represented Jack Kingston has an idea
for how we can teach the the children up today had to be workers up tomorrow and one way that we can save money and
still a bit about brace yourself by your bootstraps mentality to them is by getting rid of their free school
lunches he says why don’t you have the kids pay a dime pay a nickel to instill
in them that they do not in fact our no such thing as a free lunch or maybe
sweep before the cafeteria and yes I understand that would be an
administrative problem and I understand that would probably lose you money but I think that we would gain as a
society in getting people doing the math out of their head but there’s no such
thing as a free lunch and he is right most cases there is no
such thing as a free lunch and less you are representative Jack
Kingston who has been getting free lunches for at least three years now in fact over the past three years
Kingston and his staff expense nearly forty two hundred dollars in meals lunches specifically for
business purposes to his congressional office paid for by 12 you if you’re an american
he also got over forty eight hundred dollars in lunch is provided by 3rd
party like lobby group and things like that and %uh just not even worry about that
the amount that you paid for as a taxpayer could have paid for two
thousand georgette school lunches for those damn lazy children at all so what
is it with these georgia politicians like newt gingrich want these kids to
clean on board yet janitor her if they’re they’re just
sweeping be out that way beyond Twilight yeah because they liked it when they go
into places a black people were clean up their mess right now they were
comfortable that well comfortable with what but the
cases also travel to have a lover to handle comments on international
business racking up over twenty four thousand dollars in
cost but what that was from or about report by EE SAT a into which is site which I guess guessing
savannas I interview did a drop by people of that
really good yeah you want to come in the store I could’ve been covering the story
about the LBS a bit mackey a bitch I Georgia has this with Jack and so they had but with that story lead up to what they
say is that afterwards you need bliley’s point but on these congressional junket but he
would clean the plane after I picture so I think they should report yet not look maybe it had any perhaps to
to highlight the free lunches that he’s getting but but the they’d get it doesn’t hurt to
have no money to help Haiti it never panned to highlight the poppers it petty is to say the kids to pay a nickel
or dime yeah sure there’s no such thing or go in
spite of the other kids and sweep in front of them to teach them from a young
age that no you never really going to aspire reach any sort of heights in your
career you should be cleaning up for the kids
who don’t have to have reduced or free lunch: have a the kids so that the only Miller
gonna have older yeah the people who don’t can’t afford the dinner a when they go home also you know if we
keep like he didn’t say it like it but this win means right so john stossel’s talking on talk
about welfare queens is what they’re talking about and that’s what stossel’s
talking about okay since white yeah subject jacket white and like how does he how does the only thing that
these guys know about black kids is that they’re freeloaders yeah right
does he know what kinda music they listen to does he know who they watch on TV with
their favorite sports teams are with your idols are what there is our
with their parents are and where they live in a big family whether they
respect their grandparents whether they’d get along with their
cousins not all he knows about him is that these guys come to school and it opened in 1888 sense that it cost
to make their god damn what amp and so no it’s not it’s not it’s not petty is michael says its it’s
because it’s not just the property everybody’s a little hypocritical but
like john stossel the exact same thing it’s like you so I’m gonna get there someone make my day to hear
somebody get my name in the paper today as I wanna take on being least the
people least acquitted to defend themselves against
but yeah I your the reverse robin totally forgot
about you I you the Elite League it is these guys
where the reverse robin hood these people look in a society like like newt gingrich he was upset that the
union janitors in the new york city that’s why the kids should be the
janitor because they just make outrageous sums
of money so bored these guys they look at a economic system as big as New York
City and egos films but then things up that
god damn janitors as used herein shut down it’s the
janitor so that so there’s there’s going to be
another word that expresses the emptiness of humanity that you are to
Craven s other other human that you are that you
this is what you make your the subject that’s what makes his living shooting on poor people yep literally
mean bigger deadly shooting on poor people almost every day look at them we’ll
examine a badly yeah I so I don’t measure us the number of Americans self identify as
liberal is at an all-time high but don’t get too
excited yet number still very low so gallup has been asking this question
since 1992 and the number today is 23 percent of
Americans self identify ng as liberals now I am pleased that oh
well we’ll write let’s I’ll well one second win so we got 38 percent
of Americans as conservative that is actually down from an all-time
high in 2010 up 40% 34 percent of Americans identify as
moderate I have huge problems with not asking the
question but what people will interpret this to mean don’t like like that know you company
gonna jump they’re gonna presume that the moderates are you human lease lead or the day embracing exactly as
much as the conservative ideology is the legality out the problem of course is the word
everybody likes the word conservative and liberal still is a bad word yes yes the question progressive we
