Live from New York City, it’s The Wendy Williams Show. ♪Oh yeah. ♪ ♪ Feel it feel it feel it. ♪ ♪ Feel it feel it feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you do doin? ♪ ♪ How you doin?♪ Now here’s Wendy. (audience cheering) Woo. (audience cheering) Thank you for coming to my show. Say hello to the co-host, the studio audience. (audience cheering) How you doin? I’m doin okay, let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics, come on. (audience cheering) [Audience Members] Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy. Thank you, thank you. So yesterday, yesterday on the show I had so much fun with Nini. I’m so glad that you liked our conversation. I was reading a lot of the stuff that you were saying. Nini was reading a lot of her stuff. She waited in the green room until like for like two hours but I was busy doing stuff. So she ended up going to the airport, with she and Greg and they flew back to Atlanta. But we were talkin on the phone, like she call before I even got into my apartment we’re back on the phone, you know, talking and stuff about what a good time we had. And it didn’t seem like cameras were rollin and all that stuff. So thank you for the love for both of us. Thank you. (audience cheering) Up next to bat, Tamar. (audience cheering) Similar relationship, so it should be a whole lot of fun a little later on in the show. All right, what is the deal with these holograms? Stop. Like, like okay so now they got the they got the Whitney Houston hologram goin on tour. We talked about this when the idea first came up in her family, like last season or somethin, or whenever Anyway, remember back in May, it was Whitney’s sister-in-law, Pat, who announced a world tour of the Whitney hologram. We just got our first glimpse of the hologram. Here it is. Clap if you’re in. Well Pat, I don’t know who’s going to this. (audience laughs) But clap if you’re a serious Whitney fan. (audience cheering) Here’s my thought, Pat. People realize that your trying to profit off her image. Now I don’t know what the financial situation is going on in you all’s family but there’s gotta be a better way to make money. Cause these are serious Whitney fans and not one person clapped. And I didn’t prompt them. My co-hosts come with their own opinions, okay. I just feel like, you know, they tried to do this with Tupac. It didn’t go so well. I think they that they were gonna do it with the Big E. And that then you know, somebody in our morning meeting said, “Well, Wendy, you know, it’d be nothing “for us to do hologram of you “if one day you weren’t here.” I was like, “No, the death you won’t.” What? Exactly. I was like, “How are you gonna prompt me to say, you know, what I’m gonna say?” So but I guess with the holograms, you know, those songs are already in the can. So you know hologram just sings along and you all, who are going, all five of you, you know, you’ll sway along with the music. Whitney’s brother, Gary, is gonna be doin backup. (audience sighs) Now that’s Pat’s husband. I don’t know why they’re doin this, other than in the name of Fadera, maybe they need a check. Remember Fadera from– We talked yesterday. Yeah, maybe they need the check. I just think that it’s– This is a really bad idea. You know, like let your sis– let people just pass away. And then you buy their– Roy Orbison is on the Hologram Tour, too. Yep. (laughs) It’s weird. Anyway, if you care and if you have a passport, the tour starts in Mexico and Europe before it comes to the U.S. in fall of 2020. (audience applause) So the next Bachelor has been announced. And people aren’t happy. I don’t know where I was. I was in the house last night but I wasn’t watchin this. Anyway, apparently, it’s the 27 year old pilot, Peter, you know the one who had sex four times with Hannah, in the windmill. He’s virile. (audience laughs) But a lot of fans are very upset that they didn’t chose Mike Johnson. Now here’s Peter. But here’s Mike. And what they were saying is there’s never been a black Bachelor. They also said that, you know, Rachel Lindsay by the way, the first Black Bachelorette, she’s speaking out. And take a look at what she says and then we’ll discuss. I think Peter seems like a very nice guy. He seems lovely. This is absolutely nothing against him but how many Peter’s have we seen before? What season are we on? 24, so we’ve seen 24 Peters. Okay, I’m bored. But for the first time I was very confident that we were going to see our first Black Bachelor. But when you have contestant, like Mike, Mike Johnson, and who seems to check all the boxes, how is he not the Bachelor? (audience applause) She makes a really good point. Mike is 31 years old, he’s an Air Force vet, he’s a portfolio manager, you know, he’s a decent looking man, you know, and and why isn’t he? I don’t know. I think that when they choose these bachelors, they also choose longevity and probably over at the ABC machine, they probably had in their mind, that okay, this guy, Peter he’s got somethin else goin on. You know, he’s gonna be our next Bachelor. You know, they kinda, I don’t wanna say rig it or whatever cause, Hannah, ultimately didn’t choose him. Hannah’s already on Dancing with the Stars. This would be a great move for him or Mike, you know what I mean, or all of them, like it’s a perfect thing but you can only have but so