colgate total grade to clean your bright
while you clean your deeply-held stopped at the gate and bob marley jade greens for a smooth
air more comfortable lady shade bring you are miss brooke starring steve
martin one other comedy episode palm springs
under the direction of al lewis well her salary as a teacher covers all
our basic expenses uh… miss brooks who teaches english at
madison high school has discovered that there are certain
luxuries and won’t pay for luxuries like clothing brings last monday i dropped in the madam the
media’s dress shop to price some of the item that she was featuring opposed
easter seo in no time at all i discovered that it
matter to me it would let me pay for it on time i’ve been easily afford the
sales tax on the cheapest rent but thanks to a proposition that the
made to me i didn’t need to start with or new dresses at breakfast friday morning my landlady
commented on one of them and now they gave a another case each beauty thanks mrs davis i get ready to be like to see tapas if
you’re getting this past week everyday and you’d race it looks like
the placed make expert ledger like to missus davis i recieved sheila later you dress looks like the prospective
spring in your face looks like the last gasp of winter questions on well you know the agreement
i have with matt in the media downturn like being cctv gila bend if you did you celebrate coheed and
that’s a nice school i wasn’t only supposed to introduce the
missus davis there was also supposed to be an increase in business it seemed to be wearing the bases hasn’t
business increased twenty five percent at do barry’s across the street geeky kid did you get your bad as it gets to go we
can you dizzy at the base anyhow look at the white cube how many other teachers were not aware
of day distort inbreeding i don’t know how many teachers are there
in the united states i’m afraid i have lived up to my part of
the bargain matter of fact our agreement officially
terminated last night i was supposed to return the dresses
then if you’ll be having one of the testimony and i just couldn’t face my old blue
jersey suit for at least one more day inside i think it after all this time
somebody’s down to notice me merely speak any attention to your new
outfits still time well i did get some carried through bsd i’ve been sitting opposite mister
barnett lunch for three days in a row and each day at the new debt yesterday finally notice something different about
me lady di sini he said this but you’ve got some erase
it best on your neck you love the female members of the fact
of the admired addresses the there evidently too poor to do any
buying how about you paint comment on the continuation mister
conklin hasn’t commented on anything but his newest economy dr another one let me get started to be cut back in
school it’s painted last man that came from the board of education misses his own idea annual c_n_n_ forces wound up a point of the other day while
he was in my classroom and forty minutes before he its next up
is short p standby abound wrapping and what did you read it gave it to a teacher with long arm using our that’s what again be like father i’ve got to run as a baby young american diac and don’t look so discouraged about the
even admin you’ve still got to be depleted or
outside this demand that these tiny whether each madelyn or anything else
you only get out of something but you put in believe me missus davis everything i’ve
got i’ve put into this dress is wall to keep your eyes on the road were you standing at anyway i didn’t have to drive it all i wish i could you see here in houston lean in all your intact seeking
loveliness c_m_a_ ride like to get hija blackberry has overwhelmed it’s only here do missteps cash i’ve always admired you personally this last week next then why do you
still up positively and light i take a break when i was and disenchanted dazon has perhaps one of those colors in it their shock to you since you responded because those are the fancy names activities colors and i think that go
downtown to worry plain simple pues si magenta it may have been dressing the last few
days is better p scandal it’s not admitted thing calendars it took everybody a few days to start
noticing your new wardrobe i think i have the answer for that uh… but is it it’s because everyone it seems in that new jersey soon yours for such a
long time it that’s ok after a while nobody ever look below your face guide hollis it sure does got a kleenex and admit somebody’s finding noticing is outdated be human if i was in how did you worry
about that your uelman alright thanks for the affidavit so he got the abhijit mana media i’ll
tell my mother bottom last night in she said she must feel wonderful dress
maker policy page my mother said she wants to visit
the place yourself but she was wondering when would be a
good what is she doing yesterday before i forget i spent when i spoke to
he read on the phone this morning she said to tell you to please stop your
dad’s office is suing to get to school it’s probably in connection with this
new economy drive it is i extravagantly requisition dinu eraser
last week strike that pain easy think athletic equipment but here we go track meet cannot any
won’t provide any hurdles for the guys to practice ali got a c l_ paul hurdle so i’ll add his name insurmountable
problem one all you have to do is put up the loan
rate abis run on the east music visual businesses it’s just that that’s in it can wait indefinitely by upto class have in this broadcast now that connect one resigned wanted and another new address you have a yes sir miss brooks may i ask you a question can you send are you able to dress this
way on your salary or have you come into an inheritance knows that lol so wat no senate to campaign haven’t coming to an inherent in but these new loads how do you legacy said he was doing gambled said too fired your personal uh… parolee warn that new jersey job
long enough tries to say that in the past week you that could be something to shoot it addresses can be that bad prompted a very small but if you get back to as you know we spoke to him in the midst
of a new economy drive your dad is not now mister concha mister bond and i discussed thoroughly at lunch yesterday golden yellow beginning to feel the pain segment at all the evidence top great everyone’s feelings means but believe me it’s a necessary
measure in the east palestine mister stillman adams board is coming over my home this
afternoon naturally i’m interested in stride naturally and it has occurred to me that
an excellent weight invention of the wisdom of my economy
policy mister show him what the teacher such as
yourself and one on the madrid budget we’ve come to our home is that my wife and i would be most in one of your new is that it is well that’s very nice used to capitol
added sensitivity incident mrs kong one of your other than you went to congressional do you think that
this is a calm will be added wall will need to set principal’s office in my office right now believed it yes i know last night was the last yes but i just send them back today as quickly as possible well if you’ll excuse me sir identity
getting into pat’s nothing wrong is the what could be worse pakistani you know how hungry my coupons are
proving style use the word to be at the white house support shop kelby there with bells on if nothing else city while gets plugged it cannot be in
a pleasent wanted to do his like me colgate toothpaste means in a bad want
to means that the albeit wrinkling white clean jerky and the cold gateway stop to pick a best
yes the colgate way is the most are liberal an acceptable method of all i do you
know the day over two years research chilled brushing teeth right after
eating with colgate double cream help stop moldy cable more people and
ever be able to put it in that the system the colgate way stop to pick a best no
other data press a more needed or not offer such conclusive proof and you should know that pulled gates
while not mentioned by name was the only toothpaste used in the research on to
pick a recently reported in reader’s digest so always follow the cold gateway
to clean your breath why you clean your cheek and stopped wrote decayed russia vehicle days i’ll get an
agreement means have drank a lot of truth its means that the and albeit way stops to pick a best down by lunch time had almost decided to confess to mister
