never have I ever get in a bug on purpose oh yeah we did it together no we did yes Thailand we create this scorpion and a spider not a bug that’s like I said a bug No why not hey guys welcome back and today we’re gonna do something a little different we’re gonna play a game we haven’t played a game in a while you’re excited for this I’m scared for this one too the game we’re gonna play is called never have I ever and we asked for statements on Instagram from you guys and then you sent us some statements and we’re gonna answer them if I have done it or if I have not done it we’re gonna have some extra spice your statements on paycheck because we don’t feel like they’re totally suitable for you to my mom but hey no judging they look judging and you feel guys want to check out those statements just click [Music] nope let’s go never have I ever broken a bull kids never have I ever made up an excuse to leave a boring party I have I have a rehab I already go to the party with an excuse in mind we talked about the yeah like we have to say this so we can leave at this time but not for John they’re not for death oh yeah yeah not for dinner never have I ever dyed my hair had it turn out terribly [Music] I have not went the big fashion thing was to dye your hair white I tried to get my hair dyed white but it turned blonde and is it again and then turn white but I got in the pool and turned green I saw the picture before you was before me thank God never have I ever accidentally sent an inappropriate message to someone by mistake nah nah I have not not a nude photo no to someone no well mine wasn’t nude it was actually recording about you but it was sending an audio to John and Erin I’m talking about my butt and then he sent it to his trainer just so be my trainer was cool about it it was like oh I’m glad your partner has a big bug this is so you never have I ever stopped a YouTube video to have sex [Music] we have several times double time yeah if there’s one with the speedo or a challenge was probably a challenge you know where yeah or anytime we have to say you know relax let’s go relax before dinner okay octina and cuddle let’s cuddle let’s relax and have to do you know oh I’m a little tired me too you’re gonna lay down that’s me don’t live and look at this no never have I ever used someone else’s toothbrush we do it all the time we never have I ever been arrested oh my watch No yeah I think you did it wrong what no I have been arrested what do you mean you have been arrested so I said to my sister one day at lunchtime like hey let’s get to school and go to India’s and get it have lunch and so she had a test that day so she asked me to go with her friends so we went we went to Wendy’s when we came back there was a police officer right in the middle so he ran this way I ran this way and we just said good luck we ran cuz it’s elite we’re not allowed to skip school and so obviously with my luck the officer chased me they tackled me and put me in handcuffs and then we went to the principal’s office but the principal and I we were pretty good cuz I was on student councils so he saw that like it was in the state okay I really am yeah but I wasn’t taking to jail but I was arrest oh I’ve been handcuffed and that’s all I’m saying if you have makeup wait never have I ever licked whipped cream off of someone [Music] for you kiddie online oh yeah what’s wrong never have I ever hooked up at the gym it is not a secret trade or like this point I have not I have many times mm tires I mean we’ve kissed but we’ve never hooked up with kids yeah we’ve we’ve done more than kissing Oh a little bit more than kissing other than I have a buffering oh you have course with me oh yeah okay never have I ever skinny-dipped in a waterfall good it was good hot spring oh the hot spring – that’s true yeah never have I ever lied about having an emergency to leave a bad date or hook up early [Music] you have not yeah actually I meet the person like get out of my apartment because like I don’t want the person to spend the night there so I do like I said to the person that my sister was staying with me that was in Brasilia so yeah I don’t want the person to spend a night was just a freak I never have I ever had sex with a woman with a woman you know one time was it uh it’s not that it wasn’t good but I prefer with me yeah when I had sex with a woman I couldn’t say for sure okay yeah yeah I prefer guys I don’t know because I came and see what oh my god I’ve never touched breasts I’ve never touched anything like other woman I only touched like grazed it without really putting my hand to my girlfriend I grazed it never have I ever joined the mile-high club [Music] but that’s an idea but I don’t know how you do it I’m just asking yeah that’s still a letter I don’t know how people do it so if you’re in the mile-high club let us know how you do it yes that sounds fun I mean stick happening we would like to do that never have I ever gotten kicked out of a nightclub or bar you know you have I have not I have Jesus when I went to New York wait but when after like leaving