No way I Would say this is one of the most epic nights We’ve had in Vietnam so far we explored deeply into the local Experience and food culture after dark in this video you explore with us. The highlight of Ho Chi Minh City’s cuisine cooking it by ourselves Mingling with many friends and locals and see the way they truly hang out at night in a local area Get to tripe some of the weirdest food we’ve ever had as well so check it out One thing about 40 min though I know you wanna walk is still really challenging to work on the pathway because people ride scooters People like Jimmy do right on the pathway. It’s really Shannon sick I really had the footage of the ready that’s ready walk and then it’s a bite like try to go this way and this way And she has to like literally like go like this So we’re actually here with a back of the bike store here in saigon Ho chi minh city and we’re gonna do one of their food tours tonight. So there’s five stops and I’m really hungry I’ve been eating them like always five cents for hours I think it may get to think alright, so they actually have a cooking class involved super unique I’ve never seen that so we’re gonna see how master chef can cook us up – This is a really unique start not only do you get to cook They got the optional you can buy mango Pickle pickle and basil Sometimes when you are so into it, you don’t wanna use obstacle, you know, it’s so satisfying with my hand Yeah, I wanna feel it Everything altogether it is so perfect the different kind of vegetables really give it that like the kick and the crisp Put the meat Has so many different flavors in it with a three different kinds of meat that you get like a sweet you get a barbecue And then the sauce is like a garlic sauce Flour With fresh garlic inside the roll as well science say that garlic supposed to smell bad His belly doesn’t smell bad. I was dizzy. Yes Contrast all the science Solis on is an island in Monrovia Nam. This is the only place Type of Gallic it is pronounced there’s mint in there to taste a very Strong kicker make you feel all like the softness when all the crispy stuff and all the tests within one bite nippy the same Wrinkle nila lie is so good Being rainy season you can almost guarantee it’s gonna rain every day here in Vietnam, and thankfully we’re at our second stop So right here is the barbecue place. I’m really excited so good and the guys say that it’s actually like a really local way I’m gonna miss eating. Yeah Dana was your favorite They also Dedicated into the cuisine because I is sauce. It’s specifically for each type B So they the ones that come into a pursuit of brown camera and have the garlic in it and she say that is better with Palmer you just wanted to highlight dedicated fall But a one with green chile and like a little bit apply to say that this one is for seafood of course for the green sauce You can do it again With that green jelly, that is so good Mo hi bios of tears, so mo riding the motorbike home Mo high Bar and yo I said yo, let’s go so mo motorbike. Hi Yo, cheers, you say it three times right after we do it the restart to hear the other table do more bio as well So basically what it is is that after one table start doing that the other table in the restaurant They will start doing the same thing. It has like this secret Completion And then it’s like the lava they’re happier this like you’re saying that we have to do it wrong the wrong daughter have you So we just got the stop number three, what is it called Crap There’s like a little flavor coming out on your throw at the end. Right? So I like it better that way crab And what is this? All right pump rice deep fried and pork fat in there, but enough you can taste the pork I’ve got in the rice ball is so Long in Spanish. I’m from Singapore not From the food for matzo, which is my favorite when I was in Malaysia Besides my favorite and it’s a little bit of everything. They got metal chopsticks I’m good with wooden chopsticks are plastic chopsticks, but the metal ones with noodles It’s just like trying to pick up a piece of rubber and water It tastes like the buttery coconut that it’s like cooking But then you taste like what fresh lime which gives it that like sink as you’re eating it Ha They have balloon at the next stop This is like one of my favorite Vietnamese like snacks kind of I can’t really say it’s a Whole dish. It’s more of a snack It’s actually fun fact, there are much more snack food than actual food in Vietnam And this is a nice picture. There’s so many kind of pancake is onion So creative in pancake Basically anything that’s on flour because bun and sale is a sizzling sound when they kick You hear that when they pull the big batter into the hot pan. So bang sales how we call it with the mixed batter They have rice flour Turmeric powder coconut milk and some salt and water So basically, that’s very simple It’s create very yellow creepy kind of flavors and then again color as well and inside you see this monkey Frank Cantrell Shrimp and pork and anyone is crunchy enough They folded a half and let it drain out with the water out with the oil over there. We buy short stitches I don’t know how he do it because the flame keep popping up and popping out and popping up and the oil keep like Scattering all over but it’s really really fun experience and that food car buns CEL Stop back up a little bit Things that is notoriously narrator we are you know Not just really really uncommon sit here and cook the local dishes and enjoy it. It’s so great Absol once they both start doing that the other table in the restaurant, they will start doing the same thing. It has like this secret Competition So I’ve never been to Asia and I’ve never been Like This But I think you’ll like okay the Chris penis inside the software whole esplanade Very very good extra tasty because she made it Right, oh Yeah, so Chris video Viennese pancake with bean sprout shrimp lettuce and a bunch of different herbs so if you’re a Filipino viewer hanging So if you’re one of our Filipino viewers and you’re tuning in again, we have a little surprise for you they have balut here and I am NOT a fan of Balu or the Savior Oh, yeah Delicious what my lame You like to step to see I knew it is not as fun inside not as gonna be she actually liked it As I said she consumed I see the wing She was actually gonna end up liking it so you see this white pad donated Custom for the baby My withdrawal to calcium. Oh So we gonna wrap a roll and there is a few cooler things start root and banana unripe banana Milano It’s more like close this one is fantastic nama is my rice paper wrap in with the networks with a bunch of herbs, Leslie take our Beta leave that rapid beam And not only that like a you guys feel the pocket Will bomb in here as well as a garnish And this is an angel With pineapple mg. I’m going to leave it. I need to know I gotta take a better leave actually Now I’ve never ever seen black sticky rice in my life and sticky rice is like my favorite thing in the world so Jam coconut ice cream black Phenomenal This which I never tried Jerry back to there’s three Really different it’s sweet though really sweet. I don’t think I haven’t seen that That’s kinda sour the flower is kind of sour That’s your house three people three, baby So lovely Huh why you can do that Hello, buddy