Being Marines, we are integrated with people from different backgrounds and cultures than
what we may be used to. Sometimes, we even forget that many Marines originate far from
the continental United States. PFC Afriecka Weir, moving from Jamaica to Brooklyn, New
York is now adapting to a new culture in Japan. SB: PFC Afriecka Weir: Food Service Specialist “I moved to New York in 2011 and I was feeling
stuck for a long time you know? I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere even though I just
graduated from high school. My aunt introduced me to the air force, after sometime I got
some research about the Marine Corps and I found out it was the better force. I ended
up in food services which I didn’t think I would do and its always my dream one day
to become a cuisine chef. At first I was like oh my god there’s so many people but after
a while doing the same thing you do on a daily basis you eventually get used to it, and it
became fun just to see and know that there is so many people that existed in the world
in just one place. Reporter:
PFC Weir, familiar with new environments, sees her new duty assignment in Japan as a
new adventure and valuable for personal growth. SB: PFC Afriecka Weir: Food Service Specialist
“It’s so much change but at the same time I look at it as a good thing because indeed
it is a good thing because you’re not stuck to one way of life. I mean you transition.
You move from Jamaica to the states and then here to japan so you get like a vast difference
of different culture and I think that’s good, its one of the things that I wanted
to do like be adventurous and visit a lot of places and like not just stuck to my one
way of life Reporter:
Weir continues to cook for and serve the service members who come to eat at the chow hall.
It perfects her skills to follow her dream of being a cuisine chef. Being in Japan continues
to give her opportunities to learn different ways of life. Reporting from Marine Corps
Air Station Iwakuni Japan I’m Lance Corporal Cheyenne Newman.