OK, cake batter, radish– wait, radish? Hold on. What in the vegans gone
wild is going on here? OK, wait. Now look, something
ain’t right about that, because [? sister ?] child
I can’t believe that– oh baby, you could– oh, confetti cupcakes. Oh, is this a joke? Betty Crocker is rolling
over in her grave. Brownie, black beans? Oh, wow, wow. No, they did not put them
beans in that chocolate. Y’all going to make brownies? What you doing? Ah, why crinkling it up? Hold on, don’t toss it. What you put that–
what’s that going to do? That ain’t going to
change the taste of it. You’ve got to be kidding me. Child, the devil is a liar. Absolutely not. Now, you’re going to
bake it, and you’re going to serve it like that,
with them beans in there? Mm-mm, Beanie Brownies,
the lies you tell. Girl, I’d rather rot in hell. Oh, oh, y’all nasty. Mm-mm.