hey everyone it’s James for funfoods
and today I’m gonna show you how to make this delicious Oreo no baked dessert
now this is absolutely amazing so keep watching and I’ll show you step by step
how to make this the first thing we’ll do is start off some Oreo cookies now it
doesn’t matter if you’re using double stuff like I am or single stuff in fact
I have some single stuff and some double stuff I’m just gonna mix them together
now you want to use about 15 to 20 and that depends on the size of our dish now
I’m going to use a food processor for this but you can alternatively put this
in a plastic bag and just smash it into little bits and that will work fine as
well this just makes it a little finer put in
your Oreo cookies and pulse it only takes a couple seconds but when
all of your Oreo cookies are smashed to bits just double check make sure there’s
no large pieces now I have a half a cup which is one stick of melted butter just
pour that around give it a light mix perfect so I’ve decided to add another
five Oreo cookies to this so that makes my 25 total now I’m using an 8 by 11
casserole dish now most of them are no 13 by 10 13 by 9 so this is a little
smaller than yours might be but I’m just gonna take our Oreo crumbs spread it out
on that dish and I do like my base to be very buttery now of course you can use
half the amount of butter I used if you like yours to be very crumbly and just
spread it out now just take this put this in a refrigerator while we work on
the rest of our ingredients next I have a large bowl here in that bowl I have
1/2 cup which is one stick of butter that’s softened at room temperature next
I’m going to add 1/4 a cup of vegetable shortening and then just blend this
together next we’re just going to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix that now we’re gonna add between one and two
cups of powdered sugar I’m gonna start off with one cup and then go half of a
cup at a time until we reach the consistency we’re looking for and that’s
the consistency we’re looking for we don’t want it to be too thick it needs
to be spreadable so once you get to that point then you can stop mixing now we’re
gonna make another layer which is going to go over top of the placed Oreo
cookies and to do that I have a large bowl and I want to add one cup of heavy
whipping cream and with the whisk attachment we want to whisk this up
until it forms stiff peaks and after its forms stiff peaks we can move on to the
next step next I have a 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk we’re just
going to add that to our whipped up heavy cream and we just want to fold
this in don’t want to over mix it just fold it in now I’m not happy with the
how this turned out so I want to add another cup of heavy whipping cream but
I’m gonna do it in a separate bowl and whip it up first before I add it to this
and now that we’ve whipped that up we’re gonna just simply fold this in to our
other mixture here and this is a much better consistency
than I had with just one cup of heavy cream so I do highly recommend using two
cups now just pull out your crust from the refrigerator and we’re gonna start
assembling this now start off with our first filling that we made I’m just
gonna get a nice big scoop put it right in the middle and using an offset
spatula I’m just gonna spread a nice thin layer over the whole thing and once
that’s done nice and even now we’re gonna add some Oreo cookies to that for
this step I do like to use the double stuff so you can use the regular if
you’d like but I think the double stuff would be so much better next we’re gonna
take our big filling with the heavy cream that we mixed up and we’re gonna
cover over top this whole thing now we’re going to decorate this and the
first thing I did was melt down some chocolate and put it in a piping bag so
I just want to drizzle a little chocolate over it next I have these mini Oreo cookies and
I think I can just lay those around and maybe stand up a few of the big Oreo
cookies and take about three Oreo cookies put it in a plastic bag let all
the air out and we’re just going to crush these down and use the crumbs to
sprinkle across the top so after two or three Oreo cookies I did remove the
filling for a moment then I crushed them up in this little baggie I’m just gonna
sprinkle the crumbs all over this and that’s it that’s our Oriole no baked
dessert you want to take this put this in refrigerator for at least an hour to
just a firm it up a bit before you want to cut it up and serve it all right so
I’ve had this in refrigerator for a couple hours now we’re gonna cut it up
and serve it now the first piece isn’t going to come out too clean
so I kind of just push that out of the way I’ll use that as my taste test and
the rest I can put on a plate and serve so I’m just gonna… look at that look at that that’s amazing
see all the layers mmm well now its time to taste-test I’m gonna dig into this
and see how we did there we go we’ve got a little bit everything on here and
we’re give it a shot mmm wow this is incredible that first layer of filling
we put on there is actually the same taste of the filling of the Oreo cookie
and then of course you had the cookies and they have filling in there and then
that heavy cream which is like a Cool Whip and that on top mmm this is amazing
well thanks everyone for watching I hope you enjoyed watching you make this
Oreo no baked dessert it was absolutely amazing and if you enjoyed
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