cochran that i didn’t really only many of the madam immediate dresses before making that decision i thought i discuss it with mister bike arrived at the school cafeteria i’ve
purchased my luncheonette just sat down to a table conclusion come walking by
the twister find myself naturally he stopped immediately experts i didn’t see your foot down the aisle kiddies final tightening treat you so hard uses the dollar wasted but no response luckily my salad landed
right side up maya hamburger landed on my salad and he landed on your gallery things let me help you pick up you just
it was a strawberry chill or setting does it look terribly messy misplaced pounds right kids at it when you walk down the skills that you
looked just like a sunset mystifying there’s something i’d like to
that all before you do miss books i’d like to
papa question to you first course it might be considered quite personal but with your permission i’ll pop it anyway if you’re going to pop the question i’ve
been waiting for you to pop proper way pumpkin disproves dress you’ve got on isn’t that another
one why mister barone you been paying attention after all we like it very much it’s a very interesting shade yellow is next just where the bobbitt landed when you
dropped it it’s mostly chartreuse mystifying it’s very exciting almost identical in shades of the skin
of a young frog this is the third and fourth lovely new
dress you put on this week how do you do it miss brooks we just got the nod my
head people let this happen as they refund of your blue jersey suits it held a sort of sentimental attraction
for me you know that’s a suit you’re wearing
when we met has four years ago unless a bit of wasn’t too crazy about
it first but really grow up ragtime teasing it out last night quite nice clothes the fact that you
were able to acquire such garments on the teacher’s salary is extremely
commendable well thank you mister barton and i’ve
always admired a woman who can budget itself properly a woman who can do that
could be a real asset to a man american hunt for such a woman for for
years and years are going to be exact with a pledge fifty companion there’s no
telling how far a man could go don’t cut flying world the sum up my feelings that air i can only say that this type of woman
is downright marriage timber splits seeing you in these new outfits
is as open my eyes in that’s something that like to say to you mistakes that declining how for heaven’s
sakes walnut mapping anything hamas just my future what can i do for you every check
outside from administration the driver says you’ve got weren’t asked
to sandbag yes it’s just a temporary measure
testifying address awkwardness perhaps now while has said that the lord just
like you jen he stopped and harriet i disconnected university if you can’t excellent
humorless brooks he sure in you down to make a big
impression on mr starr in fact in you you are a little bit at this morning
would like a tiny doing wedding is the mickey i’ve got right now unafraid i won’t be able to come to t_v_
set in them missed agency had on this morning in the delivery truck on main street weight out of a bundle i had read it to the
salvation army amendments and starring harriet that i
had to send the dress is bad you c_n_n_ ever really own not just
mildly internet in the media business increased you said you would
give me a favor one but it didn’t so she didn’t and i’m back when i started last
week and weekend well don’t look so desperate miss brooks all is the cost and where is it going to love me people’s i was still
captivated by those new downs of your risk did you ever english class i’m
secretly stash stuntmen and i took the patterns to home
economics class we spent the past couple of days making i know he promised to end when the
mother so it’ll work dot just perfectly let them out there so that it’s a real
but beggars can’t be too listings after all the main thing is not to
disappoint daddy don’t you think your father mister stone and that is the difference of course not miss brooks artistic dresses women have been pulling
the wool danny years we’ll miss brooks what do you think of
my i_d_ intelligent harry it’s not bad at i’m glad we got home it didn’t spread he gave me a chance to reinforce some of
the week standstill likeness a stinging back and that man my mom parent have the town out meeting there we’ve got a very good i heard during mister stone going and
getting about five minutes i must admit you copied the style of
that and he is desperately harriet tell me what kind of material that
you’re started with three hundred when he ran
up against muslim some of it feels like cheese company aleks loaded with cheese com don’t worry miss brooks the way i’ve got
it based did no one can possibly tell the difference but your mother will tell
the difference when she puts her hands on well frankly miss brooks i haven’t had a
chance to telerik the copy has just left it on a bed when she was
getting the team ready and rushed back here you’ll need to tell me your mother
doesn’t know there’s nothing between her and i like the chain but some cheese
cloth and the frame in prayer requirement that it mother can’t go over six your son your mother won’t be in such
good shape hier not to be very careful i tell you how do you miss brock e i see anything i’ll give you a purple signal variable signal thanks we’ll be having tea i’ll just say something like sugar and
cream or pass the land everybody’s waiting to your personal
appearance with the wrong kind of a break this can
be the most personal appearance i’ve ever had puri we dont have writing he instructs well capitol hill up you know my daughter harriet woods knows it and i actually did sing and wrote it is an attractive dress you have a gill is just down i’ve been telling mister stone about the
wardrobe you’ve acquired recently was broke it certainly gives impetus to an economy
private teacher done a mister stone very impressive and thanks to the way i manage my
personal budget missus problem has been able to enhance their wardrobe recently probably jumping into a new does right
now dot pieces at the t_v_ right here on this
table act is temporary hostess please do at lots of demands for it sugar and cream quickly so-so quiet blindness brooks just and fair analyst than happy to see you again sandy had some stunning dress you have a yes you’re directed my guest and move a muscle yes hold it for about forty five minutes believe i’ve ever seen u looking lovely
among them you in that down rhamat was made in it napkin honestly misty stone sometimes when i’ve
been taking a compliment you get felix standing it would be sprayed back in
just blinked we are holding the ron pop music star type are using t on thank you given
import nights now many nobody’s mcfarland auto mother here i’ll get to work out all i’d rather do it myself period after all the more one day a little bit
more one takes a lot of our lives his dad and mom can take to what you
wanted to know after all it’s nice to have something
between one’s bottom and one stop yeah but instead let’s sit down and jocelyn the already it’s not helping to sit down after heavy meal every day you but none of us has had anything to
returns lunchtime no but why take chances you and your wit told the city just a moment what is it now i’d propose a standing
toast to our host and hostess but now and we sat down yes that’s a great idea harriet add your
progress record and john philip sousa play the star spangled banner stop the horseplay you too saddam is personal where where were you not discussions
that manual pointing out to me as we were
teacher could do on your present salary if she really tried to and not only a teacher but anyone who
lives on the budget i think that this my wife is wearing out
that cannot talk about yeni moral windup my dear blushing like just a little one i think i’ll open a window we not that warm in here that’s not bad i thought i’d like to live in a little
more aid them please mother just sit down well diseases happen that ends tonight and like something ripping that your dress has gotten i’m certainly not they’d still the same
lovely three-piece suits always been vpc mothers and have a minute yes i’ve been staying up late forties suzette with two beds state but i i don’t understand that into one i’d better get into my bedroom and
