is si oh happy flashback Friday we have another fun-filled show lined up for you today with another mystery guest who’s appearing and Comic Con this weekend as is that gentleman and a guy Gilcrest also known as Jim Henson’s cartoonist and he is gonna be sketching something for us and we’re gonna check in on him throughout the course of the show and we’re gonna reveal it at the very end this is really I mean it’s one of those like just gee whiz kind of star spots so we are doing a little flashback first our social question today we want you to share your flashback Friday photos to @s a live case that on Facebook and Twitter it can be anything you like yeah maybe from high school in college childhood who knows what’s your favorite flashback photos do you have one cheerleading well that is speaking of flash not just flashback but flash how about Flash Gordon yes the man himself Sam Jones Flash Gordon from that movie that was in 1980 1980 1980 so next year I can say we filmed it 40 years ago came out an ad who phoned it in 79 Wow he’s here with us today Sam Jones everybody [Music] we’ve got bagua Christ right working on working on some art right now jump some cartoon art and we are going to be checking in with him kind of throughout throughout the next little bit while he finishes it so we’ll see the finished product in a little bit and you know what’s amazing is he just started that about a minute ago right as soon as we started the show he’s good he’s he’s very good so okay so Sam while we’re gonna shot with you of course well guy does his thing but you are not only an actor thank you for your service your former Marine yes marina security specialist well yeah I’ve been a security professional well probably favi in my whole life you know I’ve been an actor for 41 years and of course I incorporated that about 15 years ago it’s wonderful you get to travel the world and protecting people hopefully good people from bad people that’s the movie Flash Gordon because of course there was the series you know the movie series way back home and my parents were little used to watch that one and then they came out with this movie what was it like doing that oh it’s a blessing yeah I called Flash board and now be the triple blessing the first blessing is getting hired in the business you know second blessing is if your project does well third blessing who we’re talking about right now is longevity we’re talking Flash Gordon almost 40 years ago and we all haven’t changed a bit in 40 years that’s right and there are a bunch of stars flashback stars I guess you can say at comic-con and so this is quiz time for you with your feeling comic-con folks who is it and what’s the movie well that’s John and that is don’t shoot my boom box john cusack from say anything short and he’s here he’s here this weekend he is this is a great one that we all know and love come on Rick Moranis he’s here as well Ghostbusters yes oh that was a great one yeah you know Mike I just talked to her now and she you know this is one of the goriest movies I that’s Jeff in the fly yeah the fly and of course yes terminator yeah that’s fantastic and our guest from yesterday my good buddy Lou we’ve been friends for 40 years all right nice guy great guy on the show yesterday so we’ve got a couple more since you are here in the elevator now we’ve got some about San Antonio Oh name and what is that oh you know it to me look I live in San Diego so I like to order mojitos I don’t know if you like Malika’s it looks like they took a flat Malita and and turn it in was obviously a breakfast time yes what is that is that you know I’m stuck although I might have a very similar picture well they’re cooling off in the heat it’s the 10 days of partying just because that we do in April around here and it is oh yeah oh yeah my hotel this is my I swim my laps every got one for you and guess what this one is okay Flash Gordon plus the Alamo Flash Gordon at Alamo City Comic Con Comic Con is gonna be going on today through Sunday at the Alamo domes they got plug-in room for and lots and lots of folks are going to be there all weekend long and then we want to see of course what guy drew for us and there’s the information up on the screen about Comic Con yes indeed at Comic Con all right we are shifting gears right now since it is Halloween time we are getting the Halloween theme with some really scary drinks and the lovely and talented our favorite bartender these are some gruesome looking drinks especially the the garnishes yeah so they look gruesome but they taste great trust me three cocktails today and the cool thing is is that like our whole drink strategy is very easy cocktails so these are all easy little tweaks that you can do to your cocktails to make them Halloween themed okay so the first one is gonna be the perfect Paloma but we’ve added a really fun little garnish and it’s a lychee with a little looks art of cherry in the middle so if you want to take a closer look at this that’s just the most gruesome creepy ladies they treat whoops yeah laid sheet with a little cherry in there little lady yes that you want me to make you so you want to you want to give it the perfect alright ok so are your supports in the minutes ago come on beautiful with your Dulce Vita bring fruit infused tequila give it a