Hey guys, I’m Anastasia the founder of
Happy Bellyfish. Today I’m going to share with you one of the best desserts I’ve
ever created in my kitchen No Bake Chocolate Tahini Bars They’re
vegan, gluten-free and they’re very healthy, they are also wonderful iron
boost and it is something that can give you a special energy kick when
you really need it These chocolate dessert bars feature only four
ingredients First, you need tahini I always make my tahini at home and if you
have a really good blender then there is no reason not to do it. In fact I really
recommend it over buying tahini in the shop. You see, you can pre-make it and
store it for several months in your fridge. But if you make it at home you
can be hundred percent sure that it’s only made out of one ingredient, sesame seeds, and there are no oil, salt, or no preservatives added. Our second
ingredient is dates. So, we need to add dates to make it sweet. So, I soaked my
dates before and then I processed it in a blender with just a little bit of water.
What you see here is a really thick dates caramel. Then we will need 1 cup of
coconut flour. So, your coconut flour has to be really fine. Make sure that
it’s not just dried grated coconut If grated coconut is the only thing that
you could find then make it into a flour in a blender, this also works. And
as a final, but an absolutely key ingredient we need raw cacao powder. We
will use about 1/2 a cup for this recipe if you want it more chocolaty you can
always add more. This recipe itself can’t be easer. Basically, you just have to mix all the ingredients together. First, I suggest
that you mix tahini, dates and chocolate This way it will make sure
that everything is spread evenly and only later you will add your
coconut flour. Our goal at Happy Bellyfish is to incorporate the nutrition
science in your everyday life in a very easy and delicious way. This recipe is
one of the examples how to do it you have to add coconut flour really, really
slowly we will actually only need half a cup of
coconut flour for the dough, and will reserve the second half for later. You
have to add one spoon after another and keep mixing the dough, so
that it folds in nicely. What you have to get at the end of this process should be a
little bit of a chunky cookie dough It shouldn’t be too sticky, it shouldn’t
stick to your fingers too much and you should be able to shape it in the
desired shape easily. It’s a no bake recipe, right? So, you can actually always
try the dough during the preparation process and you can adjust the sweetness
or you can adjust the amount of chocolate and you can really modify it.
So be brave and don’t just blindly follow the recipe measurements after our dough is ready we are going to
make it into a rectangular shape which is one / one and a half cm thick
I’m going to use the easiest method ever just take a sheet of parchment paper and
a rolling pin. You can even do it without a rolling pin just with your
fingers but with a rolling pin it will be much smoother. if you have for
example a baking pan which is the same size as the amount of your dough, then you can just press it into it, but I prefer not to use that After you kind of spread
the dough evenly make sure that it is equally thick everywhere. We are going to
add the second layer with our coconut flour So, spread the coconut flour evenly on
top and press it on. Make sure that it creates a really pretty thick layer on
top yes we’re adding an extra layer of our
dessert bars, trust me, it tastes amazing like that, it is also visually much more
interesting, because they have this chocolate and white layer on top and it
gives it a very nice texture, plus it’s not so sticky to hold. And then we have
to put it into a freezer for about 20 minutes. If you put in a fridge it will
take one or two hours. All we want here is that just our dough sets. It will make
it easy to cut it into the bars or any other shape that you want. You can also
use a cookie cutter for example. I took it out after 20 minutes into the freezer,
it doesn’t look anyhow different it’s also not frozen, it’s just a little bit
firmer and I’m going to cut it into small, kind of bite size bars, so that
they’re easy to grab and go and I can have a few of them during the day if I
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healthier way. All of the sweets in my course are also vegan and gluten-free, so it suits a lot of different diets Enjoy your No Bake Tahini Chocolate
Bars and please share in the comments when you try it how you loved it, and
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