Hello Friend how are you? I’m Svieta Yesterday I made to snack some pancakes that
They are very typical in my home country, with the ones that I have grown and are called olad’i
or oladushki. I have uploaded oladushki’s photo to Instagram. Well, people have loved it. They started asking me for the recipe. I mean, well, if they ask for the recipe then there is
than share it And I decided to make the video, so that
Only those who follow me on Instagram can enjoy with these pancakes but also
you who follow me on YouTube. So in this video we will see how
Make delicious oladushki at home. By the way, if you want to follow me on Instagram,
You can find me with the name Recipes_of_esbieta. In a bowl we pour the kefir. The quantities of the ingredients I will leave
at the end of the video, in writing, and also Below the video, in the description. Kefir is a fermented milk drink. For more information I recommend that you take
An eye on Google. We add 1 pinch of salt. We add the sugar. Oladushki do not usually make very sweet
because they are usually accompanied with honey, with jam or with sugary yogurt. Therefore I will add only 1 tablespoon
of sugar. If you want candy to come out, add 2
tablespoons We add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. We stir very well. The reaction started right away because kefir
it is an acidic medium and sodium bicarbonate is one base. We sift the wheat flour. It is normal wheat flour, the all-purpose one. Remove until you see lumps. The dough is ready. On medium heat heat the pan. We add the oil. We are making the pancakes. Once they are golden we turn them over. We brown them on the other hand. I’m going to make some pancakes with blueberries like that
that to the remaining mass I will add some Few blueberries And that’s how they look inside. Very fluffy Very soft and very tender. With a little jam they are very rich. … and also with some yogurt. You realize that of the tender ones that are
I deliver them with a fork. I love. Delicious. The truth is that these pancakes so much for a
snack like for breakfast or dessert They are wonderful. And on top they become very easy and fast. Tell me in the comments how did you like
the recipe and see you in the next video. Ciao