re not feeling any vibes or senses or where she could be. – No! – [Dad] Alright. – Kay, let’s keep going then. We have a lot of rocks to search, guy. – Uhhh. There’s hundreds. – Watch out! Don’t step on that. – You’re kinda pulling me that way. – Don’t step in that water. – Guys, is that…. That’s her! Right here! *sound of running* – Are you starting to act weird, too? – I don’t feel weird! That’s how I… I don’t feel weird! Everybody says I’m acting weird. – We’re moving to higher ground.
The water on the ground… *walking sounds* – Abigail! – [Dad] See anything? Do
you see her? Ty? What? Where? – Right here! Where did she go? – I almost had her! We were this close! Did you see how close we got to her? – [Audrey] I wish we’d been closer. – We were so close. – [Audrey] She was right there. I thought Ty was gonna get her. – So what we need to
do is when we see her, we need to make like a dead sprint and just go as fast as we can to try to catch her, because, obviously sneaking up
on her is not working. – Yeah, cuz it’s getting cold, and it’s around dinner
time so I’m hungry as well, and it’s been raining which, water’s not a good sign. And also, I don’t even know where the car is… – [Dad] Yeah, I now. – I just wanna go back home. – I’m getting turned around. Yeah I hope that’s not a ploy for Abigail- to try and get us lost out here. – Yeah. And I mean I like hide and seek, but not when it’s with
Abigail. Like this is not fun. – Is she up there? – Abigail! Abigail! – [Mom] Come on! – [Ty] I don’t see her! – [Dad] Anything, Audrey? – I haven’t seen Abigail. – [Mom] ABIGAIL! – [Dad] What? You see her? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! I’ll go this way! Where’re they going! What? – [Mom] Are you kidding? – [Dad] She’s gone? – She’s right here! – [Jake] Yeah! – Like, seriously. I almost had her. I swear I saw her… gone. – [Audrey] Jake, did you see her? – Uh, yeah. Kind of, yeah. – [Mom] Where’s she going? She was here. Let’s check the area, guys.
See if we can find her. Jake, any sign of her up top? [Jake] No! – [Mom] Any luck, Jordan? – Abigail? We wanna go home! You have to help us, Abigail! Hurry! Okay? – [Audrey] Come on, Abigail. – [Ty] Abigail! – [Mom] We want to go
home. Are you guys coming? Wait. There- she’s there! Run, run! – [Dad] Where’s she at! Where’s she at! – She was right here!
I saw her here again. I tell ya, she’s around here. – She was centimeters from
my hand! A centimeter away! – Same here. She disappeared. – [Dad] She is fast.
What was she looking at? What was she doing over here? – [Mom] We ran! All of us
ran. We could not catch her. There’s no way we’re
gonna catch her, guys. – [Dad] Wait. She was sitting here. Which way was she facing? – That way. – She was facing us! – [Dad] She was facing that way? – [Mom] Like I, turned around, like she was not here.
Then I turned around to make sure you guys were all coming, and then I saw her, and then she’s gone. – Maybe if we have a different tactic, cuz every time we see her we scream. – But we’ve tried sneaking up on her too, and it didn’t work. – Okay. If she was sitting here, the cool thing is, is our vehicles are right up there. We found our exit. So if she’s playing hide and seek with us – We can get out of here. – We can leave. Maybe she’ll follow us. – [Audrey] Let’s just go. I
don’t think we should play. – I think we should just go. I mean, that’s breaking a rule, but, it’s better than being out here all day. – I know but, if she’s just gonna play with us forever, and we’re gonna be stuck out here forever,
I’d rather just go. – I don’t want this to
be a never ending game. – [Dad] I’m starving. – You guys, what if this is
a good way to ditch Abigail. We could ditch her here.