already know that it does better which is why we’re trying to embrace that work although I was at a a dinner honoring
your father in washington died at I was looking up senator george mcgovern
for presidential nominee former senator a and somebody on the stage that
progressive and he leaned over me I hate that god damn word where liberals where liberals be proud to be a liberal
never really I don’t remember forever my father said the same thing they’re just
wrong i mean that I think they don’t have the right to fight for it but
they’re like you like a word losing what I don’t
bite is that which they had a caveat that are important the idea nonetheless know that and so that that what did what
we know the news media will deal with this allows the right to do is say look
the center-right country 30 represented there before he was a
liberal what you know you now we go idea by again my idea it’s not really even center-left right
kind of laughed this is I would have guessed these no
I’m not specific numbers I wouldn’t get I would have been right you ever had a
great day around that ratio yeah exactly thank you Storrs Connecticut lays nomas
I I definitely would have the this that’s be that’s what it feels
like in the couple’s money that people like that by democrats they’ll call themselves
liberals bite doesn’t know what the white democrat writer said the
conservative girl lol by the democrats what are the problems
with the democrat the democratic party has is that is that the bigger tent as they say yeah
and that you know you can be pro-choice and pro-life then you could
be a democrat yeah and so I’m glad to hear that you were up
the idea the ideas because I don’t like when people are asked in
general are you liberal are you not particularly matter at a big
problem with that because for my time doing political science nobody first the
ball most people just say that because we respect moderates in this country and also or they’ll say it because they
don’t know anything about walking along I’m I have a very bomber yeah crazy person
right yeah and also so they would love to point out a few
actually ask people about together policies it doesn’t matter if they say they’re a
liberal or conservative research has shown that X people who say
they’re extremely liberal are not as liberal as they say they are
but every single other group is more liberal than they think they are whether
they say they’re conservative moderate or liberal they actually when you talk to them
about what the government should be involved in the role the military internationally healthcare all sorts of things like that
they’re significantly more liberal than they think they are and so I’m sorry that the gallup poll
doesn’t show that and I know the box is gonna love to say that only 23 percent
of Americans are liberal although the lead out the all-time high
numbers clean up your butt is why guys like Jack Kingston punks like Jack
Kingston john stossel these guys should just be a
shame to themselves today %uh are so effective because these they
find little stories to get people’s or emotionally invested because yeah a
these kids are you like I’m struggling to but I can barely feed my kids up
struggling to get in free lunches yams weather just there doing nothing is
bad kid a companion taken at its incredibly distracting you we
don’t talk about any the big issues that we know when we take time to have people
we know what’s at all john stossel was a reporter in north korea he’d be showing a videotape guys kicking
puppies that’s what you could be outraged about
the track meet shouldn’t be would be about the oppressive regime another it be
something else to get you just rolled up to you have just as much anger at this
thing but it’s not the things you can read that match for jobs about and that would block loses their
portrait is distracting you during the Armageddon right so I wild things are fuckin
blowing up thinking about Obamacare and it’s this and that poor people at all
and I i quoted and eventually won the gym your show yesterday with the don’t
give the people a what they need give the people what
they want the problem is the box got that message to I mean yes they’re incredibly good at
it is that they will get the people that work there will just you know will show heads up there we’ll
show them something that I get them angry or patriotic or something anything to
distract him it’s been the real but we will see a above them your boxes like a bag of
Fritos and I coca-cola that’s that’s what they’re having just got an empty garbage all day long
we hand out but eventually I got yes I’m dessert bar I I’ll tweak on its weaker
north korea metaphor like it’s bad if the north
korean reporter talks about them kicking a puppy but what box would do is they would show the one guy in the
village was courting rice or something because it’s one thing to distract them
but they want to actively set poor Americans against other poor Americans so they don’t
notice that the regime is making them all go hungry yes yeah that’s right nice n
John Stossel North Korea just see what caps yeah yeah dennis rodman slap an actual Yap I’d like to see him get slapped
again by their professional wrestler Yahoo here we might have to actively
part into the Bible every the governor of that
state I unfortunately that’s all the time we
have for the first hour when we come back from a break in a despairing will
be here address the guys will remain before I go I did happen to see one not
tweet from Alex schooling bass Keith said if a few people abuse snapper welfare we
need to cut the whole program but don’t touch the pentagon irregularly wastes
billions I like that it’s a billion section 120
trillion over the last twenty years that we’ve found so far so I love that
we i’ma do something I never ever do on you guys I i fuck you should let me
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