#eatPERU For today’s food video we are going to be
eating nothing but desserts. We’re at a little place in Lima that is called La Tiendecita
Blanca and we’re pretty sure this is actually a little Swiss cafe not Peruvian. But they
do have some Peruvian dishes here. So we’ve ordered Suspiro a la limeña and Merengado
de chirimoya and the last one is Torta Tres leches which I’m pretty sure was not invented
in Peru but you can find it almost everywhere. So we’re going to be sampling those three
today. It is going to be sugary. We’re going to start out with the most authentic
of all the three desserts. This one is called Suspiro a la limeña and that means the sigh
of the women from Lima. What a name for a dessert. Wow! Seriously. I don’t think I’ve
ever heard of a dessert that has quite a name like that. So this thing of beauty originated in the
city of Lima in the 19th century. It is a very popular dessert. Yeah. And that looks
good. And apparently it has manjar blanco which
is kind of like the dulce de leche of Peru. And it also comes with egg yolks. It is not
egg whites. And what is the other one? It has vanilla essence. Vanilla essence. My gosh,
I can remember two out of three today it seems. Let’s try that. Mmmm. Oh, that looks so thick.
It looks so thick like a thick pudding. And I’ve never had this before so this is exciting. Oh, wow. That’s like the best butterscotch
pudding I’ve ever had in my whole life. That is amazing. Wow, you really taste the manjar
blanco. It has a rich kind of caramel milky kind of consistency. And it is really thick
and creamy but also extremely sweet. Like this is just woah. Jolted by the sugar. Is
it a hot or a cold dessert because I haven’t had any yet. It is actually luke warm. Luke
warm. It is actually lukewarm. It is not hot or cold. Room temperature? Yeah, it is served
at room temperature. And if you see this lovely little swirl on top that is some meringue
and it looks a little bit purple because it is made with port wine. It has a tiny hint
of port wine and then cinnamon on top. This is a decadent dessert. You definitely will
want to try if you’re visiting Lima. Yeah, one more bite then. One more bite. Just to
prove. To prove that you really did enjoy it. Wow. Number two, we are having something called
Merengado de chirimoya. Oh la lah. And don’t be fooled by this little fruit on
the side. This is not chirimoya. Chirimoya is actually a big green fruit. It almost looks
like a giant avocado and inside it has some white flesh. So yeah, that is in here and
it has been mixed with manjar blanco which is similar to dulce de leche. Um, let’s see
if I can find some of it. Oh, wow that looks really thick and decadent. So yeah it is like
fruit and manjar blanco served chilled with meringue on top. Mmmmm. Yeah, it is a nice combination. The fruit
itself. Is it refreshing. It is refreshing because it has been served chilled but the
fruit itself Chirimoya it doesn’t have that strong of a flavor. So what I mostly taste
is the manjar blanco and there is a hint of a tiny fruit in the back. So yeah, it is nice. I wish I could find a
good chunk of fruit but it is like white. White and fleshy. It is kind of hard to see
but it is in there. So apparently Mark Twain once tried Chirimoya
and he said it was the most delicious fruit known to man. So that is high praise for Chirimoya.
And I think in English it is actually known as a custard apple but I mean I’ve never used
that expression before. It just sounds wrong. It does. What is a custard apple. So I don’t know but the dessert is good. I
can recommend it. Oh, and did we mention that it has meringue on top? And the meringue it
also looks a little bit purple because they’ve added some port wine. So that is nice. Let’s
just break that apart. Look at that. Oh la lah. I know it looks messy but it is good. And last but not least, we are having the
non Peruvian dessert which is really popular in Peru. Yeah, the Tres Leches one. And that
means three different kinds of milk. So we’ve got the evaporated, we’ve got the cream and
what is the other one? Condensed. I almost forgot. A lot of milks to remember.
Yeah, it is. Let’s dig right in. Time to dig in. And I can tell at the bottom it is already
really soggy so I think those tres leches are seeping down right to the bottom. Wow. Yeah. You really taste the different milks. Like
that is the overwhelming thing. It is kind of different from a normal cake which is dry.
This is kind of a wet cake and you yeah you really taste the milk. It is very sugary too.
I have to say I definitely like it. And if you take a closer look you can actually see
it is a sponge cake. So there is a pretty good job of soaking those three milks. And
on top we have some cream, some whipped cream, strawberries. And this right here is called
aguaymanto. Having trouble focusing. But there it is. So apparently there is no equivalent in English.
I guess this is very Peruvian. I’ll try it. In it goes. Sweet or sour that is the question? Very sour. Very sour. Maybe a little too sour for my liking. So the question is are you on a sugar high
or do you need a siesta? I’m on a sugar high. I should be like surfing on a pile of sugar.
Forget the water, forget the waves. Whipped cream waves. Whipped cream waves. There you
go. Anyways, let’s talk about the price for those
three desserts. So it was 48 Pesos which is just under $15
US. Pesos? What country are we in? Oh gosh, Sam. 48 Soles. You know what we’ve been in countries with
Pesos often so my gosh. I wake up and I don’t know where I am. Okay, so 48 Soles. 48 Soles
which is just under $15 US dollars. Not bad value. I mean you can get these desserts where
it is cheaper but this is a little bit more of a fancier restaurant and the quality here
is excellent. The food is really good.