welcome back everyone it is time to get cooking here at News 4 Tucson today we are joined by a chef Maurice tiger from gourmet girls they are back and we’re making strawberry shortcake taco no fun oh these look delicious so you know we have chocolate ACOs mm-hmm and it’s springtime and this is actually inspired by my husband whose favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake so we mash the two together and so well go ahead get started okay you have baked off our vanilla sponge cakes size that’s 5 inch pan okay and then we’ve lined them with pretty little doilies and we’re gonna fold them a little bit in half but we fill them with cream cheese icing so I’m gonna go home do you can’t go wrong with cream cheese icing you sew right and this is the best because it’s just powdered sugar butter cream cheese and vanilla but it’s perfect no this is a cute little gift to you normally you know moms get cakes yes ice cream cakes but this is a nice little twist to a Mother’s Day gift if we wanted to cook something up absolutely so noodles all right I’m left-handed so all right yeah let’s see there it is all right perfect little strawberry so we’ve mixed the gel you can buy in the produce department and then we’ve got some strawberries all right great you I’ll trade you okay Matt you’re gonna come over and take a look at this we’re almost done with a mat come on over ooh YUM okay so then I’ve got the whipped cream are you trying to avoid sugar from my summer body but okay so I need you to hold this so I can drizzle Mary so what else do you have getting ready for Mother’s Day anything special besides the taco oh we’re gonna have I forgot to tell you we’re gonna have a prickly pear more mojito yeah yeah and we’ve got oh let’s get this on here all right that sounds difficult the whole dish and I eat it I know but now they’re sorry I region in front but it’s party so I’m gonna go for it okay for it let me know what you think mm-hmm that’s fun Isis so we’ll have a really nice quiche that’s gonna be offered for the day in our full menu we’re open from 7:00 to 3:00 on Mother’s Day and we invite you all to come in beautiful thank you so much for being here all right if you want the recipe of course head to our website koat.com we’ll be right back