little splash of lime juice there just a splash that’s great fill this with mineral water almost all the way up because then you can optionally put a little bit of lemon-lime soda in there like that and then go ahead and throw your eyeball [Applause] the black one so this is actually just our authentic margarita with a little bit of activated charcoal added so we’re gonna start in this receptacle here go ahead and pour in two ounces of your Blanco tequila so obviously you can drink charcoal you can drink charcoal and it’s actually really we’re gonna go with a really good for the teeth it is really good for your teeth good cocktail by the way I don’t think nice that’s perfect right there sure yeah that’s a three-quarters of an ounce of neuron huh it’s an orange liqueur okay give it just a half ounce of lime juice you’ve done this before does it make for a better drink a taste you having an easier drink because I mean it’s basically dummy fruits if you want to do a Paloma which is we did the perfect Paloma all you need is that grapefruit is used two kilos and some club soda you don’t have to squeeze all the grape juice and everything and so it does eliminate the need for you to go out and buy any kind of grapefruit juice because it’s already infused in there oh wait you know we didn’t do we didn’t put the activated charcoal oh I was gonna say why is it not the right color so you can buy activated charcoal at any grocery store usually oh well then open up one capsule huh go ahead and put that back on what is the purpose of the charcoal other than different just and also they say that it helps with hangovers so I’m like let’s go ahead to your martini glass which is just rimmed with a little bit of black sugar and told me that you have to kind of lick your teeth if you take a sip of it so they don’t stain so we’ll see what happens I think I don’t know all right okay website sa and click on the sceen on sa live time thank you very much still ahead on the show get your daily daily jump from the newest coffee shop in town David elder takes you inside folklorist coffee hours plus throwing a Halloween party this weekend more ideas [Music] right now get the biggest savings of the year on new and used vehicles at Nissan of New Braunfels Nissan of New Braunfels calm the San Antonio Home Show the best place to get expert advice and see the latest products and services for your home October 26 through 28 at Freeman Coliseum expo hall tickets and schedule at texas home and garden comm now is the time to choose the best plan for you Gong Saba Medical Group the premier provider of health care for seniors in San Antonio with state-of-the-art technology and in-house specialists all under one roof seniors deserve Gonzaga Medical Group the health care model of the future GoMo Familia like family open enrollment is happening now say yes to better help call cansada now when he’s here in Texas we’ll heard says all the right things but in Washington what he does is completely different the truth is he voted eight times to take away health care from 13 million Americans including three hundred thousand of us if we have a pre-existing condition and now all of our premiums are going up it’s time we say no to politicians who say one thing yet do another like Washington will hurt I’m Gina Ortiz Jones and I approve this message do you have an ugly situation like a problem right now repair issues inheritance back taxes or divorce – Antonio we’re home Bester’s the weave ugly houses people don’t fix it sell it call us today at 1-800 for for DUI ER as a TV host having a nice smile with straight teeth is important so now that I made the decision to straighten my teeth as an adult I didn’t want traditional braces so I chose the premiere location for Invisalign new image dentistry there’s a leader in comprehensive family and cosmetic dentistry visit new image dentistry today and get a free Invisalign scan at their digital scanning Center its who I trust for Invisalign and all my family dental needs come visit new image dentistry today the state’s top cop indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton husband jail first degree securities fraud three felony charges faces up to 99 years in prison if Ken Paxton can’t follow the law how can he enforce it as attorney general Antonio Home Show the best place to get expert advice and see the latest products and services for your home October 26 through 28 at Freeman Coliseum expo hall tickets and schedule at texas home and garden calm Medicare open enrollment is going on right now through December 1st for people 65 years of age and wiser dr. Christy Clark medical director for health Texas is here with what you need to know about Medicare and open enrollment thank you so much for being here because this is a topic I’m sure a lot of folks have questions about it’s good to be back it’s a very stressful time for patients and not you know you mentioned 60 65 and wiser but not just those patients anyone who has Medicare this can be a really stressful time for them and during this time we want to give our viewers an opportunity to address some of these concerns so let’s take a look at our first question because it’s from Twitter okay why are fewer doctors accepting just traditional Medicare you know you would think that