change excuse me was broke perhaps you can explain what’s
going on here and not now mister i’m not going to go
in and help missus conklin chain and george you can manage by yourself now
sit down the street instead still doing it for you get your own children creative areas disproved sit down sc he sounded an awful lot is coming up tied that apartments at the capitol c_n_n_’s brooks valued wed that way i think i begin to see what this is all
about avego blog first you give me all this
talk about retrenching then you demonstrated what a teacher can buy and
her salary these days is actually nothing but jack i’ve got to give you
credit company or idea is br you’ve given me a graphic display that
too much economy can’t possibly work in these days of rising prices husband
conkland you’re really clever old salt quite hyper with bookstore principal system you have to get your mother would they
provide good actors as was brooks well thank you mr capa and i wanted it happened that day i
havent which one is that wrote this time doctor burlesque defended just a moment the case of the close great featuring arthur griffith mail carrier here’s what mister griffin told us is exactly what happened shaving was just one close scrape after
another from now discovered palmolive leather shade
dream in the new defined leadership my mileage coalitions of lather ended my worries about scrapes br why even in cold or hot water but my mom and lead the way is so
personal with super comfortable take up a
gripping device men the new probably blather way gets buried release all and it provides a protective film but actually float your rate is cutting
edge enclosure eight everytime worry about scraping and making even in pulled or hard water partnered with women will permit other
mental state palmolive lather cream following package
directions three out of four reported smoother more
comfortable jaise palmolive shave cream way no matter how they shave before better
get palmolive leather shade tree remember even in cold or hot water my money by the way in the midst smolder
more comparable shit now once again here is a columnist bro well that was much sense in sitting
around in my crafty dread rising goodbye that of the company i arrived home missus davis was most
helpful and i just finished telling you when the bomb man dispatched quite fast kickboxing you took me by surprise mr bohren i’m afraid i got the receiver on on on the topic in a i’m sorry mister barnes and i can’t see starched this was in the party line when i go stopped at the game on-the-spot starring yvonne has produced
by liberal and written by analyst novels bird with the news that well but that’s
it listen to this with marabella smelled the e_l_ you can
save ninety percent of dishwashing work a quick so good bill subs gets dishes
and glassware shiny clean even if a bit of food i talked with a dish cloth gets rid of
the classiest bells activated sons left often carry away food in greece so-called issues needed but brands and they dry sparkling without washing
or widening all pots man’s need is a soaking with bells sub then you can watch them shiny clean
without hard scholarly was more of that all is a miracle of money on this so that nouvelle save ninety percent of
dishwashing work likeness his beloved chuckles unskilled
visually when you hear mister and missus nor that lead to deal with the same
network and be with us again next week in the same time or another comedy
episode alarmist roles problem on this big by transcription colgate battle creek
the clean your breath while you please repeat that helps stop to pick a
probably shave cream for a smooth they’re more comfortable way to shave review artist starring coupon hands well bringing in apple to the teachers
and all the custom indeed but i’m a spokesman teaches english at
madison high school was quite surprised last friday morning when walter denton
had over a large bouquet of roses as she got into his car to drive to school by welfare fees tries a lovely reflects
the occasions decay use slang at your presence in although conveyance
is cause for celebration alongside a few of these flowers seem
like so many please that’s very pretty speech rather have
that i still say these are beautiful flowers
look at these stands so long and straight side various i’d get there behind this flattering demonstration of
affection what could possibly be behind it but
it’s a one desire to make my favorite teacher happy besides i don’t deserve all your
gratitude some of these flowers were picked in the backyard of a neighbor of
mine text by you mean the vibes folks recently moved here from texas that’s
him ali’s mary finance on this fax i know the minute the final bell rings he
dragged himself off the campuses if he was shot out of the canon sometimes i wonder why doesn’t park his
horse in the hallway there’s a reason for is russian is
perhaps taxes that is on a local draft and shopping and check the outgoing
mails that’s assuage and my anguish classy checks nothing but the incoming
females that uh… let’s get back to the flowers
walter you are giving them to meet with leading up to a favor classmate districts how can you possibly suspect
me of such altec no matter how much it got me i’m not
going to give all of the dismal fact that lasts ninety mr capa got me holding
hands with harriet ordered me to stay for an hour after school for two weeks
to take care of sex and be back faking humiliating jabs sweeping classrooms
washing windows and waste baskets i don’t understand the rock about why should you tell me that mister
cochran are to be the state-run our after school for two weeks to take at
such sundry back-breaking humiliating dot the sleeping at classrooms washing
windows and poor and being waistband on has it is and you’re concerned this folks this is my problem in my home you’d have to flaming without much with
the fly dash peter trap in mister cochran’s office this morning asking the
ease up on me i’d just let me ask you to do that for
this perhaps you couldn’t definitely not however if you were asleep half volunteered overseas this profiled with you as soon
as i get this fishing and hunting equipment on fact at triton incitement mr patrick this
fishing tackle is the best monica but both this miss brooks is this fly rod of youth alex tactics anybody that couldn’t expired with that
has no talent do and i think the offer is not in the
preferred live i can hardly wait by this stuff out at first political for
the week family right after school two hundred dollars worth of forty cyclic never before that this without
consummated one of my shrewdest transactions this week if you’d like to hear about it the truth ralph at garlic rose does that the the extra cars headed by for us
to minimum the pocket knife wounds rifling through
you mean the nineteen twenty eight half of the year for the other day i found the structure
customer eckhardt bank shall be when i was visiting u_n_
discovered one afternoon as well figures yet did i show it to you now it was too ill
to accept visited batana being at the crash at said and for confidently it has no motor but i think that uh… to mention that
back to my customer what did you tell him i merely informed
them that i’ve misplaced the ignition key and that he may pick up the call
this afternoon by then i’ll be on my way to crystal
lake with his check for two hundred dollars already in my pocket let mister
cochran that doesn’t sound very ethical to me all’s fair in business miss brooks
remember that now i’d like to write my customer some
sort of a cheer up message the victims of the patrol rope on the
rear axle delight pride in having you have to walk over to supply room and get
me some station tremolo yet so the first may i say awake and a half of water
again if that’s the word that accurately
describes a middle only serve to embarrass the both of us a stare you tell me you gave him two weeks
detention for holding hands with your doctor and your displeased with my decision in
this matter mister cochran i don’t mean to regard to
party are friday but all i ask is that the punishment fit the crime
perhaps not but that could be adjusted instead of
two weeks to tension i’ll give him a month now don knapp picking up wastebasket inventing them