many, I guess, from one show on a season. Well, I don’t know if Mike even wants to be the next Bachelor. I’m gonna tell you why. Cause Mike is diggin on, who’s the pretty girl? Demi Lavoto, honey. [Audience Members] No. Yes, yes. There are rumors that they are dating. Demi has it bad for Mike. And Demi, got down on his DM. [Audience Members] Ooh. So now, so now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a bigger ticket to get with Demi, a bigger payday and more publicity and more chances of opportunity to get with Demi, hypnotize her, you know, with his big smile and make her fall in love, even though she’s vulnerable and young and then marry her or somethin. (audience applause) And I don’t wanna ask you if you’d watch a Black Bachelor, cause course you would. Black people make TV funny, okay. (audience cheering) I’ve said that to you so many times but it really goes back to when I was a kid growin up and watching the Newly Wed Game, like I’m this big, you know, like I loved the show but whenever the black people were up I’d be like, okay, let me pull up now. Just, even the Family Feud, this show, like black people make TV good, so. (laughs) (audience applause) So if you’re interested, The Bachelor will premiere in January. Yes, mm hmm. So and here we go with R. Kelly. [Audience Members] Oh.
I know, I know, I know. Well there’s this woman, she wears pigtails, so you know immediately she’s his type. (audience applause) Look, look, look, there’s this woman, a fan, a groupie– There she– Okay, but she’s grown. She’s like 28 years old. 47 fabulous. Now I don’t know whether that’s a mug shot or I don’t know where that picture’s from but all I’m sayin is 47 but you know with the pigtails, you know, she’s got that R. Kelly look. Anyway the woman met R. Kelly on a dinner cruise in Chicago. Now if you’re from the New York Tri-state area or maybe you know, out on the coast and stuff you know, whether it’s Miami or San Francisco, you know, in New York we have the Circle Line. You know, you get on the Circle Line, you pay a few dollars, you go out, you stand at the buffet, you get meat carving station and all of a sudden she meets R. Kelly. Okay, on a dinner cruise in Chicago. And, and then they become friends. I don’t know how friendly but friends enough. Her name is Valencia Love. [Audience Members] Oh. And, after she met, Robert, then, Robert, was eventually arrested. And Valencia posted his $100,000 bail. Now, I know, you’re wondering where she got the money. Well apparently, she owns a very popular restaurant in Chicago. I don’t know whether it’s a table cloth restaurant or a fish fry with white bread and vinegar cause those make a lot of money too. (audience laughs) Anyway, so she hasn’t gotten her money back and she wants her money back. $100,000 plus a little bit more. $50,000 for his to pay for his back child support. $50,000 for the back child support and then $100,000 for the rest. For the bail. Okay, so she’s in $100,000 deep for a criminal she met on a dinner cruise. An alleged criminal, excuse me. Valencia, you’re never gonna get this money back. This man has financial troubles. He’s got image troubles. He’s goin to jail, eventually. And you will never get this money back. Now you can sue if you want, but you’re not going to get this money back. Were you guys romantically involved? Like how deep does that love go? You ever post bail for somebody then just not want the money back? I have. (audience applause and cheering) Yeah, please. Stop acting like you’re better than people. We all know people who have done things and when they need that bail, you know, it’s only like 10% of what they– So if it’s a $10,000 bail, it’s $1,000, you know what I’m saying. Now I know the weekend’s coming. We all want to go to Walmart and Target and stuff. That $1,000 is comes in handy this weekend. But I’m just like, “No”, I’m not goin back over. I wonder if I could sell– Like how long do you qualify for getting the bail back? I wonder. Like could I get it back by this weekend? Jen, the staff lawyer, how long is it, in bail? Just look in Jersey. Oh, oh and New York. I know people. I’m not that girl anymore, I’m not posting no bail on anybody but you know, when you tryin when you’re tryin to figure out li- you know what I mean? When you’re tryin to figure out life and where you fit in as you grow up as a man or a woman, you know, you know a lot of people. Anyway, R. Kelly is back in court as of yesterday. And I have no– This is what he looks like. Well clearly the food is good, his hips are spreading. (audience applause) I am so tired of covering this R. Kelly thing. Just like, put him away so we can move along, okay. (audience applause) Wait, one more thing, and co-hosts I want you to be perfectly honest, we’re not gonna shame you. If you met R. Kelly on a dinner cruise, and he needed, you know, $150,000 and but if you had it clap if you’d do it. At least three people are lying. (audience laughs) They’d put that key right in that ignition. (audience applause) Okay come on now come on. Step right in the name of love. He’s talkin to you all slick over the dessert bar on that dinner cruise and you’re fallin for it. So, okay. Adele, who we love here, and her soon to be ex-husband– [Audience Members] Awe. Well no, they have a child. Things happen in marriages, as we all know. Anyway