Hello friends welcome to easyfoodmaking.com today we are going to make rabri in easy way lets start making rabri [music] to make rabri we have taken 1 liter milk cow milk first of all we will switch on the flame we will keep flame full we will wait till 1 boil comes one boil has come we will wait till milk cream comes, after that we will keep that on the corner of the pot we have to do same process till milk become thick its not necessary to make rabri you buy milk if you have extra milk and time then you can make it at home and enjoy the taste its very taste and you can make it at home very easily if you want then you can use the saffron by using that its color will be yellow it will look good but today we are making white rabri cream is getting accumulated properly light cream is getting set, we are keeping it aside this process we have done for 30 min it will take an other 30 min to complete keep doing this till milk get thick we have did same process for 15 min you can see now too much bubble in milk, now we will add sugar init as per your taste you can add sugar milk get sweeter when we heat it that why we have added one bowl sugar if you measure the sugar with tablespoon then its 3 tablespoon sugar we have used keep the flame full and we will cook till sugar gets dissolved you can see how thick the milk is in 15 min rabri will get ready sugar is dissolved properly, you can see bubble again now we will remove all the cream which is accumulated in the corner we have removed all the cream from the corner and mixed it will the remaining milk now switch off the flame now we will add the cardamom powder mix it well you can see how good creamy rabri is now we will serve it Rabri is ready to garnish we have taken 2 almond add on top of it 4 pistachio we have chopped it, this also we will add add 1 cardamom rapper on center top rabri is ready, keep this in fridge to get it normal once the temperature is normal then enjoy the taste i am sure you are going to like this it took more time total 1 hr. but when you will eat this then you will forget you tiredness and 1 hr. do try it once at home i hope you are going to like this recipe if you like our recipe then like it share it and subscribe it while subscribing hit the bell icon so you will get our recipes notification first thanks for watching see you soon in another video