into an incinerator auckland correct you reminded me by what they’re going to move the
incinerator away from the print fans there’s no fancy are incinerator on career reminded me bedroom is always struck me as being
sort of boy who could build the first break the the mister cochran often wilder possibly
find time to complete all these extra tests i see what you mean this broke so
back to want to be fair about this matter i tell you what instead of a month not
extend his detention period to six weeks now work to get that stationary and
protect optimistic on complete i’m sorry water but countless books but the transit authority at the entire
second-hand conversation then you know that i try train creation
for your effort to sell succeeded by mike that activity came out when you get
but a got the feeling that looks nice but cheer up while there maybe a red legged before the six weeks
a rap well i’ve got to wait a minute is there a circus on our campus circus contract and live that antelope coming down our
hall expire this practice have are very added miss broke have a stranger the dot may have high no stranger to you maybe it’s wishful thinking dash europe
how water needs a bit of petty japanese pretty loud this morning character are dead in the way to be i can’t help but pastime mister but it was a long time uh… and from creator died you couldn’t
stop the outbreak he must be dead said again louder forgive mob boldness ma’am but years prior to use it palomino mare open
often department she gets a whiff of dirt dared park and i think tanks that perhaps that ass can’t make it that that could work well
with the proprietor of down from writing paper platt writer distracts cardiology meet ups c_e_o_ wilder would you keep these
papers in your briefcase for me acrobat nine contract next these are a bunch of blank induction
notices aren’t they you have proper i gotta bring in the backpack habitat
that more that schooling again imponderable head thinks he’s going
fishing at personalized right now i mean you know the facts
around here and then i think carman accent arbitrary through i watched that mister clinton’s name on this induction
notice star and pete permanent carry a lot of mister cochran part based on the part comes out of a
notice noticed added reprieve uh… for uh… they’re going to have a
bit of uh… fake crap it says bridging qy on dot but these greetings informed me that i have
been selected for training and service in the armed forces of the united states used the i was created fighter hurriedly
captivated me to mail this thing they disliked about it the grip carpet factory is it jump to conclusions that the contract car age there is no age limit for a
quick fulcrum is broke forget i resigned my commission of a
major in nineteen forty six this notice makeshift obvious top brass
wants me back that’s agnew at major couldn’t they
offer you a commission and second update you with the pride that the the trying not reasons what uh… i’ll miss my life here at madison nomo meeting no more books now mighty
tuesday the acts but still can’t believe that our military
situation is so desperate that well why should they want a high school always what officials many of the armed
forces this book just bigger this time old kolkata
crackers company was back in august etzel coke and crackers concord an
affectionate nicknamed the boys pinned on me for my lengthy tour of duty at the
planned jeans snack bar flight eisenhower was right when he
inspected all indian wrestling team at the elks club in nineteen forty and at
that time isha tens of millions of complain you’ve got a firm grip the kind
of a trip this company general eisenhower said that to you it
was lieutenant eisenhower that the throat through ten in world war two of never
forget that contentment stanley eisenhower how i remember him then payroll of entrance and that’s what
makes this haven’t gotten any carolina reported
that for this afternoon is is there anything i can do to assist you with
school your old loyalties touches an old soldiers harp with proof yes come to think of it was a lot to do
firstly i won’t be needing any of the sports equipment please try to dispose of the former
thick and you take it back to the store but no no i poured into the final sale perhaps you could often at all i’m sure some of the teachers might be
interested if only for sentimental reasons in owning something the prolonged
however fleetingly for the department principal well if the
price is keeping up i mean the we could do is put up a
notice on the bulletin board and will be option in the gym let mister cochran i don’t know very
much about auctioning things often since this emergency was caused by the armed
forces i’d like your permission to telephone
marshall defense secretary marshall mailmarshal monahan either warfare press
option there colgate that’ll bring the clean your
bright while you clean your jeep that help stop to pick a and palmolive kate grades personal
they’re more comfortable way to shape renewal armies brought starring
debugging what fraction of al gore’s well whenever the routine at madison
high school is disturbed in any way plan to blow up the good competent
registers serious objections and they usually blames almost books teaches english that or the disturbance at the latest up people in madison
schedule was definitely not my fault two weeks ago the board of education put
a television set into the school to see if it’s cultural educational programs
would enhance our regular curriculum lactate their breakfast are disgusted
with my landlady but you can’t take the television set pants so far wellness fitzgerald who conducts the
t_v_ group in our day said there’s one very marked result
missus davis in just two weeks that’s right there in the student at madison who can
tell the difference between a pin down a palomino what one black do you have a great many how polite
films on don’t pay i would say so yes but there are quite a few minor
mysteries on sale when since landed hard films too attorney the board place to sit in the school for
its l_s_d_ thank you don’t be televising the actually
educational programs i suppose so missus davis they had a semi educational
program on yesterday semi education yes i think it was called
the batman eats up to being a partner yeah i’m sure they’ll have more and more
cultural things to look at this time goes by all that reminds me connie keeping some
time since that nicotine following he could locate ladner no i didn’t get any
leather means that absent minded mine and i purposely put it webby couldn’t
overlooking on your plate my plate odeon how much of your needs to be wheaton every bit but this blue part with the
black lines then gave the latter alright uh… it’s another letter from a collection
agency the collection agency as sherry department stores but they’re doing
could account into the hands of the colder collection agency it seemed that
o_j_ read about twenty five dollars for might use to shopping using then making
august five two cherries because you haven’t paid them since each day eastern nineteen forty-five dude saying that i think i got to pay the
money at one time them notify my employer and attach my
salary all this is terrible you know how mister cochran field about anyone who
gets in today i wish i could help you connie but the only money i dot gif much on the fact that green tea no i wouldn’t want to be bigot path leading to school in maybe someone there could let me say
mining how about mister billington mister blinds and yes they might have
something saved up he she will it be he could bot chile down again campaign to ask him for a long who wants i’m sure you’d be happy to help you
he’ll probably ended twenty five dollars before you leave the kidneys stopped in
poway it’ll take longer than that openid money belt huh uh… playing applebee’s book have acted
jittery via paris they are the many expired so respect and back up the television
set cannot buy didn’t have a lot about your kali beijing had gotten hit me look at some of its
debt and mary steenburgen documented checks
but i’m really smashed optimist books and when it came in two point was
looking for a mister bryant he sheen’s right bond that you may have we have no intention is sound and
forward personal i’d like to see it i think they may need
