Ahoj everybody, this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and i am very very excited tonight because I’m going for win
number 654 in new country number 23, myself and Mr. Steel Rod Radim, we are
down in Košice of Slovakia, we are at Nase Bistro we’re taking on their
pancakes challenge! We’ve got 15 minutes to finish, there is a stack of 12
pancakes or one dozen, and each one is layered with a whole bunch of delicious
Nutella and then I think there’s some caramel along with there was a scoop of
vanilla ice cream on top, and then there are some healthy fruit we’ve got six
slices of banana but Radim and I are both going to be trying if we fail it’s
going to be about 15 euros they use euros here in Slovakia but if we win
we’ll get the meal free and we’re hoping to become the third and fourth people up
on the wall of fame are you ready alright let’s get this challenge started! All right we had a beautiful train trip
today from a Ostrava down to Kosice of Slovakia where we are now the second
biggest city in Slovakia but only two people have beaten this challenge the
record is right around 13 minutes so we are both going to try to smash that but
you’re ready alright let’s get it go thank you to Nase Bistro
for having us down to take the challenge! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! All right women Slovakia
let’s do it! Found out we get a sweet t-shirt now I
gotta win! four and a half minutes in we’re neck-and-neck He’s fine. Six minutes and 55 seconds
great job Radim another win! What did you think of it? Very good! Very good
, yeah the Nutella on there the caramel and then the melted ice cream on the
pancakes was awesome thank you guys for watching! It was overall win number 654
but more importantly now that wins in 23 countries thanks for watching!