Hey everyone, it’s Sandra from the DisneyCarToys
channel, and Spidey Awesome! Rawr! Wait, what? We’ve got a little Wookie Alex here today
because hey, what day is today? Rawr! Oh, it’s little Wookies birthday today! And we decided to do a little
treat for him because he’s been asking me to do this for about a year. But what are we going to make?
I… Do you know? Toilet water! Toilet water? I don’t think we’re making toilet water, I think we’re
making dirt! So we have these cups. What else do we need? Gummy worms right? Puddings! Different puddings,
we’ve got chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla. I know we have three different, so I figured
we’d each pick one. Cool! And of course we’ve got Oreos to make the crumbly on top. Ooo, nice! Oh yeah,
and mixing it in. Honestly, I didn’t even look it up how to make these I’m just going to guess. Do you
know? Yeah, I think so I made it a long time ago. Yeah, I’ve had them before, I’ve eaten them before.
So I think the first thing we do is crunch up the Oreos. We’ll have our little Wookie help with that. We
have our Oreos here, and we’ll do our Oreos on the bottom, and little Chewy’s going to hit it. There
we go! It’s like a bunny because you see the bag hop! Uh oh, we smashed the bag open! Here we go, and go smash.
Woo! Hulk smash! Wait, hold on one second. Yeah, we’ve got to crush those. Okay one second,
let’s get all the air out to so we don’t blow the bag. Mommy, let me crush this. Big, strong hands. Rawr!
Okay little guy, Alex smash or Chewy smash! Woah, woah, woah! Okay, I think that’s good. Okay, so
now we take our spoon, watch out for the hole. Why don’t you scoop some cookies. There you go. How about
we just pour it? Oh yeah, that may be faster. Okay so we smashed a lot of cookies. It’s nice and
rocky. Those are like the rocks of
the dirt. Yeah, very rocky. Okay, and then we need Spidey’s cup. There we
go. Okay, we can’t eat it yet because we have to add pudding to it. Does it smell good though? Mmm, who
doesn’t love smashed Oreos? I know, smells good. Okay perfect. Now we have out little dirt bottom.
Now let us add some pudding. Okay the next step. We have butterscotch pudding, vanilla pudding, and
chocolate pudding. So let’s do little Chewy’s first and you want a little bit of everything. So let’s
add – we’ll do three layers. So what do you want for your first layer? The butterscotch! Let’s scoop that
in. Maybe like two scoops. Oh, that looks nice and chocolatey. Now we need gummy worms. Grab maybe like two
for this layer. Two gummy worms for each. Yeah, for each layer. So go on. One, two. Cool! And
let me do mine. I’ll do vanilla on mine. And do you want chocolate? Mmm, chocolate. Here you go Spidey.
Save some! Oh, don’t worry, we have four pudding cups. Save some for me, don’t worry little
Wookie. I’m just going to do just one gummy worm for me. Just one. How many do you want Spidey? I’ll
just do one too. Oh, I’ll do a red and white one for you. Perfect! It’s a candy cane one! Okay now
we’ve got to smash some more Oreos. Okay, layer number two with more cookies! Mmm, this is the most healthy
treat on the planet! Or maybe the most sugary treat. And it definitely looks like dirt, look at
that. Isn’t that cool? And little Chewy. Mom, we need to make more cookies. Yeah, we’ll get more don’t
worry. And now let’s see. Which pudding did you want little Chewy? Um, white flower. White flower, or
vanilla. So, add some more here. Let’s see, should we do one scoop, or do two? Well, it’s your birthday.
Hey everyone, we need you to like this video since it’s Alex’s birthday today, and wish him a Happy
Birthday! There we go, let’s see, what do you want Spidey? Um, I will do the Butterscotch. Butterscotch
okay. Wait, what about the gummy worms? Okay so that’s for Spidey, and I’ll do chocolate, why not?
Mmm, this is going to be so good! Okay now add your gummy worms. Here you need a little more chocolate.
You can never have enough. No, you need more. Rrr, chocolate. So add gummy worms, two for you,
should we do two red for spidey? Yeah, I’ll take a couple red. One, and let me find another red one,
two. And two random ones for me! Sweet, now we need more cookies. Okay this is our last layer,
I don’t know, we’ll see. More cookies for everybody. The healthiest snack ever! I wonder how many Oreos
are in this, there’s probably like fifteen Oreos. Why did you guys both say the opposite because it
is the opposite. Yeah, yeah, we both said the opposite. Do you want chocolate in yours? Yeah, the last extra
flavor. Okay so you’re going to get one of everything wow! That’s a lot of chocolate. You’re going
to be running around in little circles soon here. I’m going to do vanilla on mine again cause I don’t know.
Yes, put in your gummy worms. Okay this is nice and messy. Okay, I’m all ready for mine. Wait, we’ve
got to wait a minute to eat it though. Wait what are you doing? No, non no! Okay Spidey what do you want?
I’ll guess I’ll do two colors. I’ll do the chocolate. Okay now should we end it here or should we put a little
more Oreo on top? It needs Oreo on top with worms coming out of it. Okay let me get my worms
here. I’ve got one more worm, and Spidey has one more red worm here. And then we need some dirt. Ooo,
I’ve got six gummy worms. I know, you have the most. You have more gummy worms than anybody else.
Okay! Well this day has been more fun! Are you going to eat your first? Yeah! Okay grab your spoon.
You’ve got a lot of worms in there. Get some pudding. Mmm, yummy. Oh that’s good stuff. Mmm! Is
that good? Now me and Spidey can try some. This is only probably like five thousand calories. I will
need to wear stretchy pants for like two days. You’ve got to eat like five bites a day. Just to make it
okay. Yeah, I couldn’t handle more. Let’s get down to a chocolate layer here. And I’ve got to eat a worm too.
Oh yeah, eat a worm. Anyways of course please like this video, in the comments, wish little Alex a
Happy Birthday! Woo! Happy birthday, Alex we love you! Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video
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