you to play and then you a semi lucky hombre well thank you ted not getting skinny i’m going to the
biology lab and get them branding irons in the pilot will respond come on and out bank divine why did you wanted to see me about were leaked syrup it’s brooks robo four years ago you will not have been world burdens dotted and dot cross-breeding friends waived its right difficult for me to
have to do this disputes without i’d like to ask a favorably now that the calendar that i have a
favor to active you too related but makes it easier for me
that’s mine is probes near divine can you let me twenty five dollars does i don’t like to not mediation is to find
the doing right now coincidences yes dating and about twenty five dollars
world i got a letter from a collection agency
this morning collection agency live colder collection agency can’t be at stake chancellor and darrow there’ll be a
letter saying that notify my employer waited and waited twenty five dollars at
once where you’re going to try to charities
ramirez i bought some presents my granddad
here’s mike and any on their fifth birthday and chariot maybe not with happy but you
haven’t paid part of that with twins were nine on friday what do the cucumber neighbor to leader of our
admit the problem find out from the agent deedrick wait a minute i’ve got an idea orders
i’m going to tell me to comment about my predict mein pehle for the honor of the
school meet mine and that’s me the money we’re do you think you do the same for
me much like to try i’ll tackle in place then you can have a whack at a map
headlines itself pretty dangerous to be a misprint
do you really think you ought to take the bull by the horns frighten many and
i can see them and i’m now gal tari dart tossed into the bleachers the apa event abt i mean it’s not that i don’t like to
distribute lips not stop that they would have true dismissed for the dog well packed like in its hai do you mind if i open the window did
window jeff the width of the human body one quite comfortable in this office
target ordered all right i will anne twenty five dollar campaign
delinquent bill iowa cherry departments are because i turned it over to a
collection agency which wrote me a letter saying that if i don’t think it
probably they’ll take it up with you and this is all of it is not going to attach
to my family to have a detached i thank you am i to understand that one of my
teachers as in the hands of a collection agency twenty five dollars worth of
mediated i’d wanted to pay it back but i would more all state of the fair obviously yourself and go to to miss
medical brought starlight dr and back in just a and helped define the
role of are about to do something about the situation reported education ever
found out about this recruiter right not only on you put on your school then principals will naturally i don’t want any skeletons in
medicines blogger all your fell right mister cochran it’s terrifying and not
around here without back do over that borrow at and working here already but you know i do mister cochran where can i go compliment one moment please out there you’re going to might not office within
a block or yet that thank you for that or not then my name is that great william gray i
would be called her collection agency are due to regret i presume you are here in regard to the
death of one of medicine teachers uh… no one here regard with better one are good conklin parallel artwork company that he had been at the time
doing that the other than that but we can’t forget equated uh… carried apartment door program you
know them fifty dollars since nineteen forty eight welcome to early prime intercom carnival working below with the do and argue well you would describe me as a don’t be so wrapped around sinning haram
us that that look like a man captain long the
well although probably to repair wall
grenoble comparable or europe or five years ago alright believe you would please his carla what i have in mind that the
principle of the school printable now there if you happen to hear from him would you
be kind enough to inform but with the paper that the dollar deal by this
afternoon we will notify the board of education
and pics that to attach is already but you can’t do do that’d i’ll be happy to inform redmond
now have been used to costo de and i’m quite brutal review if you know if i get
the third and bank you what you’re going to too repairman right that the economy the regard time good during the carter bland parity and
no what the will the that broke the record and now eighty gonorrhea appears regard or by
the way you didn’t have to go over here only about competition to do one of the
country you know that the key in the keyhole anemic at the inoperative practically
sound too well i got possibly are going to any
money but in spite of your incompetent in managing your personal there i thought would be great opera career
would be preferable thank you karen and in fact not abide by planting he don’t
mention it but before you go i don’t think i would like them to open bathroom
group well quite hot in here rather suddenly remember nobody would become boring apparently pretty group but then again archerd neighborhood called a decent
guarded that’ll be in a main job robotic suit the badly injured deep called it compares the injured that
blood to the quietly injured the called a democrat in clean your bread while a clean dirty and the coal gateway
stops to pick a bet yes the colgate way is the most thoroughly pulled an
acceptable method of all hygiene on the day over two years research showed
brushing teeth right after eating with colgate double cream help stop more
decayed for more people than ever before reported and that was history ecole
gateway stopped what they gave bass no other than the first amo needed or not
offer such conclusive proof and you should know that colgate while
not mention by name was the only toothpaste used in the research on
duplicate recently reported in reader’s digest saw always follow the coal
gateway to clean your breath while you clean your t and stop to pick a best
school brush ur teeth football games are a bit
better agreement main job and wanted to do means energy and the colgate way stop
duplicate that well significantly in with a charter
member of the bad debt plug along with mister by name in my belt we were all placed with the same dilemma
how does it all off the colour collection agency the part about it but
maxim that afternoon i was pondering this way the problem in
the school cafeteria had known when harriet tubman and wanted them to me two of my lesser problems approached the table heights brooklyn
harriet wilder hijackers do can’t be tolerated playing and faculty arrive night but sunday night side that the fact that
side it and have them on product knowledge
estate miss preps all come out you can think of a better
excuse the mad dont be dangerous work by and silicon
and china popcorn that only watched television dodi and only enjoyed the schools at the
sprouts it’s a wonderful medium for education
are not just a minute walter i’ve watched some of those shows do you call
our direct in movies educational well certainly course it all depends on what
individuals looking for jeanine watching to learn about
customizing manners of the great era and a great adventurous people harried on
the other hand watches him for another reason what does she want to learn how
to fly to glad to be air down along baate the their religion and educational programs
shown this book yeah it’s a shame what
but i’ll tell you kids do get something out of the gallery in plant it didn’t work it till the more popular and
constructive support groups at the right to be in darkness to make the picture come out shotgun
clinger as a matter of fact gary and i are now awaiting the television room
right now promoter don t twelve thirty there’s
nothing permitted on television to look like them too we know is you know under rule but
during that period united that in great britain hard-headed
rick you are dropping they were quick to
point ampato no prime down and i think in teachers college
that some day i’d be on the back of the at lowes madison high dual martin amis
first raisers table occupied no mister bonior occupation forces just left him in atlanta and thanks well i haven’t been able to get the
