But surely that’s worth a brownie. Well, l don’t know.
Look at William. – Very unsuccessful professionally.
– That’s true. Divorced. Used to be handsome,
now kind of squidgy round the edges. And absolutely certain never
to hear from Anna again… – once she’s heard that his
nickname at school was–
– Floppy. You did.
l can’t believe it, you did. Thanks very much. Thank you.
Well, at least l get the last brownie. l think so, yes. Well, wait.
What about me ? l’m sorry ?
You think you deserve the brownie ? Well, a shot at it at least, huh ? You’ll have to prove it.
This is a very, very good brownie. l’m gonna fight for it. l’ve been on a diet
every day since l was 19, which basically means
l’ve been hungry for a decade. l’ve had a series of not-nice
boyfriends, one of whom hit me. Uh, and every time
l get my heart broken, the newspapers splash it about
as though it’s entertainment. And… it’s taken two rather painful,
um, operations… to get me looking like this. – Really ?
– Really. And one day not long from now,
my looks will go, they will discover l can’t act, and l will become
some sad, middle-aged woman… who… looks a bit like someone
who was famous for a while. No, nice try, gorgeous,
but you don’t fool anyone. Pathetic effort
to hog the brownie. – Thank you for such a terrific time.
– l’m delighted.