Hey just a heads up, Don’t get too attached to any of the hamsters mentioned in this video. Cause they’re all DEAD (RIP) and I would say that no hamsters were harmed in the making of this video. Well I mean no hamsters were harmed while I made this video. They’re all still dead. But some hamsters… They got harmed… Just keep watching! If there’s anything I’ve learned that the internet just loves is stupid drama and cute animals. So I’m gonna talk about all the cute hamsters I’ve Enslaved… Our family enslaved quite a lot It was my twin sister who really wanted a pet hamster and bugged my mom to get one. and my mom being super nice, bought her the cage and we bought everything else. Including a little black hamster. We named him Squeaks. And he liked to do this really cute thing where he put his food in his hamster wheel, it was made of plastic. so he could do that. And then late at night he would just run in it and it would sound like… *Sound of grains going super fast on a plastic wheel* It was like a more annoying maraca! I actually made a comic on paper inspired by this hamster Smart friend of guy in comic : Wow, you got a hamster? Other guy in comic: Yeah, but he doesn’t do much Smart friend of guy in comic: Well, yeah. This type of hamster is nocturnal Other guy in comic: Really? That means I’ll hardly notice him! And then at night he’s trying to sleep but the hamster is loud and it’s keeping him awake and the joke is that he said he’d hardly notice him and he’s noticing him. It’s not that funny! And I need to tell you about a dog that we have named Georgie And actually a little fun fact about Georgie She was born on Election day of 2004 Which is a much cooler holiday to have a birthday on, it only comes once every 4 years It’s like leap year… It’s more rare So since George W Bush won the 2004 election we named our dog Georgie after him! Awwwww! Also means her 12th birthday was on the second I definitely won’t be able to get this video out by that time, but still… ♪Happy birthday to you!♬ Yay! So Georgie can get the birthday ’cause it’s her birthday and Poppy can get the girl… Because it’s… she’s a girl Do you like it? Wonder if this tastes good *Tastes it* *Sound of disgust* James did you eat it?! This is a huge waste of money… Anyway back to rodents, this dog just loved to murder these animals Well I don’t know if murder’s the right word No, murder’s the right word! You have to understand that Georgie is a west highland terrier. And that breed is known for hunting small animals So having Georgie and a hamster in the same house… Doesn’t mix well We had this little plastic hamster ball that we put Squeaks in sometimes The first time we put Squeaks into his plastic ball, my older brother bowled him (like an idiot) Like a bowling ball Peta don’t sue me, I was vegan for a week And Georgie thought it was a treat just for her, a treat with a hard outer shell and a juicy middle She would go straight up rabid wolf on that hamster ball We didn’t put Squeaks inside his hamster ball after that But there’s even more to say about this hamster One day, me and my sister came home from school and Squeaks was just gone! He escaped! EVERYONE CHECK YOUR POCKETS!!! We looked everywhere and we couldn’t find him We had to keep a close eye on Georgie at all times My sister put up missing posters around the house. I don’t know if those helped We made these traps out of Duplo Did anyone else’s parents get them Duplo instead of legos No? Only my parents were that lame, alright We built this box thing out of Duplo and we made these stairs going up to the top of the box And we put lettuce on each step and the plan was that the hamster would walk up the stairs and fall in the box. Because they’re stupid But the traps never worked And all the hamster’s we got in the future also escaped We made the same traps and not once did they ever work 4 days… Squeaks was missing for 4 days We found his body… Inside the wall… He was alive! My dad was sitting on the couch relaxing, it was dead quiet and he just heard the faintest *scratching noises* Squeaks was inside the wall! We think he got in through our laundry chute I don’t know what I would do if my kid’s hamster was inside the wall of my house Well kids, now it’s an important time I teach you about death. My dad ended up cutting three holes in the wall and lured Squeaks out with some lettuce Poor thing… He was probably starving Hopefully he kept some extra food in his cheeks So even getting tormented by the dog and getting stuck in a wall for 4 days Squeaks still lived fullfilling 2 years of life Hamsters dont’t have that long a lifespan He buried him in the backyard After the Squeaks Dynasty, we got some more hamsters Squeaks II that was the next one We thought maybe if we introduce Squeaks II to Georgie, then they could be friends and get along I’ll spare you the details of what happened that night The next one we named Killer because he kept biting us, so get it? Killer? Yeah he ended up getting killed… Nah! He wasn’t killed, he lived a normal, long hamster life Squeaks II was killed though… I don’t know if you picked up on that We bought these 3 Little Hamsters and seriously they’re the most adorable little things They looked like this! I forgot their names, we’ll just call them the 3 Amigoes Awwww! The lady at the pet store told us that if we bought hamsters from the same litter, they would all get along She was obviously trying to sell us more hamsters or maybe she didn’t have any siblings But these bros just hated each other They would never stop fighting! As I was writing the script for this, I thought maybe they’re just aggressively playing So I googled ‘do hamsters play with each other? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And the first thing that showed up ‘ dwarf hamsters (which is what the 3 Amigoes were) are quite territorial and will not see former cagemates as old friends’ They see them as threatening rivals So there you go “you really know your hamsters lady!” So we had to get the three, three different cages for them We put them next to each other and I swear they still gave each other some death glares I actually made a video a long time ago about this time I broke one of their cages I was cleaning it outside and for whatever reason I was just like “huh I wonder if I can stand on it” The answer? NO The glass broke and I bled everywhere! I still have the scar of my foot And then all the 3 Amigoes died off… one by one… Sorry I’m getting really emotional We also had this other hamster named Buddy, I wasn’t gonna mention him because Buddy escaped and we never found him Except as my mom was reading over the script, because she reads over my scripts, thanks mom