*intro music* Hi, I’m Allison and I’m On Location to show
you some of the sweetest dessert spots in town.
From cupcakes to crepes, Iowa City has your sweet tooth fix. Our first stop is Iowa City’s very own Yotopia.
This self-serve frozen yogurt shop opened in 2011, and strives to make a difference
in the community. Yotopia features the work of local artists,
sources local ingredients and helped raise over $8,500 for the Iowa City community. Choose from their vast array of toppings,
like Molly’s Middles, which brings us to… Molly’s Cupcakes! Molly’s serves mini-cupcakes, build-your-own
cupcakes, and their specialty: center-filled cupcakes. Molly’s is also dedicated to helping the community,
and a portion of Molly’s profits is donated to local schools. Molly’s Cupcakes also has
locations in Chicago and New York. And was the winner of the Food Networks 2010 Cupcake
Wars. And if you’re studying really hard, and can’t
make it out here… Molly’s delivers! And now [french accent] “Le French Favorite”
Crepes Deluxe Cafe Crepes Deluxe is open for breakfast, lunch
and dinner, and serves both savory and sweet crepes, which are created right in front of
you. Be sure to check out all the sweet treats
around Iowa City. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a crepe to eat.
Until next time, I’m Allison.