money to a collection agency has yet to be working on hand but we’re not the only in the gym
faculty members and their school are printable of the bill to yearly mister cutler’s in the same boat
we are you not only in the news rocking it million dollars i heard mister grain
from the agency threatened to expose me to comment on the board of education if
he didn’t pay up fifty dollars by this afternoon away that’s terrible o badly did must be some method whereby week
because of where the agency until we could pay off in that way we cried got
no idea maybe we could put up coming at the
kennedy you know temporary collateral collateral or what i have anything is worth twenty
five dollars with really even my watch i now have been the same window as my dl
what we might be able to do is give them one item that might serve as security in
two weeks arpaio records in order isn’t there something right here at
school that looks impressive but is completely other sensual sure area is with a collection agency would never
accept mister compliment to cut please please please vicious serious
saying i know what might work will happen the school television set apart than most on the central but it’s not our property belongs to the
board will only be borrowing it mr bohren entrance will be helping mister
complimentary gin to we’ll be sure to cooperate yet the more i think about it the more i
like u i’ll call mister gray and having pick up the said immediately burger spurts are you sure mister
cochran will stay with us please to bite nine convient i can hardly wait to see
his face when i tell him about it i’ll bet it ten absolutely human this is a rubber is about the problem
the printable america’s most who himself speaking the that night sweats self-help
or education on us and ministers form of market remains a i would just say to myself nowadays dot
com not alex class work at your school new television tower because to store our usual this
afternoon is convenient for you maybe some other time a considerable
expense to forestall that septal mexico o by yesterday by the though collection agency probably just moving
around with the new above and we’ll be back until tomorrow ra old open-end way nicaragua i’ve got a new
light on news for you really when you transfer but do you have any
reason that it that possible what i wanted to tell you if that would
that i put up for the security and the collection agency giving going to bother
it began and where we’re ready to pay them back but we are all brooke who have no idea what a relief
which is to be but before you arrive mister stone cold
and said he was coming over this afternoon would have been terribly embarrassing if
you’d run into that collection jet powered certainly would then that if i
say that my fellow and wealth is going to picks that belief recommended that
yesterday yet that i got you’d be l naga and moved on in his book just how did
you manage to store well i think we call mister gray and i
didn’t pick up the school television set and in return for that he agreed not to
you television and move furry lewis was followed up or what went
wrong with it is coming over the top of the impact of what those pushed all said
and i’ll be right car but he can’t tell that i mean we’ve got to do if someday you’ll
go out to do is on the equality implement plot they’ll stop lying to me
responds ability for all of our collection rests with you on the all
along yet even while you were talking there very
tiny of most of the might be a began nibbling at my brain if i know you’re is brought to you leave
a stop to that end five million dental terrifying spectacles and stuff and come
up the opt one but well we are short of the cooperation of
the kids with the government you’ve got to live it so desperate measure misquote
without too much popped up as i understand it more remain here in
my office to receive mister storm and i’m return in about five minutes
correct believe me mister common when it comes down leaves here you’ll be
delighted that i a t_v_ set is no longer on the premises by might reviewers groups and nobody this office where i spent so
many joys use of medicine log dictator principal doing this a local news doors the department barbara waldron division
of the world on employment hired from long the
here now that i’m and i’m not i’m not and and
and and and too norma broke that mister cochran and note there hilarity way up here at least a donna cooke are
probably between the well i’ve been getting on the down the
hall of the all means that missus now prompt him to
be a sale didn’t work the what you relied upon to the head of
the board of education arms r_m_s_ started jet that i’ve been wanting
someone to tell amy do you think you had it installed in school but this year wept and wept contract
metromail dot that was installed but strictly cultural purposes and that’s the way is the new it’s already todd unbranded most of the
young men here at madison gonna a honorable but being in the approx cast anything i’m not happy the do mary hot
non-air dot you hadn’t had to have a promiscuous problem now you know in area contact are used to do canon dell not not with the indians whom she supposed to be calamity jane
what delivery friends about it can’t go back and as far as i’m concerned about
the whole on them is to stone that can apply have adult colonies paul what’s that you was about to say disparaging wired
palestine or the map yearly report door was open live by that people opa
need here dot that mid-december mumbai would amend the
tension palgrave needs if randy orton this book seize your friend of mine no matter where you prob deduct part of our part up why are you
talking about matter for a the away column that dated speaking with us this western drawl have been a problem this way since our
bank or hide in the blueprint that operates burned at the end or did well
right now at what we are not enough babbling on
you can always talk to republican didn’t at all the handed standard equipment the dept that everyone at the end of the water be
it probably are knows there ever lab in a big step and i had to be
indian vb proposition was probst at all there are problems are anime related i
gave you what they got a pretty on romero doling we amendment home dot what the pad on this particular
florida admit that they have bed or oregon there what did that that barbara lippert
let the stall what would you say about go do that the televisions that would no
longer with acted born red barb splendid rewarded and that they probably probably bribe
except your correct written there was that the revolving credit and thereby would have taken porcelain
juror pool look like take all credit oracle the punk rock regaining his action taken
with the group was cool with margarine and margot minority group will be the their mail technically how do you want to go head prescott thomas polk returns in just a moment but
first newt’s mover more comparable comparable
to price and then not palmolive brought this way yeltsin will earn more comparable
comparable to prom and broncos were made up of black man you can get wilder yet more comfortable chair of the
probably abroad locating greenway bill but will probably brought put into
your beard you’ll find it will put public workers actually protect your
skin by providing a soft selling that float your rate is cutting edge remember over twelve hundred men test of
the palmolive brushless shaving cream way following directions on the package and
no matter how they came before three out of poor reported beard easier
to cut let’s raise herbal smoother more comfortable yet more comfortable j bowman try the probably brought goes way
yourself even in cold or hot water you get a close clean shave and a small they’re more comfortable yes of mark comfortable j who’ll get smoother more comfortable
comparables says hello palmolive russ lewis living next time you j pryor the probably about
litigating greenway did not want to get an error starburst books well i don’t miss this town and the
others had left his office mister combine admitted that he was
great problem i have fifteen then in the man that’s out typical of
the man he needed a compared to prominent myra warren miss brooks and appreciation for your
meritorious service i decided to the store rare are reported will be permitted to type up in
