today we’re going to show you how to
create the easiest cake that you will ever make hi I’m Charity from Accessible Nutrition
and I’m Jen from Easy Green Recipes and we’re the authors of a brand new
cookbook to help you in the kitchen called Easy Healthy Tasty. I can’t believe
how easy this recipe is and you know it’s been around for a while, it’s
actually from my childhood, but as a dietitian one of the things I’ve tried
to do is kind of healthy it up a bit some people might know
this as the Chocolate Ripple Cake. Funnily enough one of the main
ingredients in this two ingredient recipe is Chocolate Ripple
biscuits fantastic but here’s where it’s a bit different we’re going to use
yogurt as the other ingredient yeah,
now this works with a couple of different types of yogurt, you can
use, what we’re looking for really is one of those really thick creamy Greek style
yogurts because that works pretty much like cream in the recipe. What you can do
is you can use any sort of slightly sweetened or vanilla flavored yogurt and
that’s what’s in the recipe in the cookbook but today we’ve already been
cooking with just natural Greek yogurt and we’re going to use that because the
sweetness from the biscuits is actually enough to carry this recipe anyway. Great, can’t wait. How do you do it? We’re going to get some yogurt from from in here now
you can use a knife or you can use a spoon whatever is easiest for you to do
this but the first thing we’re going to do is just put a dollop of yogurt
on the bottom. We’re going to sandwich together the biscuits and
yogurt and then form it into a log shaped cake. So what we need to
do is grab a dollop of yogurt that’s quite a big dollop there but that’s okay and add a biscuit on top. Sandwich it
together, like an ice-cream sandwich but with yogurt. Grab another
dollop of yogurt now these dollops they don’t have to be
particularly even really even they just need to be enough to cover the biscuit
really. And it looks like you’re making them maybe half a centimeter thick? Probably about that yeah yeah. Now once you’ve got three we can put it down
and start making our log because it’ll be big enough to do that now and
it’ll stay standing up okay now we just keep doing that really. Now, would you always use chocolate ripple biscuits for this
recipe? I would always use chocolate ripple biscuits because, chocolate and
Charity they go together, but you can use other biscuits instead I’ve had this
done with like ginger nut kind of biscuits before and that’s quite nice
but it’s not chocolate you can you you could try it with any biscuit that you
like really but I know that it works well with the chocolate ripple biscuits
and I know that it works well with the ginger nut biscuits. Yes, great. So it’s really that easy? It really is Jen it’s really just sandwiching together the
yogurt and the biscuits to make a log Now you’re going to cover this in yogurt
right? Yes. Won’t the biscuits still be crunchy? Well,
that’s the amazing thing, Jen, once you have finished this and covered it over
you’re gonna take your easiest cake you’ll ever make and pop it in the
fridge for at least four hours but preferably overnight and what happens is
all the moisture from the yogurt gets absorbed into the biscuits and they
change to a more cake like consistency. Right, okay. Yeah. Once you’ve finished
your log, however long you want to make it, you want to cover it over in
yogurt and then, like we said, just put it in the fridge and tomorrow
morning what you’ll end up with or if you make it this morning what
you’ll end up with tonight is something like the final product that we’ll show
you in just a minute. if you find that you need to do some
smoothing grab yourself a butter knife and you can tidy it up a bit. So is that all that you do? Yeah, so now what we need to do is cover it with some glad wrap
and then we just put it in the fridge. Fantastic! And the only reason we’re
covering it really is because that way it protects it from anything else
that’s sitting in your fridge. So we’re gonna put this one in the fridge,
thank you, and have a look at one that… “here’s one we prepared earlier”! It looks so good. Thanks, I think it’s I think it it does doesn’t it? It looks YUM! Oh yeah,
especially with the berries and really you can use the berries to hide any bits
that might not be looking so great but the real magic of this cake is when
you cut it on the angle. Okay. If you pass me one of those plates Jen, and you can see the layers. So Jen, the only thing left is to eat it. Excellent. Grab a spoon. Thank you very much. What do you think? It’s really nice, it’s
kind of got a chocolate mousse kind of texture and it really tastes like
cream not yogurt. No, you’d hardly know. The sweetness from the biscuits it really balancing out the yogurt flavor. Yeah So if you want to find out
how to make the easiest cake you’ll ever make along with a whole lot of other
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