Leesburg and going to New York you’ve never had alcohol and so I got kicked out of a couple of bars cuz I projectile vomited oh my god didn’t know how to drink but now I know my London well it goes that I walk kind [Music] never have I ever filmed a YouTube video without wearing underwear oh my no cuz I saw you this morning that’s my Twitter question because you’re doing it right now this right now naked oh my god okay never have I ever stolen something I have when you’re little when I was little I stole candy me too yeah I think every kid does but did your mom tell you to go and apologize yeah yeah my mom she had to do that it was so very it was so embarrassing yeah never have I ever farted in the store she quickly left the aisle you do it every day I do it here the grocery store everybody about that no but you do it more than other people with never have I ever given someone a fake number I have if the person called me right after like oh let me call you so you can register mine oh my god yeah they don’t work but then I pretend that it was the person’s mistake like oh you got this number wrong this yes the person got my number never have I ever had a one-night stand I have [Laughter] not just one like with like with like everything yeah just one and I felt horrible why cuz like that’s bad right bad I wasn’t I got man look at you oh well I was single so I was just enjoying no it depends on me first yeah I just felt bad for the guy what because I think you wanted more and what for me was just a one-night stand oh okay never have I ever been robbed I have where it’s unfold remember that’s right so most all men fall but I team at sea that’s right I was in New York the guy said like hey come over here gotta ask you a question anyway I walked over there with Nick guy the guy was like if you have a good go to the ATM give me your money and he went to the ATM but I knew I didn’t have any money in my life just one account so I was like oh man I don’t have any money but I gave my MetroCard [Music] someone calls you in that aisle mid of the night everything dark come here and you go yeah that’s so you never have I ever contacted my partner’s ex I have but your dude no but he well I have when you kind of chatted a little bit with my eggs yeah cuz we’re on a joint Instagram account now and his ex always appears in stories like his yeah but no it sounds nice yes and I like there are some photos I like I like oh that’s a good photo cuz he has a boyfriend as well yeah so so we were cool okay so yeah I have contacted but he’s Acts contacted me when we’re in the beginning of a relationship yeah he he was angry just never have I ever made any naughty videos private you’re just farting yeah never have I ever had a crush on my teacher we have not you didn’t have any cute Brazilians I’ve never had any attractive you know how did I recall that was the first time I ever liked math never have I ever had a panic attack during sex with me why never have I ever walked in on my parents never have I ever been Oh VIN walked in sorry I have not no no I was really careful with that [Music] hello rest we better happen to you know never have I ever done a walk of shame I have not babe never never one night stand babe I have not I have the honors no usually people will use the other yeah you send other people on the walk of shame horrible never have I ever gone to the bathroom and done stuff during a party [Music] now that was my first year anniversary the first the first time the first time we were it’s just solid we went to a party to a club and never have I ever dated two people at the same time oh my god this this thing that this game is destroying me I wish I could say I have not that I wish was that your first boyfriend yes because they have it like he had my first boyfriend uh-huh their network to other people so yeah there are three no I was getting to know two other guys yeah never have I ever gone scuba diving or skydiving I have lunch I’ve been scuba diver I wouldn’t how would you describe it yes scuba diving I don’t like things on my face Nick I feel a little claustrophobic and the last one who never have I ever had sex on the elevator I have not but that’s a good idea yeah when we saw the quest or we saw the statement for you’re like we should do it just to say we shall try it but it would last like watch 10 seconds yeah it had to be fast yeah so if you’ve ever done that with the mile-high club in the elevator tell us how you doing well we’ve cooked up you know just not that was intense well you got arrested boy Huey dated three people in the same time oh that’s a line you’re not even wearing underwear why feminists let’s stop here so if you guys wanna check out some extra statements just go to our patreon page right here and go out make my race and let’s join the mile-high club oh that’s a new bag that should be our next I’m saying go I have a panic attack that would be a disaster elevated me yeah and I could just get off yeah give a plane we do that enough all right bye-bye you know standing what just so you haven’t wondered where [Music]