triplicate six copies of my latest report to the superintendent of schools and have it on my desk tomorrow morning this brought you have meant that they
were you going how attached bailout apart more comfortable living and colgate dental rain giving up brad
while you clean your demand help stopped at the gate are misquote starring eve
arden is produced by larry burns written by our most about the robert wood but
there was a glove will grow back colgate battle creek between your brett
what you clean your teeth that help stop to pick a and family jade green for a smooth more
comfortable weight is j bring you on this book starring ke baad hey i saw it on the squirrels under the
direction of powerless well in the daily live obama’s broke so
teaches english at madison high school teaching itself only takes up a portion
of our time this leaves a number of three hours each
day to pursue an outside interest but it doesn’t leave quite enough
realities especially since my outside interest
refuses to stand still long enough for me to drop and then over him and act like the idea being considered
taking up another outside activities besides mister born like the one my landlady began recently missus davis was quite reticent about
her hobby until last wednesday morning at breakfast when she gave me a broad
hint noticed anything different about the
verdict mining town now the big catsup staying in front of
my place is gone candiotti capping deion oh cars the big ball of apples and the
sender wanted the nation’s display i’m vegging nightly pounding it’s a hot who designed it william tell no i did you probably don’t know if that years
ago understood designed hops right name volume and had a year i never would have suspected using sonar
moen some of their respective reality and had the is but last week and i got the big day sent
me some samples of the material his friend macon and you know my bed to the
digital chip hydrate you speak of him quite often eased a bit julian bond
victim lab rats in tow will be tied to tell about when he gets interested in something you
palestine through and last couple of years he’s been up to
alleviating plastics no wonder a slow-moving flathead plastic dot to do with your
designing had began wants but they need to have i’ll get you lately even noticed that be seen to be too hot anyone to monthly when beastly it looks like a bowl of
awful every meeting a devout like these it’s a spiral the hal at a novel idea if you’re out for the manual i you can’t
be more than apple nigger dated and dick you get the birds now or have them all kneecaps l five they should be they feel that not they’d
be coming this and well i don’t know me today that there
are a bit unusual for popular consumption i mcveigh levied everything tonight and and i
think you can i want you to help me to tell them it’s
cool new if you still are a part of him add debate dot half of the about corinne eurozone uh… any shouldn’t be difficult to fill
them it isn’t as if they work hard to move not at the wind is right because if i could reduce my back to you
know that how that might be watered and need that
in the back door prasad actually get down one point nothing patni i’m getting to be teaching in breslaw
sympathy for a while taking are now better get some very bad and then too places it’s gone but larry plummeted twinkle walton is that
uh… that you’re going to have a bit of breakfast
for the time to larry might be persuaded the practicum remarks soniya peacocks me pokes you you couldn’t be that cool and i’d been wanting to be branched out they don’t pay on what is the back in the kitchen and bring in the bag
but not act need the little guy amputated what’s happening at home but my mother
just doesn’t seem to be making the breakfast she used to from a_b_c_ just warno all she does have an awful at meals
lawrence of course he does walter where on the subject i thought of you given to her mother’s
day gift out quite a bit and i come up with something that should show our how
grateful i am proud she’s done for me i will get a present filmmaker forget the many menial and
argue was passed she performs in ninety nine once the president obama so we have to be kicking run democrats it smelled smelled very pleasant surprise like
there’s something else feels like i my allowance last night that shifts
and i couldn’t afford much wild i haven’t guessed ingredients that your
dad will be happy to chip in for just look at the center of this table it was it a lot on certainly not happens to be a woman’s the woman said k fucking chloride helping nothing i’m wearing it to school
this morning then make a wonderful decoration fraud
dining room table at home always likes to have something in color
from the center of the table that’s what i think it would make a wonderful
decorations for your dining room table it played updated list of those truth that
street expired added may have added today you see me in a hurry in math plan would
have tried to use marilyn across his fifth like if they’ll be the case may
have made it back do not that bad how i do have to keep the cost of the
park plant l_a_ lori either sam houston and now this is a valid point cut drops gave me any i_v_f_ activities with going out after that
operated here natalie wire forever major t_-thirty does where we
could have pulled off in your school calm down snacks dot then use that one legality good fooled me by the way mother’s day is just around
the corner when you’ve decided on a gift for your mother yet i’ve been thinking a lot about that this
book split scott got to figure out what it please
mom maybe i can help you i’ve got it may
have christmas on i dot xom brand new bag blew through spirits for a birthday we got our first chaps in
instead since in for easter we get to having a spankin new boxes settled so on bc she’s got just about everything in
normal woman needs do a normal woman who’s competing in a
rodeo yummy flat tax act like the one i’m wearing would make
a lovely gift and it’s only ten dollars it sure is placed in this book’s contact
before death knights but there’s a couple of things have to
be done to refers for instance whale do you think you could make to
hold you need through hit haha soldier he is confirmed through donor is a good time through that your mother must have a very low
foreign i wouldn’t give it to my mother made
books ideas to get it for my mother to get to
lucy lucy cheese on mars on here will not be uniformly i’m sure he would have had you can pick up the habit faces that the same finally depend on but daddy please be reasonable we think that your mother and baby itis
invested in my office to our viewers area i think you’d want to your mother
receive a nice person anyone with most of my notes if there aren’t enough to earn something
outstanding always eat something up formby obviously my ideas
you know if needed and shouldn’t put but haha well i wouldn’t mind selecting something
for you but always insist that i find the barking
and there’s nothing wrong with being frugal area perturbed come in i think the confidence how to have time
to put together with good read something of the lights it on your air if the company spent their various
government but maybe we can profit from the truth for
the group dot happens to be a hat mister cochran very i think that catholics didn’t want to do it without
talk to you later on this important five and if the company knowing how far on
the day that he lost i’m right to the point of my visit fact they’ve not pasted how would you like that i had like this
one is this conflict or mister fung yes don’t you think he
did then something like this will show you has been the source of
great irritation on the fisherman hold the line not interested withdrew if i can sell one of these tax it will
help getting out of debt mister cochran besides it’s a real bargain i’m sorry
i’m definitely not in producer of bargains road yet that much cheaper than you can get
it on the open market where did you get it let’s just say i have access mr compton these hats on part province being in town spellman nosair that knocked down i’ll tell you code problem it’s the lead
ten dollars each ten dollars for a few apples or the small sparrow it is the fact that you haven’t heard
how meet in front of bomb at think of how extensive is that isn’t for
my life it would have to be miss brooks do you have to have some medicare uh… approach than uh… on