So she thinks that she’s playing a game with us? Well
let’s play a game with her. – I don’t know about
that. She can teleport. – She’s got lots of defenses – I don’t want to make her mad. – I think it’s worth the risk. – She hates being alone. – Okay, let’s vote. Take it
to the vote, guys. Okay ready? – No. – Everybody who wants to ditch Abigail, raise your hand. – No. – [Dad] The three girls. – The girls do and the boys don’t. – [Dad] And keep her? Me… – The boys want to keep the doll? – Are you kidding me? – I only wanna keep her
because I’m afraid of her. Honestly, I really am. I
don’t know what she can do. – So it’s split three three. – And it’s a split vote so, I say we start heading back towards the car, and if she follows us,
let’s just chase her down. – So if she doesn’t, and she’s no where, and she’s still messing with us, then do we just leave? – [Dad] Let’s, yep. Let’s do that. – We win girls. – We’re gonna win. Let’s just go. – Okay. – We’re never gonna catch her. *spooky music* – Okay guys. We’re gonna give one last sweep to try to find Abigail. Cuz honesty, I don’t know why we’re trying to leave her, because that is one of the rules: she does not like to be left alone, and… – Also what if she messes
with our car and stuff? – Yeah. So, so I don’t even
wanna mess with this, so. Let’s go up this hill right here, guys. See if we can find her. Be careful, Jake. – [Jake] I’m not going up the side. – [Dad] Where did you go,
Ty? Wait for me. What? Where’d she go? – I was… I was like a
quarter of a centimeter. – I was just about to touch her! – [Dad] Did you see
where- did she go through- there was another hole right there! – She probably like teleported through. – [Dad] You didn’t see that one. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go try to find the girls. That way, Ty. Let’s go this way. *spooky music* – We found her again! I
was half a centimeter. – This close. I mean
they were right there. – [Mom] Did you touch her?
Were you able to grab her? – I was so close. – Guys, I feel like we should
go back to the vehicle. Like, I really think we should go. – [Dad] Why? Why do you feel that way? – I don’t know. I just think we should go. – [Mom] I’m game! – Let’s do it. – Yeah but if she’s not up there, I don’t know what we’re gonna do. – She can teleport, so she
can teleport back home? – [Dad] Careful. – [Jordan] Guys, I see her right there. – [Dad] What?! – [Jordan] She’s right there! Right there! *suspense sounds* – We have to come up with a plan. Cuz if we try to just reach her, she’s gonna disappear again. – [Mom] What’s the game plan ? – [Ty] Should we like go around her and get her from behind? – You want us to circle her? – Oh! Sneak up behind her! – [Ty] Yeah, and that, we like, didn’t know that she was there. – Brilliant. Okay Ty, you’re probably gonna have to be the one that does it. – You’re the smallest. So, you go that way. – I’ll climb up on the top, like into the cave where she is. – [Dad] Okay. – And try and grab her. – Look! Look it. – [Audrey] They’re distracting her. *suspense music* – Wait where is she. Where is she! – [Audrey] Where’d she go! – Where’d she go! – [Audrey] I don’t… – She was just right here! – [Audrey] Are you serious!
Did she teleport again? – Yes. She was right in that tunnel. I coulda grabbed her. – [Audrey] Ty. How’d she
know? You were so sneaky. – I went like all the way around – [Audrey] I know. She
was seriously right here. – Did she like hear us? – [Audrey] I don’t know. – I jumped like… – [Audrey] Maybe she didn’t
like their distraction. I don’t… I don’t know. – You guys didn’t do a
good enough distraction. – [Mom] No! When you went
down, she disappeared. Right as you were sliding down. – Like right when, right when I was there? – [Dad] Yeah. – You went, as you went
down, she disappeared. Just like, I saw her- POOF! Gone. – She’s gone. We should
just go back to the car. – Alright, let’s go. – I don’t think it’s gonna work. I don’t think we can find her. – Kay. – [Dad] Let’s listen to Jordan cuz, I think the doll is
probably talking to her. – [Jake] Yeah. – Alrighty, guys. We made it to the top. We’re back up to the parking
lot and I’m so tired. – We never did find her, like. – That was hours, okay. We missed lunch. And it’s getting cold. I think it’s getting toward nighttime, and… I just wanna go home.
Look out here though. – [Dad] She could be anywhere. There’s a million places. – [Mom] There’s no way we’re
gonna find her. No way. Gonna take the keys? You want the- here. Ty, take the camera. Let’s go. You’re good, guys. – [Ty] Guys. – [Mom] What? – [Ty] She’s here. – [Dad] Whoa! – [Jordan] She’s right there. – Look. The seat. – [Jordan] Okay this is creepy. Guys, this is so creepy! What do we even do, Dad? – I don’t know, but let’s… – [Jordan] Let’s get out of here. – We’ll put her in the seatbelt and we’ll just go. Let’s go, go. – [Jordan] Okay. *suspense music*