Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and this … is NOT an avocado! It’s actually a dessert shaped like an avocado
in a chocolate shell made without using any molds. To make this let’s start with an actual avocado
and cut it open and then you can see an avocado has 2 colours … they have the green around
the outside and this yellow on the inside. So what we need to do is scrape out the yellow
part very carefully, not going too deep because everything next to the skin is a darker colour. So you need to leave a slight border of yellow
still in place so that you don’t get any of that dark colour and put all that yellow into
one bowl. Then scrape the rest into a different bowl. And now that we are scraping down you can
see how quite dark green it is there and if you mix that in with the rest of it, the whole
thing becomes green so that’s why we are separating them. Scrape out as much as is possible to make
the skin all clean and then put that to one side, don’t throw it out. Grate the zest of one orange, make sure you
get just the coloured part, not the white because the white is very bitter. And then we also want the zest of a lime. Look at those colours, doesn’t that look good? So now we have the 2 bowls … the dark and
the light. And the light works out at roughly half of
the amount of the dark. We are going to mix them with some milk, sugar,
gelatin and the dark I’m going to mix in with the lime and the light I’m going to mix with
the orange rind. So we’ll have the 2 flavours in there. And all these recipe quantities are on the
howtocookthat.net website for you and I’ll link to that below. The first thing you need to do is take some
of your milk and add it in with the gelatin and immediately stir that to make sure that
you don’t have any lumps and then we’ll just leave that for the gelatin to absorb the moisture
from the milk. Place the remaining milk into a blender with
the sugar, the yellow coloured avocado and the orange rind. And you want to blend that until it is completely
smooth. If you don’t have a blender you could use
a food processor or you could push it through a sieve several times and mash it all up but
you will find it hard to get it perfectly smooth if you don’t have the blender. Heat the gelatin in the microwave until that’s
melted and then add that into the mixture and blend them together. Now push the whole thing through a sieve just
to get rid of any little bits of rind so we don’t have those orange specks all the way
through our avocado cream. Then set that to one side. Repeat the exact same process with those same
ingredients for the green part of the avocado. Once you’ve done that then out of the green,
take 120 grams, and put that into a separate bowl and then to the original bowl add a tablespoon
of lime juice and stir that through. This is just to intensify that lime flavour. Cover that one with a lid and set it to one
side. Now take the chocolate and melt it in the
microwave and once it’s completely melted, stir in the smaller amount of your avocado
cream. Add in a little bit of orange food colouring
at a time until you get a shade similar to an avocado pip. I was originally thinking of using a chocolate
for the pip, like a Lindt ball or something like that but in comparison to the real thing
they’re way too small. So instead I’m going to use this avocado gnash…
just pip some of that into a balloon. Just for the bottom bit to be full and then
tie a knot in that so you have a ball around the size of your pip. Place that into the freezer to let it firm
up. Now take the avocado skin and add in some
tempered dark chocolate, just use the back of your spoon to spread it up the sides so
that everywhere is covered and there’s no gaps. Then once that is set, you can simply peel
off the avocado skin and now you have a chocolate avocado skin. I was really pleased when I experimented with
this and it worked out because it’s just really simple but clever. Next i want to make a crunchy nut praline
to put under the avocado when we plate it up. This is really simple to make, you just chuck
some sugar and water into a pan and once it comes to a boil, rinse down the sides using
a wet pastry brush. Rinsing down the sides just gets off any sugar
crystals that might be on the sides of the pan … if you leave them there it can make
it crystalise and, instead of being nice, clear, crisp caramel at the end. Then you just leave that to boil. Tip some slivered almonds or nuts of your
choice onto a lined baking tray and then once that sugar is just starting to go golden,
take it off the heat and immediately pour it over the nuts. Now don’t touch this … it will be super,
super hot! It will burn you really badly, just leave
it to cool. Into each chocolate shell pipe some green
avocado cream around the edge and the base. Then pipe in yellow in the centre. Smooth that off using your spatula, don’t
take too much time on this because you’ll have to do it again in a minute. And then add in one of the chocolate cream
centres. Make sure it’s right in the middle and just
push it down slightly. Then use your spatula again to make it look
like it has just been cut in 2 and that the moussey cream is right at the level at the
top of your chocolate. Run your finger around the edge to get off
anything that is on the outside. Now to add some variation to the pip colour,
I’m just putting a tiny bit of dark chocolate ganache and using some baking paper to spread
it across the pip. Break your cooled caramel up into small pieces
and chunks, this stuff tastes amazing, you could eat just this on it’s own. And put a spoonful of that onto the plate
and then add your chocolate avocado dessert on top. That will really confuse your friends when
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