individualized apparel he wouldn’t be caught dead in anything
that even resembled what someone else was where mister darman when the
confidence that i give you my unqualified guarantee you do absolutely
believe me he won’t be caught dead unit graduate people call there organic matter of the unit being given
one through code by paying duty corded reprinting the entire one through code
but i think that the colgate double cream clean your bright while it clean dirty and the cold
gateway stop to became that yes the colgate way as the most violent proved
unacceptable method of all hygiene on the day over two years research showed brushing
teeth right after eating with colgate double cream help stop more decayed for
more people then ever be four reported in benefits history mccoll gateway stop
to they cave but no other data profile more made it or not offer thought conclusive proof and you should know that colgate while
not mention by name what the only toothpaste used in the
resort from two p k recently reported in reader’s digest so always follow the coal gateway to
clean your breath while you clean your feet and stop group decayed but russia people call gail go get that will
be in a greenville grab one of two things five-finger needle and the cold gateway
stop duplicate that the bath by the time i want to meet mister
barnett line drive-by won’t be in the format they think that made up wonder why would bend for his mother had
to be used in the table fender p want to take part in braveheart the you
didn’t hide shade and one domestic compliment by his wife to be used of all things at the hat that might have been found to have more
on when they’ve been born came over to a white label rollovers pro-serb sorry i’m late i
couldn’t get a refill their that’s alright divine broadband internet frank many many being different about me today three over heaven’s sake a high apologize for
being late you want to go to such a link to chide me about it whom chai deal yes after all this is a public meeting
place you shouldn’t i want to do so it on your head the environment happened to be a half crimes sorry whisper temperate i dropped
my cutlery and should be more careful the that nine might have been manure me of
the on sorry i cried and youth have color i could be used to say it’s like this medicaid my mother always had to
fantastic creations around the house really nominee but i didn’t think he did
you know what panel in the i layout may i remind you mister barnett
mother’s day with soon be with them also my mother but if he’s coming down a separate state
through the weekend unfortunately that has to stay home a business trip mom and i are going to have a high
old-time have you made out of your plan for celebrating the holiday inn esteban
yes indeed particularly when mad world reporters four-day itinerary on that uh… are are
you going to do well on thursday i thought i’d show mom a new
wing of our public library friday we’ll i would do the museum of natural history
and and saturday will have a go at the botanical gardens the while the we’ve ever been a letter from the
evenings either if we’re not playing gesture checkers
out without the old dominoes that dot by the way you can can you think of anything that might add
to the merriment disproves yet but i think the mortgage plywood that weekend
d and that is i do have a suggestion that
might be private deprive be a mother what is it together and i tak you said yourself accused like unique
pat opponents are in his words i’m not interested that to bed at the brightness
rio a bargain or i’d like to get her something of course replaces get started did you say the bargain a evidently and where did you get that happens brooks the truth in a band of piling up in
berlin today that there are only ten dollars a p there at ten dollars apiece that you got a bit made of not make the and i guess we could arrive at some sort
of a deal to split with there’s one thing of which i must be circle like that all that my mother doesn’t see any other
woman wearing a hat like it moms of fanatical individualized approach out they’ll have a very one i’m not
going to dana divine we are out of my plays about eight
thirty tonight and that the crime bill with its hartford you’re sure know that
you’ll be the only woman to have this particular while she’s in town your mother will be
the only woman dean wearing gift particular pat the get myself and some dessert that
restricts or would you like to bring something back to you yes i would be
divine i’d like a pro the five th and side will do very well all i want that now nickelbein okay but a powell haircut a thank god that they would have it both a take your time forty but come in and that became that money and
everything frankly my money conlan uh… overbooked i thought that
by judy america beat review for a moment for a price to pick on planet earth
thank you uh… about that had i think the bible
my wife i wanted to be a complete surprise you mustn’t see a simple fund
now thank you martin i mean anything would be a private vietnam the one
important factor we overlooked in our discussion this morning with broke i neglected to give you my wife
measurement brown taken right now how far apart of your white peers do the hahahaha here tirade that would not have happened date back well i don’t know but i’ll find out that
afternoon and check with you at home this evening uh… what would be a good time after
midnight now anything like that and it’s not at
all now you’re not that many more important
things to do and i’ll be happy to read you you can’t you really have that way i
know how the things i did think be wiped out by eliminating them on the
group root right comprehend the from the freight
movement bikers then durango but if you are always this movement
during meal time at the one you have not announced a i have not been with the
contract and i had a night be going to you that
by began teaching school you did how did you get rid of it adept couldn’t afford to keep it i don’t know what you don’t even really
about connie everything is done swimming the fell apart wanted didn’t pick up the hat for years
now they during lunch p nine what we’d need a ticket but who came over by their
paperwork you get that they should be prepared
when you phone me about proved that he has not been that panel
along the generally moderate name now one of the one dime q three about
you’d like to compliment the born i’d promised them both that they were buying
a completely original creation really odd that can the fact that they are
identical should not be your all throughout native-born who will be
leaving town died after mother’s day yet but mister morton bringing in here
tonight to pick it up and that the problem of wanted white patent
through the evening measurement but if you want him to make the point
many web before sundown dot com dot com dot thank you think the point power but now we have to make you listening we’ve gotten package back alcoholic
painful bank well here we are good for us do you remember my mother from never
forget our down at the bundy coming in for a second how are you connie it’s been a indicting for mom couldn’t wait to see if prices with
power then i’ll get it for a ride away missile gap happy about that than phil
gramm a ping-pong table that is that the uh… the pharaoh get
through nothing improper your new habit how do you like it certainly different all i knew you’d
love it well now that you’ve seen and i don’t want to keep you in the providing
another minute you must have lost doc overthrow stand on paramount leader father right
along about the later in the week bob will really have no great writers roads
and the event that night and even if you would ayatollah mahmoud jump with the idea and
degree at you being the practicality i’ll never forget how exciting it was
the last time we play they wouldn’t u_n_ enough a fred i
planned a uh… volume data leading anti well could have been thoroughbred it moved the bond if you are lying down
with a headache how would you like to your thumb on constantly jumping in the
next round designate maiden before the nothing to do effective date if you need and i
wouldn’t think of letting you bags for new powers at the white nine if you take your
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