Let’s go to the second half of the show: A beautiful New Year’s Day I hope everybody was enjoying the New year’s eve but in New York there was this rare event opening the year. Please, have a look.Live painting on music It looks like paint, but it’s actually materials such as chocolate and sauce She is using synthesizers and iPad and improvises music too. Patissier Ted Steinebach And Vivienne Aerts are married. They are now in New York perfecting their craft. Mrs. Vivienne moved to New York from the Netherlands seven years ago. She is currently doing live jazz performances and such. Vivienne was influencing Ted with her live improvisation And thus, Ted began to think more about making desserts more freely. 2 years ago, they started to challenge expressing music and art into a different direction doing live performances, in a different direction, in a new way On their days off, you can find them in the city very often. To get inspired, they like to go see art in art galleries. The performances of the two got a reputation little by little. Not only with their private parties, But also with shows in foreign countries. This is the first performance of the year, Now themed: Love and passion. Which is a beautiful choice according to the New year. Some Meringue of Raspberry, A colorful finish. And then the completion with Koppert Cress and flowers. The show is about twenty minutes. After the show, The guest get to eat the dessert. Never the same performance, never the same taste. But, every time The artwork gets wiped out by the guests. I just felt like watching food, but with very nice elements. very different though, because of the listening to music. That’s true! It’s like drinking delicious sake, while watching live painting, and listening to jazz. Like after going out for dinner and going for dessert, but being surprised that it was a concert. It’s a concert, it’s art and unexpectedly a dessert made in front of you! It’s good! Yes, and eating the sweets that were made in front of you, but you have to be there to enjoy it, that’s expectional! I think there will be a lot of requests to perform here. Well, after this it seems that they will be performing in museums in Europe, Which seems to be set for this year. I think I can go on about foods that are also beautiful. Vivienne and Ted are professionals, but you can do this at home By raising the volume of your jazz music, and getting inspired while arranging your bento box Be careful not to become too avant garde, because you might getYou’d be in trouble. Have great weekend and see you next week! Wow, I thought that was fun!
-Yes! Have good weekend!