the answer be simple but Medicare doesn’t pay very well reimbursement but actually one of the main reason that many physicians have turned away from Medicare is because there’s been an increasing complication it’s complicated just like it is for patients it’s complicated for doctors as well they have to submit a tremendous amount of data and because of that a lot of infrastructure and employees go in so many many physicians have kind of shied away from Medicare because it is complicated but that being said I think it’s really important to know that San Antonio still has a very high penetrance of Medicare and most Doc’s in San Antonio know it’s a vital part of a practice so I’m saying that Tony we’re pretty safe a lot of Doc’s still most Doc’s don’t take Medicare which is good our next question comes from Facebook and it is what are the different types of Medicare because we know they’re there oh yes it’s very confusing I think the government thought it would be simple if they named things a b c and d but it’s really not so doles tell your real briefly so Medicare Part A really is about Hospital benefits and that’s where the bulk of the the dollar bulk of the expenses are Medicare B as we traditionally think of with our premium that’s when you go to see your doctor when you go to see your specialist things like canes Walker’s anything that’s an outpatient setting I’m gonna skip Medicare C for just a minute Medicare D is drug coverage when you go to a pharmacy when you have a prescription benefit that’s really what Medicare D is Medicare C came in 1997 after the Balanced Budget Act and it allows a private insurer to basically offer a product that combines a B and D so C is kind of a combination of a B and D what’s called a Medicare Advantage plan I see and on that note our last question if we can get it up on the screen why should someone who’s on a Medicare join a Medicare Advantage plan it’s a great question it’s a common question so a Medicare Advantage plan one one reason is just simplicity you don’t have to worry about picking the right a B and D you just get it all packaged together in Part C that’s a really easy cost cost is huge for patients and with the Medicare Advantage plan almost always will save patients money they have co-pays rather than you know Co premiums tor you don’t pay part as much when you go to visit the doctor you have a copay also there’s out-of-pocket expenses that actually have annual limits you don’t have as much long-term expense if you have a lot of chronic medical illnesses and the premium can be lower and then for for people so people who are on a fixed income may find that they do better with a lower premium so they go to a Medicare Advantage plan have more to live on month-to-month and then I think finally a lot of a lot of patients with Medicare pick a Medicare Advantage plan for what are called the extras or the added benefits and these are things that typically Medicare doesn’t cover and you know we think that medicare covers everything but that’s really not the case at all so Medicare does not cover things like dental insurance or vision insurance or perhaps hearing aids transportation gym memberships maybe wellness programs so a Medicare Advantage plan bundles a lot of those kind of perks or pluses if you will into their Medicare Advantage plan kind of a perk for patients so in addition to your a and your B and your D you’re also getting some added benefits that otherwise you you wouldn’t have or you’d be paying out of pocket and I think that’s probably the main reason a lot of folks will join these programs and they’re good programs right and it could help just alleviate the need for a supplement absolutely absolutely okay real quickly before we go if someone has just started to delve into this what are some common mistakes they might make when when when looking at I think the only so a Medicare Advantage plan works great for almost anyone I would say the only people it doesn’t work well for are people who really travel a lot because remember a Medicare Advantage plan really just stays locally so if you’re a person who travels across the country you know to visit kids or relatives and you’re out of the San Antonio area for a long period of time that’s probably not the best plan for that otherwise I think patients do wonderfully on Medicare Advantage plans it’s simple simple it’s it’s less cost there’s a lot of value out of benefits to it as well all right dr. Christy Clark thank you so much for all that information and for more just head to health Texas dot org that’s health Texas dot org for more information on health Texas or give them a call at seven thirty one HTM G that’s 731 HTM G still ahead on the show two words grilled cheese using cheddar and bacon damn on delicious plus it’s a preview of the San Antonio Home Show we sent our David elder out there that’s next [Music] and there is guy Gilchrist who is Jim Henson’s cartoonist and who just whip this up in a matter of minutes the zombie Muppets [Laughter] these boards is growing in popularity we take you to a university that’s offering scholarships for students who love playing video games if you find something you love playing it’ll pay off potentially find out which local college is recruiting gamers today at five extra large pizza you