I’m crystal Wagner and I’m co-owner of
dough donut we open dough on May 7 2017 my business partner is vegan to
cheat us in for 17 years so when we were working together at a different job
we started making donuts and they really took off like vegan donuts is an
untapped market in Portland so we decided to kind of go with that
so is 100% vegan animal cruelty free so that means we don’t use butter or eggs
and things like that just kind of opens up a market for people who have been
looking for donuts we’ve had people say they haven’t had
donuts in years it’s just kind of nice to hear likes to give people like a sweet treat
I first started learning to bake when I was like 10 and it was kind of turned
into what I thought I wanted to do as a career like right after high school I
went to OCI OCI definitely gave me confidence in the kitchen I wouldn’t
have had like my first job if it wasn’t for them they seem to care more
they’re still trying to get you ready for a professional kitchen but they are
going to give you a little leeway and not like kind of take the creative
business out of it which I think a lot of times they try to do when they’re
super harsh but you still get a good education and enjoy your time there
OCI’s is great school just if you want to kind of build relationships with people
and learn what you’re going to need is that career and remember to be clean and