Oreo Biscuit (1 pack) Dark Chocolate (100 g) Crushed Coconut Rainbow Sprinkels Sugar (2 tbsp) Butter (2 tbsp) Milk (100 g) Let’s start preparing no bake oreo cake. First we separate out cream from biscuit I’m separating cream from biscuit one by one Like this Take a jar add Oreo Biscuit in it Sugar Powder Butter (1 tbsp) We will grind this in mixer You can see I have grind biscuit into fine powder Take out in plate Now add little milk into it And prepare dough out of it Like this Our dough is perfect to make balls If you like more chocolates ๐Ÿ™‚ You can add chocolate / cocoa powder in it If its more dry add little milk Let’s start preparing balls of it Balls can be of any size according to you We will freeze this for 20 min so they get set Till Oreo balls get set in freezer we will melt chocolate To melt chocolate add little butter in dark chocolate and put it in microwave Like this Our balls is also set Take a ball and dip into chocolate Like this You can add different flavour by dipping again in coconut crush & rainbow sprinkels