can share it with more people you love and people you like and maybe even people you just met but you have a really good feeling about them for just ten bucks enjoy an extra large two topping pizza and a two-liter Pepsi for just two bucks more I’m Ted Cruz and I approve this message let’s ensure that we rewrite our immigration laws in our own image here’s betos image for immigration he supports open borders and sanctuary cities he opposes Kate’s law which Ted Cruz offered to keep violent criminals deported multiple times behind bars and Beto is open to abolishing ice we don’t need a wall that to award wrong on the border wrong for Texas this fall Cornerstone Church invites you and your family to join us for feast 2018 three days of games through free rides inspirational speakers along with an outdoor concert by Planet shakers October 26 through the 28th for more information call the number on your screen or visit s a cornerstone org will hurd is our representative he’s not beholding to Washington bureaucrats or party leaders he belongs to us and he fights for our community every day ensuring we receive millions of dollars for community health centers protecting critical access to health care bringing back local control of our children’s education because he knows we know best how to educate our kids for the future will hurt is our representative let’s make sure we keep it that way I’m will heard and I approve this message attention Medicare beneficiaries living in these San Antonio area counties call and talk to United health care about our choice of Medicare Advantage plan options including an AARP medicarecomplete plan insured through unitedhealthcare it can combine Medicare Parts A and B with prescription drug coverage and more like primary care doctor visits for a zero dollar copay all in one simple plan for a zero dollar monthly premium this Medicare Advantage plan offers you routine vision hearing and foot care coverage preventive dental care for a zero dollar copay and the renew active fitness program which helps you with the fitness membership and online brain games today we’re proud to offer the number one Medicare Advantage plan in the San Antonio area working with a broad network of local providers including well-meant annual enrollment ends December 7th call United Healthcare now about an AARP medicarecomplete plan Monday on GM si we are going to take you to the donkey lady bridge there’s a lady out here has what appears to be hand here the ghost story that goes back decade Monday be so cute well the fall edition of the San Antonio Home Show starts today and they have everything you need for all those projects all the little decorating ideas anything under one roof and that roof is over the Freeman Coliseum expo hall that’s where David alder joins us live hey there David what’s going on haha no no be careful hey guys well there we go over the bump how’s it going yes we’re out here at the Freeman Coliseum expo hall I guess we’re gonna be talking today with wait I’ll watch out Ted watch out over there yes we’ll be talking with tips that you guys can have about your home decor and you know what who better to talk to than the author of home decorating for dummies than Katherine Kay McMillan and now you’re gonna be here this weekend to give people tips so they’re not dummies when they’re home decorating right right so dummies are really smart people who want to save time money energy and spare their emotions so they get my book home decorating for dummies that I wrote with my mom patricia Hart McMullen is an interior designer and I’m a design consultant a creative consultant organizational psychologist etc etc and what I do is I help people put their lives together put their style together you do it all and that’s why you’re here this weekend help people out now what is the biggest tip that you can give people just right now that before they come out here when they’re redecorating their home okay first by the book so if you bring your book in tomorrow I’ll sign it and the second big tip is always have a plan and work your plan don’t arbitrarily by step just because you think it’s cute or pretty makes you happy have a plan got to have a plan you got to plan it all out and that’s what you mean these all these books that you you’ve been an author on that you’ve helped write and then I mean this is all the things that you are so knowledgeable about and these are the tips that people can get when they’re out here exactly so I’m gonna share with you tomorrow trends tips inspiration for design along with a lot of decorating wisdom so home decorating for dummies is getting back to my favorite book on earth came out 20 years ago the second edition came out 15 years ago on October 31st there’s a lot to celebrate in here and I love that now tell me how long has it been a best-seller 20 years 20 20 years it’s a for dummies best-selling book you can get it on Amazon you can get it anywhere a lot of book stores still have it in stock yeah they carry it and for people that are coming out here this weekend you also are doing a giveaway I know you’d mentioned an autograph but tell me about the giveaway oh yes so every time I talk which is it at 11:30 and 2:30 and tomorrow I’m doing a drawing and one lucky winner from each session I do will