[MUSIC PLAYING] Get corn husk, aka tamales, OK. Now, I’m black, so I’m not
sure how to make tamales, but I guess I’ma learn today. What you need that
Oreo cookie for? You’re making a dessert to? You’re going to
mix that together? Wait a minute. Sweet potatoes? Girl, how many
desserts y’all making? All I know is that
ain’t enough for no pie! Woo, and them ain’t done, girl. You need to put them
back in that pot. Wait a minute! Them ain’t even the
same sweet potatoes. Ohh, not that egg with
that Oreo filling, Jesus. That don’t go together! What happened to the tamales? Now, that didn’t
look half bad, guys. Oh, wait. OK, Masa. OK, now I know that’s
in the Mexican aisle. That’s how you make tortillas. You mix that together. Wait a minute. Oh, hold on! Hold on! Wait, I know they make the– Oh, choco! What is this? You doing too much. Girl, that look like a
glob of hair grease, Jesus. Oh, no ma’am, not
in the tamales. Maria, did you know? Oh! Then had the nerve
to tie it in a bow like it was ears hanging low. Ha! What in the– oh! What it look like inside? I’m not even going to say
what that look like, Jesus. This was the Day
of the Dead recipe? Baby, if I was dead,
I tell you right now, I’d keep my ass in the ground.
(LAUGHING) Oh, absolutely not! Wow! I’m flabbergasted. What in the world is this mess? You just graduated from college. Yes, indeed. [APPLAUSE] Woo! I needed freedom. Yeah. Freedom. Oh, it feels so good. Yeah, that’s a lot
of work to study while you’re doing everything
else that you’re doing for us. Yes, but now I get to come here
every day to the best place on earth! Yeah. [CHEERING] It is the best place on earth. It was made for you. That, you look fantastic in it. I am standing next
to Shawn Mendes. Can I tell you that I was
in my dorm room a year ago eating Ramen noodles? And now I’m next
to Shawn Mendes! Hey. This is everything. You just made my
whole entire night. How are you? I’m way better now, thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING]