Would you like to end a day out at
Keeneland with an Oscar Performance? Then you need only head up the road to Honeywood where Ouita Michel is whipping up something special. Mill Ridge Farm has
teamed up with Kentucky’s award-winning chef to offer a dessert named for its
grade one winning stallion We stopped by Honeywood to sample the
dish and it is certainly worthy of an encore. This community is all about horse
and yet for the longest time we haven’t let them feel part of that. Horse Country
has changed that we want people to feel part of this community and so this is
just another thread to allow, you know, through somebody like Ouita, who is just
again so highly regarded and her talents within all of her restaurants, to
share the idea of come and share and feel part of. I grew up in Lexington but
my dad was a professor at UK and so I mean when I was a kid you could drive
around the horse farms and Secretariat would come to the fence and like bite
right at your finger and stuff but honestly it didn’t have much exposure to
horse racing or the horse industry and what that meant and then almost 20 years
ago I bought the Holly Hill Inn in Midway Kentucky and I really really
learned a lot just by living in Midway and having friends in the business. Now
we do all the food for Fasig-Tipton and so having ventured into that partnership
with them I just, I’ve learned a lot. So growing up our kids and stuff
like that, you know , I would go and make crumble up cookies and stick it
in the microwave and then hot fudge on that my mother had made and my wife
Nancy had made and and then put coffee ice cream on it and same with brownies
and just loved it you know and people loved it and I was like, “I wonder what we
can do to share that.” And had the idea of of Ouita Michel who is award-winning has
the best restaurant a Kentucky icon and so I approached Ouita
and said, “I love desserts. What about if we share this a hot fudge sundae
idea with your patrons and we call it the Oscar Performance?”
And Ouita being Ouita said, “Fabulous.” So we’re just doing a little cross branding,
teaming up with Horse Country just sprinkling the seeds amongst
everybody. Anytime you can find a way of interacting with what we’re doing with the
horse industry I want to be a part of it because I feel like it’s such a big part
of our culture here and as a chef it’s really hard to figure out how to
interface exactly right, how to do that. So when he came and had this whole idea
for the dessert and just the name of Oscar Performance, yes. I mean who’s going
to say no? So what they’re doing is they’re putting in a skillet, you
order it before when you order your dinner and then it comes at
the end of dinner and it serves four and it’s piping hot with this this chocolate
toffee Hershey bar in the middle of the brownie and then you put the ice cream
on you put the hot fudge on. Got an Oscar walking in. So you can mention that you saw it in
The TDN, you can take a picture of the TDN ad or mention that you saw it and
we’re also handing out cards. So just to mention it, make people aware. They’re
geared up for it at Honeywood and welcome it. Again it’s a celebration,
it’s an Oscar Performance. What Horse Country and what Mill Ridge is doing is
so important to the thoroughbred industry because it’s about reaching a
different group of people and that’s a lot about why I’ve opened Honeywood. I
want to reach a new generation, I want to show young people these old Kentucky
recipes, I want little kids to eat country ham biscuits and brown beans and
cornbread in a more modern setting, it’s about bringing my culinary heritage and
the culinary heritage of Kentucky forward to new generation, it’s the same
thing that Mill Ridge is doing for horse racing, they’re trying to engage a whole
new generation of kids and young people into the majesty of the horse and what
that means and what that means for our part of the world here in Kentucky. do you like it that is oscar-worthy you