be getting a home decorating for dummies autographed by me and my mom that is amazing and you guys can win this book and also I mean just what’s inside the book is really I’m that’s the important stuff because I just recently got a home and you want to know everything that you can about home decorating things tell you it’s a lot of undertaking once you rip those things down to the studs and you’re doing it all from scratch and there’s a lot and Katherine’s got all the information that you’re gonna need when you come out here one more quick question for you I see you got all these color palettes over here what are two colors that don’t go don’t go well together how about colors that do go well together okay how about that I think people don’t allow the fifty shades of gray or you know boring beige and so I’m gonna be talking about how to pick color with confidence and to reflect your personal style and make your room do what you want it to do for you thank you so much Catherine and you guys to get more information on this of course you can go this weekend it’s at the Freeman Coliseum expo hall it’s the San Antonio Home Show October 26 through the 28th you guys got to come out here and of course there’s more information on the home decorating for dummies Facebook page and thank you so much to the people over at the euros scooter for letting me drive that up here that was a lot of fun and we’ll be sending it back over to Mike and Fiona at Market Square you guys this is some good information for people it is fantastic information especially like you said if you’re remodeling you’re doing something like that just the little tips from the experts I was impressed he was driving that one-handed what happens add bacon jam band room cheese yes as good as it sounds we’re tried it out and it was dope underneath hey everyone – today to be backyard kitchen every Thursday at approximately 725 a.m. right here at case at 12 for great cooking ideas Wainwright injury lawyers winning plans the most money possible I was an 18-wheel accident when right down the 268,000 $480 coal power lawyer Wainwright 88 88 88 the state’s top cop indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton top law enforcement officer husband jail first degree securities fraud three felony charges faces up to 99 years in prison now being investigated for bribery and corruption if Ken Paxton can’t follow the law how can he enforce it Justin Nelson was named one of the best lawyers in all of Texas he teaches constitutional law a check on power not a rubber stamp Justin Nelson for attorney general like most people mrs. McCabe has several different types of flooring I have carpet tile and hardwood I’ve tried running those machines but they just don’t get them as clean as you do vacuuming and mopping is great for day to day cleanings but nothing gets your home clean and healthy like a professional carpet tile or hardwood cleaning from Stanley Steemer now get two rooms of tile clean for just $99 [Music] I served 20 years in the United States Army built a business here in Texas voted for people from both parties and supported Ronald Reagan I’ve never run for office before but I’m running for Congress because I’m sick of career politicians who are in it for themselves I’ll work with Republicans and Democrats to solve problems and I’ll stand up the leaders in both parties to do what’s right for Texas I’ll be independent and fight for you my name is Joseph Cobb sir and I approve this message bringing style to every room is about to become a whole lot easier with living spaces San Antonio’s newest home furnishings destination with over 140,000 square feet of furniture and home decor you’ll find San Antonio’s biggest selection with over 150 of the latest living room styles over 90 dining rooms to spice up your meals and over 80 bedrooms to complete retreat we’ve got you and your home covered so look for living spaces coming to San Antonio Wainwright injury lawyers winning clients the most money possible I got neck and back injuries from an 18-wheeler accident the right lawyers helped me get through it all and got me one hundred forty five thousand three hundred ninety dollars in my pocket so called power lawyer Wainwright 88 88 88 got two words for you grilled cheese Makena Hendricks is the owner of smackerel and this is the who doesn’t like a grilled cheese Ronnie who doesn’t like a grouchy and it’s not just a piece of American cheese between two pieces of white bread is it that’s correct okay and there’s a grilled cheese festival coming up yep okay it is the inaugural festival we’re gonna be talking about that but I mean it’s perfect it’s just the go-to sandwich and you have got one that is absolutely beautiful here and start with good bread right that’s right what kind of bread we got here this one is sourdough oh it is sourdough okay all right and you use butter not mayonnaise right correct okay either one works they both run beautifully actually and that’s the whole thing cuz you got to get it just hot enough to make it nice and brown and golden and crispy on there and enough to make all the cheese’s melt so we’re gonna butter on here and about how hot do you want to put the make the griddle depending on what type you’re using I use like a conventional one like this so I usually