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flash and I’m your host BW Howe and tonight I’d like to open up a discussion
with you a discussion about why kids at Woodland High School in Cartersville
Georgia were recently greeted with this sign when they stepped in line for lunch
earlier this month now I know I seem to be saying this a lot lately but are you
fucking kidding me I mean if you’re one of the parents whose child eats lunch at
school which my son does and they came home and said that they were hungry
because they forgot their lunch money or in the case that they’re one of the
millions of kids across this country who rely on some sort of free lunch program
to eat how would you feel put it in the comments below cuz I’m interested to
know you know cuz I’m fucking pissed all right never under any circumstance
should a kid be denied a meal at one of our schools I don’t care if they forgot
their lunch forgot their lunch money or if their parents can’t afford to give
them lunch money unless your cafeteria ran out of food you better fix the kid a
fucking plate as of today the sign has been taken down and Woodland High School
released the following statement we apologize for this unfortunate situation
the sign was not Department approved or approved by Bartow County Schools the
issue has been addressed unfortunate situation hmm now if my son ever ever
came home and told me that he forgot his lunch money on the table and was forced
to watch other kids eat while he sat hungry because he was denied a meal I’d
probably go down to the school and find whoever was responsible grab him by the
ankles and shechem really fucking fast upside down until a dollar seventy-five
worth the gold coins came out of their pocket and then I’d probably get
arrested but that now that would be an unfortunate situation but this school
did was not an unfortunate situation what they did was fucking horrible to
these kids and I’m gonna tell you why now let’s just forget about the fact
that these kids had to go a few hours without eating okay unfortunately it’s
an ugly truth that in this country there are kids who are gonna go days at a time
without eating hunger aside how do you think that every one of those kids felt
when they went up to that line got turned around and sat down at a
table with nothing to eat while everybody who had something to eat was
staring at them they felt embarrassed alright they felt ashamed but it isn’t
dem who should feel ashamed it’s the people who allowed this to happen
because I’ll tell you this for free if anyone ever told me that I couldn’t
serve a meal to a hungry kid I’ll tell them go fuck themselves
alright fire me because I’m not willing to work for anybody I don’t care who it
is if they’re willing to allow my kid or anybody else’s kid to go hungry you
really want to make America great again in America why don’t we start by making
sure that our kids always have something to eat I’d love to hear your thoughts on
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I’m BW Howe thanks for watching the bullshit News Network and I’ll see you
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