Hey Buffs! Junior information night is
tonight at 6:30 in the Omni room. This is for junior students and their parents to
get information about getting ready for college and senior year. Monday, November
11th is Veterans Day. Students are encouraged to wear a military branch
shirt or camo to show support. Take time to say thank you to one of our
staff veterans. Friday is a half-day and game day. Be there and show out and give support to our boys to make sure we go to playoffs. Go Buffs. Also, if you guys
are able to, set up this on your phone and the more black light the better. Let’s turn it up but also let’s turn it out! All right guys, today I’m going to
show you how to make a black light out of your cell phone. What you need is a
blue sharpie, a purple sharpie, and three pieces of tape. So the first thing you’re
going to do is just color a blue spot onto a piece of tape. Then you will take
your second piece and cover the other. Now you’re purple sharpie, on top of the
blue, which then takes your third piece of tape. Blue on top of the purple and
then you trim this piece of paper to where all you have is what’s been
colored. That colored section will then go on top of your flashlight. When you
turn it on. Hey Buffs! We’re the Haltom High School AVID Club. Our
mission statement is to advance our education while building character. We
meet up every other Thursday, two times a month in room 224 from 3:00 to 3:30 and
remember Haltom High School AVID club isn’t just for AVID students. It’s for
everyone. It’s a great opportunity to go to earn volunteer hours and go buffs! Hey buffs. The canned food drive begins today November 4th-15th. The 5th period classes with the most cans wins a pizza party, and the one with the best sculpture wins a dessert party. Hey Seniors! Senior shirts are in. You can practice your shirts for $20 at the pep rally next Friday. You can also get them in room 126, as well. Creative writing; it’s to die for. please stand for the pledges and moment
of silence. Now for the Texas Pledge. Please remain standing for the moment of silence.