do it about 350 to 400 okay cuz it’s got to be hot enough to melt the cheese but not too much to burn the bread busy you getting stuff like that too you want to be able to push out orders fast enough for the customers to times this we go we’re a pop-up smack roll you said the unique thing about it is it changes every single day except for one sandwich correct so this is the only sandwich we actually keep on the menu it’s a chicken tonkatsu everything else changes so I do pop-ups Tuesday through Sunday and during that time every time it’ll change okay about four or five new items and then you’ve been asked to make a grilled cheese for the grilled cheese festival the inaugural grilled cheese festival coming up in November so what is gonna be what are we putting on here today first of all so this one’s gonna be cheddar it’s gonna be American and then it’s gonna be Munster cheese okay it’s gonna have honey butter and then a jalapeno bacon jam as well honey butter honey butter on a grilled cheese sandwich correct it’s gonna be inside and then when we take it off and cut it we’re gonna drizzle some on top as well and that I guess the secret to a good grilled cheese is don’t go skimpy on the cheese yeah never just go nuts with it lots of cheese extract more cheese just nice and gooey and good and all that on there so this is it’s interesting that you do it open-faced – correct that’s what you need so it melts easier so we could put the honey butter on there the bacon jam everything and then we’ll close it up at the end what cheese’s would you maybe not want to put on the grilled cheese is there anyone there honestly isn’t anyone cheese in general can go with anything so if you’re making a grilled cheese and let’s say you do like feta you can add like vegetables in it fruits and it just depends on the cheese on what else you’re gonna add in it so you just don’t have to stick with the girls because some of you know everyone so I would splurge and put a little piece of you know ham in there or something like that whatever you go to go with it just go with it exactly okay all right so we’re almost done with the one that is cooking over there and you put the honey butter on it Caribbean butter is already in there then we’re gonna take it off we’re gonna put the bacon gem on there okay let’s pop that on there and this bacon jam you made how so the bacon jam is gonna be bacon and I just yep I let that cook and like render down pretty well let the grease and everything come out then it’s gonna be onions at the very end you’ll throw in jalapenos and then blitz it up basically in a blender blitz it up and it’s just gonna have a little bit of water out it in there to kind of break it down pop it in there close it up close it up look at how beautiful that looks out there and then slice it in half yes sir mmm yeah it’s gonna be hot you got it yeah and look at all that Jesus booze and out the sides and the grilled cheese fest by the way is coming up on November the 10th and it is at the historic st. Paul’s Square see look at that cheese there you go all that cheese I am in heaven right now hmm him thank you very much if you’d like more information oh my gosh this is good I can’t even speak it’s so good I’m in heaven November 10th at the historic st. Paul square it’s you know your grilled cheese festival but as a for ticket information that was unbelievably good all right coming up coffee creations that are out of this world David gives you a taste of the newest coffee shop on the south side plus it is time for this week’s crews own brought to you by the buyer boys this big school zone sokovia on San Antonio Southside circle he is fence our major city streets they turn them into safe places where people do ride their bikes walk exercise and play CERCLA vo will feature live music wellness vendors a Kids Zone and food bus and his dog from the event visit the AARP booth to learn more about what we’re up to the new community and check out the AARP activities page for great music and dancing lessons Plus and catch the shuttle ad 56:22 ray allison boulevard that’s this week’s cool zone brought to you by the buyer beware plaintiff lawyer Justin Nelson is running a negative campaign to hide his extreme liberal agenda Nelson wants to use our tax dollars to pay for politicians political ads and Nelson supports a dangerous open borders policy and is even against deporting members of violent gangs who break our immigration laws Justin Nelson is just too liberal the choice Attorney General Ken Paxton he shut down the world’s largest human trafficking marketplace Ken Paxton for his safer Texas it’s free tow buried Bob Mills if we’re done of those pesky shop or stalkers around it’s time for me to serve you up some free with any selected dining room get the matching server free like this hundred twelve inch stone dining table with six chairs just seventeen eighty six and the 65 inch matching server with sliding door an $800 value free now that’s less than forty a month that’s the way we serve up free during free Tober at Bob Mills what would happen if a Medicare insurance provider listened first question for you is Mutual of Omaha is doing just that for San Antonio we’ve listened to patients and doctors and we’re still listening to make sure you get the best care my