– Are you vegan? Good. (classical music) – I don’t think I’ve ever touched a single vegan food in my life, except like by accident. – I usually do like vegan food. – I’m skeptical of these vegan desserts. – This is the vegan glazed doughnut, but I hear the word doughnut, and I’m on board. – It looks like a regular doughnut. – It doesn’t smell like a doughnut. It smells like a lemon square. – Oh, this is good. – That’s terrible. – This kinda tastes
like fruit loops to me. – If I was having this and
you told me it was vegan, I would not believe it. – Yes for the vegan doughnut. I’m liking it. – Tofu vegan cheesecake? (disgusted noise) – It’s more wiggly than
regular cheesecake. – It does not smell
like cheesecake at all. – Mmm. – No. – It’s really gritty. – The texture’s awful. – Or like soaked, mushy bread. – I could not describe to
you what this taste is, I can just tell you that
it’s working for me. – It’s like eating a giant tofu with a lotta sugar in it. – Why call it cheesecake if it’s not gonna taste like cheesecake? – The more that I have
it, the more I like it. – Vegan snickerdoodle. I’m feeling good about
these snickerdoodles. – These are so soft. – They look like rocks. – All vegan desserts look like dirt. – Oh yeah. – It tastes gingery. – These win. – It’s mushy. It’s just
not working for me. – Cookies should crumble and I can mold this into any shape I want. – Vegan cherry ice cream. It looks like a regular
piece of ice cream, except it’s really hard. – There are little pieces
of chocolate in it. – Smells like ice cream. – It’s really good. – That sucks. – That’s super fruity. – It tastes kinda like cherry
flavored Bubblicious gum. – Knowing that it’s vegan, it tastes fresher. – Here’s the thing, I would probably eat any
dessert no matter what. – Raw vegan brownie. Looks like a brownie with seeds in it. – It looks like a granola bar. – Nothing about this
screams brownie to me. – That’s delicious. – I don’t like it. – It’s definitely chocolatey. – It tastes exactly like a Cliff bar. – Mushy texture seems to be a running theme through vegan desserts. – I would eat it again. – I wish vegan foods
would just stop trying to imitate non vegan foods. Just be yourself. Be whatever it is that you are. (classical music)