Hi there and welcome to Mind Over Munch two ingredient takeover where I make
delicious recipes out of just two simple ingredients. Today I’m making my
delicious no carb cloud bread. Say What?!
Thumbs up for no carb bread. the two ingredients are Eggs and cream cheese. However this is
technically going to be a three ingredient take over because they’re the
one extra element that’s necessary and that its baking powder. But that’s a pantry
item so that doesn’t really count. You’re gonna start by separating your eggs. Your yolks in one bowl and you’re white in another. You can do
it the fancy way where you toss the egg back and forth between the egg shell or you can do it the way I do it which is
using my hand as a yolk filter. Viola, separated yolks and whites. To our
egg yolks we are going to add our softened cream cheese. Completely room temperature softened and
today I am using a little bit of sweetener and salt just to bring out all
the flavors of the bread but they’re absolutely optional. Whip it up to combine. Try to get out any lumps. It is important
that the cream cheese is full fat for this recipe but don’t
worry it is only a fewtablespoons. I’ve also seen people make this with
cottage cheese but again you wanna make sure it is full fat if you choose to do
that. I personally think cream cheese yields a nicer final product texture wise.
Generally if a recipe is lower in one macro-nutrient it has to be higher in one
of the others to compensate. So since this recipe has no carbs at
all it’s gotta have some fat and protein. Now to our bowl with the egg whites. Here is
where I am going to add in my baking powder. Grab your
hand mixer and whip it on up until your egg whites are nice and fluffy and you’ve
got those stiff peaks. You don’t wanna over whip them just
enough so that when you pull the mixer away a stiff peak remains and is able to hold
form without collapsing. Now it’s time to integrate your egg yolk
mixture into your egg white mixture and you just wanna fold it in very gently. Again you don;t want to over mix it just enough until a light yellow mixture is
cohesive throughout. Now while I was making my bread dough
mixture I had a few baking sheet lined with parchment paper preheating in my oven, preheated
at 300 degrees Fahrenheit So you want the pans to be hot
before you put the mixture on. This is going to help them cook evenly
throughout. Spray them down then lightly spoon on your mixture into a
little circulars slices or rounds. Bake them in the oven preheated at
300 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes until light golden
brown. A quick note Every oven is different. My oven tends
to get a little bit hotter than it says I actually had to be these at 275 to 280. You know your oven best, try it out at 300
but if they bake too quickly or brown too fast next time try to turn the oven
temperature down. The end product is so nice and fluffy and you’re
gonna wanna eat them right then. But wait. These are best after they’ve
had some time to sit. Once these have cooled slightly you’re gonna
place them into a plastic bag and let them sit for a few hours, or if you can overnight. When you’re
at home the next day they’re going to be perfectly fluffy soft and delicious and the zero carbs. But beware if you do not store these in a plastic bag they will harden up like meringue and crisp up to a dust. These don’t taste eggy at all and are great for sandwiches are even just with a little
bit a jam. These will last about three days in the
fridge if you can wait that long? If you enjoyed this video I hope you’ll
share it with others If you try any of my recipes out be sure to
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