they’re gonna be… They live directly across the street from each other and so here’s here’s the graphics. There’s Simon’s home, okay. The street is really thin, like one of those streets where I think, you have to pull over to let the other car from the opposite direction pass, thin street in Beverly Hills. And there’s Adele’s home, right here. So their son is six years old. And on the outside, this seems pretty good. You know, the kid could stay in the same zip code, have the same friends, same school district, a thin street in Beverly Hills, at six the kid could probably cross the street by himself, you know, as long as there’s an adult on the porch sayin, “Okay, go head to dad’s”, you know like that but this is not good for Simon and Adele. I’ll tell you why. Cause the second Adele has the next man pull up there and park his car outside and stay all night long into the morning with the Sunday Times and brunch Simon’s is going to find a reason to ding fing dong, ding dong, ding dong, you know. (audience applause) And, Adele, the second he has, you know, some internet thought or whatever he messes around with, I don’t know, and she pulls up in the Uber that he pays for with your divorce money, cause you know she’s worth $180 million and there was no prenup. So Simon is sitting pretty, right across the street in the neighbor. I, I you know, this is a good in theory and from what I understand Adele and Simon still do get along. I don’t know whether they do drive-bys but you know, even that is too even that is too convenient. You know, you ever go get your mail in a flimsy robe and a négligé, you know go get your mail and then you’re looking over it and you feel eyes burnin on back. It’s Simon, lookin at you. His front door’s wide open. He’s standin in nothin but a pair of drawers. (audience laughs) The boy is at school so he’s got nothin to do except for a little coffee or something. Anyway same zip code is fine, I just feel as though he’s supposed to be livin someplace else. Like it’s supposed to be where Adele wants to live first cause she’s payin all the bills then put him way around the corner down the street and in a one bedroom or two bedroom, like a condo or somethin. (audience applause) I like, I like, Adele though. I want her to have a clothing line. I think she could have a really good clothing line for big girls. Cause I like her style. It’s very old fashioned. A lot of big girls may not like her style. She does wear a lot of material, you know. And a lot of us, we like a little material but but this is– She’s a class act, to me. (audience applause) That would be really good. And she could even do it like high end. She doesn’t have to do it like in inexpensive store, she could do it like at Salon Z at Saks. There’s a lot of big girls who have money to spend. You know $1,000 on a dress or you do something like that. You know, it makes you feel good, you know. Is it worth working hard and anyway. I would like to see her do that, I like her, I do. (audience applause) I’m like a snake this time of year. Like my skin is all peely and my palms and stuff like that, you know what I mean? I had the pumice stone on the inside of my hands. It’s like ew ick. So, oh. I didn’t tell you over the summer cause I’ve been tellin you, you know, a little bit about what I’ve been doin and stuff and you’ve seen me with all kinds of people from my family to you know, you know, Nini and whatnot, Rick Ross and Snoop Dog and my son. I’ve been out zippin and zooin it but you know, I always tell you, I know a lot of different people you know I’ve been hangin a lot lot with my friend, Jamie but I was at a party, this past Sunday it was in the Hamptons. Mm hmm, so, Tom Suozzi there. He’s a New York congressman. And it was at a mansion. And Hakeim Jeffers was there and he’s running for State, what is he? He’s like the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. Correct, correct. Then, then litigation attorney, Howard Fernscene Fensterman, it was his house, his wife, gigantic compound. The shrimp were firm. [Audience Members] Ah. Oh yes, oh yes. And I asked them. Oh, I’m in my Fenty dress. Thanks, Rihanna. (audience applause) I could only be me, yeah. Everybody was dressed real causal except for these guys. But everybody’s got like cargo shorts and stuff like that. I’ve got my bra showin. I felt very, very comfortable and I brought my friend Jamie and my other friend, Artie. And but so here I go cause the food was really good you guys, right, but people we’re comin up. Like people, those people they watch our show. It was like a stiff crowd but not stiff. You know very political but everybody was like, “How you doin, how you?” I was like, “Well hold on now, you’re interrupting my shrimp.” (audience laughs) I got food in my teeth. So here I go, I go in the kitchen. And I asked, no I asked the wait staff, “Do you have zip lock bags?” How dare you? And then I didn’t wanna ruin my collector’s bag right here, so I asked them, “Do you have a bag to put in the Ziploc?” (audience applause) Look, look I left with all the food. (audience applause) Anyway, you have to have a wide variety of friends especially in this new life. Look, we got more great show for you everybody. Up next, my friend Tamar Becks is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (audience cheering) ♪Feel it feel it♪