dad’s prescription costs have gone up yeah you hear that a lot that’s why you told omaha’s created a new Medicare Advantage plan with low co-pays on prescriptions and $0 monthly premiums introducing the Mutual of Omaha care Advantage plan call this number for your free information kit what can I do folks I got a bill from my dentist but I thought that was included in my plan no one wants unexpected bills now he wants me to get x-rays so our plan covers dental including your x-rays prescription drugs and Vision Plus doctor and hospital visits like that yeah that’s good the Mutual of Omaha Care Advantage plan call one eight three three two nine one four six three three to get your free information kit or go online today new to love Omaha we begin by listening liberal Jena Jones opposes middle-class tax cuts that save two thousand dollars a year for Texas families and supports a thirty two trillion dollar government takeover of health care that could raise tax rates nearly 20% but Jones got caught taking a big tax break on her Washington DC home where she worked as a bureaucrat liberal Tina Jones DC tax breaks for her higher taxes for you congressional leadership fund is responsible for the content of this advertising North Park introduces the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester it’s been redesigned from the ground up for more passenger and cargo room get one with symmetrical all-wheel drive standard eyesight driver assist in more hosted in October at 24 399 or lease for 209 a month complimentary maintenance included and with ninety seven percent a Subaru Forester vehicles sold in the last 10 years still on the road today you they’re built to last find yours at either North Park Subaru location at Dominion or on San Pedro hey it’s David Ellis a live look today on elder eats I’m taking you guys inside of a brand new coffee shop that’s opening up here on the south side of San Antonio let’s go check it out the South Side’s newest coffee house serving up some crazy creations like they’re Mexican hot chocolate latte the Suzy Mexican hot chocolate gets steamed with whole milk then a double shot of espresso gets added to a mug with the steamed milk along with more Mexican hot chocolate and toasted marshmallow it’s sir nutmeg and cinnamon finish off the drink so this delicious-looking coffee drink right here is called this Suze it’s named after a hot bed from the 80s and why not oh do get out of here it finishes with the espresso but it starts with that huge hit of the Mexican hot chocolate that’s dangerous also on the menu is their fruit loop latte the joke were in the pack named after in Haiti’s punk band saw I’ve never even had coffee with a spoon so you know I don’t even eat a spoon round so we’re going for it here we go colder and renowned chef that do Haneda open the coffeehouse with his wife a native of the south side to give back to the community you know she’s problem being from here you know she left recall that she came back and her big thing is that you know you know we’ll have a bookstore on the south side it’s just crazy girls you know we have a little books on the street from us and that’s all we have you know and her thing is that just wants to bring all this there’s no reason why you know our four-part accounts don’t have anything where you drive down ten minutes for book city basis you know there’s you know you know we want to be part of that growth the space is relaxing and fun decorated with fun plush toys and antique appliances it’s like walking into a friend’s house and if you really like to shake things up their hostess cake avocado is one of the most interesting cafe creations you can get these are hostess dingdong treats in there that are frozen you got a little bit of whipped topping on there and covered all that chocolate syrup and it’s got a double shot of espresso in there so I’m gonna go in for it I’m gonna take a bite and then I’m gonna take a sip look Lotus coffeehouse is a much-needed addition to the Southside so good and with food and more drinks to come in the future it will help alter the landscape of expectations currently set in place and pave the way for more businesses to open up shop in the area you guys have all kinds of different drinks they’re gonna have different food options available in the future that’s a cool space to come hang out with your friends this is the Joker in the pack there’s a lot of other drinks that are here as well let me tell you anything that has Mexican hot chocolate in it you got me sold and a lot of them new here but Cheers come try it keep beating San Antonio brass a lime I’m David coming up next we have got some last-minute really easy and extremely cute holiday decor ideas [Music] cornerstone Church invites you and your family to join us for feast 2018 visit sa cornerstone or this October discover what’s lurking at Kickapoo Luck Eagle Casino Hotel Jeepers Creepers catch a Jeep giveaway why does Ted Cruz vote against universal background checks when we lose more than 30,000 Americans to gun violence why does he vote to sell at your private browsing data to the highest bidder without your consent why does he vote to add two trillion dollars to the national debt and send most of it to corporations in the AR D wealthy follow the money so I don’t take a