– A lot of people say,
“It’s raw, is it edible? Is it gonna hurt your stomach?” We just have to explain to them how our body digest raw food. Some people will say, no that’s not good, but I love it and it’s good for my body. Clean food is different
for different people. People who know raw is
about, they appreciate it. I started getting into
plant-based, raw vegan probably 12 years ago. During a time I drank way so much, wine and cheese pair up at night and I was like, this is
getting really bad for myself and it felt like I need
to stop or cleanse my body and I just got on raw,
plant-based diet, raw vegan. That’s it, I feel so good
and I feel like my body was so clean and I did not want to put crap in my system again. When I start Muay Thai training, I knew that I was not as
young as a lot of fighters so I had to take care of my body more. I knew that when I ate raw
plant-based I had so much energy so I would stick with it. At the beginning, whatever
I made taste like cardboard. I don’t want to say typical healthy food taste like cardboard but
my food taste pretty bad. And just like anything else,
practice makes perfect, just keep doing and then
it became a little edible. Then I just share with
friends and ask for feedback. A lot of time I would say,
I don’t need compliment, just tell me what I could do better. Thai people love complexity of flavors. We always say you have to have the right balance of five flavors. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour, and bitter, which is like, earthy flavor, so I
use that in my dessert. I used to share recipes a lot
on my Facebook, on Instagram, about chia parfait, a smoothie recipe. So I came up with new combination, which is chocolate and mango, surprisingly it goes so well together. People question me say,
“Do they go well together? This sounds weird.” But I
was like, “Well try it yourself, just mango and chocolate.” Boom, so good! Start from making the crust which is, I call, shortbread cookie crust. It’s a little salty, buttery, from using fresh cashews
mixed with coconut flake and pink salt, a little
bit of vanilla extract, a little bit of coconut sugar, blend in the food
processor until well blend, and then just mold it in a pan. Then put the first layer of chocolate, which is dark chocolate and then let that set in the freezer. After it set, you add a mango pudding and then pour on top
of the chocolate layer, let it set in the freezer. Some people like to have it semi-frozen. I learn about my dessert from
my customers, so many times, so there is no right
or wrong way to do it. Just like how meat eaters,
they go to a steakhouse, they can choose rare, medium-rare, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. There was one time I
was craving red velvet. It’s so chocolaty, the cream
cheese frosting was so perfect but then I felt so bad
to add that to my body. I said, “I got to do my own thing.” The crust is pecans, cacao
nib, cacao powder, salt, chocolate chip crust to enhance all the overall chocolate flavor. The red color in chocolate layer
is from organic beet juice, because it’s so natural, so beautiful, the beet juice can only
complement the chocolate flavor. It’s so rich. Then I top it top it with
the cream cheese frosting and freeze-dried raspberry. It enhance the color and it enhance a little bit of the tanginess. One of my teammate, he ate
literally half red velvet in one sitting and the
reason why he ate only half because he said, “Oh I was nice enough to give the first half
to people at the gym.” And then he’s like he regretted. He should not have given
it to other people. I love anything black sesame, tossed on salad or ice cream, so good. I get disappointed sometimes when I eat black sesame ice cream. Instead of using real black
sesame, they use sesame oil. I can taste the difference
between sesame oil and the black sesame paste,
so I just made my own. I knew that black sesame seed
in Thailand would be so good, so I ask my mom to bring a
whole suitcase of black sesame and boom, this so good! I use a lot, a lot of black sesame seeds so I toast the seed myself
and smash it with a mortar because the stone keep it all dry. I pair the filling with my
favorite shortbread crust. The shortbread crust is a little salty. After not having black sesame
on the menu for awhile, then we put it back on the menu, so good. I love dessert, but I love my health. I love my training, I love Muay Thai. I don’t want to sacrifice
my training, my performance. I have to find the right balance. What’s the point of training so hard and don’t get to eat anything? Since I could not go out and get anything, I just made my own.