single dime from a single political action committee it’s people over PACs people over special interests people over corporations I’m better work and I approve this message because I’m running to represent you you know things are different here in Texas for instance fiddle players cowboy boots an ice cream is creamy creations ensured in the heart of Texas from deep in the heart of h-e-b if you’re not from here well you just don’t get it it’s creamy its tasty it’s out Texas does ice cream when I told my teacher in high school I knew I was going to be a lawyer she laughed and said people like you don’t become lawyers but for 30 years I’ve been a prosecutor defense attorney magistrate and judge I’ve worked my entire career to protect the people of Texas and everyone accountable we need to prioritize putting violent criminals behind bars and ensure everyone is treated fairly and that no one is above the law and that’s why I want to be your next District Attorney everytime I smiled I had to cover my mouth because I was so ashamed when the denture slipped I would have to excuse myself and go to the restroom virtually in tears and kept me from being able to speak properly I could not eat corn apples baby back ribs I did not want dentures to be part of my life I pretty much decided dental implants weren’t the route I was gonna take let’s do a head-to-head comparison of dental implants versus dentures with dentures the ability to taste food to bite and chew is altered the worst thing about dentures bone loss when you put an implant inside the bone which is like the root of the tooth now you preserve the bone it’s a game changer with implants you walk into a restaurant you order anything you want you eat just like you have real teeth before you knew it here I was with my brand-new teeth schedule your free consultation today we’ll even talk about financing options I can smile my confidence is back call clear choice today kickapoo lucky Eagle Casino Hotel bingo first of all that’s lou ferrigno from yesterday smashed and pumpkin by today’s national pumpkin day we’ll be there at comic-con yes indeed he was here yesterday nicest guy so hey speaking of Halloween and pumpkins were geared up last-minute spooktacular Halloween crafts yes joining us today Stacy Byron to share a few fun DIY yes much we’re having you know and we are not fans of candy no air fans isn’t this just the cutest you’ve ever seen so the crafts we’re doing today they’re so easy I’m almost embarrassed to bring them on the show I did them all in one weekend that’s how easy s oh yeah absolutely and I mean like Saturday night Sunday night I still took a long long nap on the dais so the first thing I’m gonna be showing y’all how to do is some crafts with felt no I like felt a lot because it’s really really forgiving I mean I did not cut straight on anything but you can’t tell on there just need a good sharp there you go exactly and also it’s not gonna fray when you use it too so you can leave raw edges so the first thing I did was this really cute garland that I’ve got hanging on the front at the table here that you may or may not be able to see so in order to do that all Mike’s gonna do is just a straight line through that bat lower the foot okay start/stop button you can yeah it’s ideas a fancy machine but we’ll just make it easier we’re just gonna do and then once you get to the end pull a little bit of string to leave a little bit of a space in between and just look little needle up needle up yeah and then and then the next one and that’s as simple as it is yeah super super simple isn’t it oh my god I mean you can do this with a lot of different shapes I really like the bats cuz I thought it would be cute for them to kind of look like they’re flying around out there just really really fun you can do ghosts you can do pumpkins I would not recommend anything too large because it’s gonna start turning in on itself unless you put some sort of fabric stiffener on there so our next craft while Mike finishes that I still love having trick-or-treaters come to my house I hate you brand-name candy we’re talking Eminem’s quick sorry I am all about Halloween yeah we are quite ready for the full-size yeah but one day let me tell you that’s the goal so I think you know why not kind of kick things up a notch let’s make these cute little pouches so all I did was I took a little template that I found offline I put it on cardstock to make it a little more sturdy and then just cut them out so if you don’t you can go ahead and do that and while Mike finishes up we can go to layer twice yours yes I do that way we have to we’re just gonna sew them together really really simply and I’ll pensionary scissors oh I know and let me tell you sharp scissors are a thing of beauty you use them only for fabric should anybody use my fabric scissors for anything else in our house oh look at how cute that is in about two minutes yes isn’t that so cute so cute good job Mike oh thank you so we’re gonna move on to the next one and I’m gonna hand you these here alright so we’ve got our two pieces for our pouch there all you’re gonna do is a really simple straight line all around the edge don’t close it all the way because we obviously want to put treats in our cute little pouch I lose my thread oh did you I lost my throne