four days have agreed to clean your
breath while you clean your feet and helped off to negates and laughter cream sample for soft
glamorous correctable here springhill arm is broke starring eve
arden palmieri sort of august wrote written by
al lewis well it’s always pleasant the welcome
back to a friend who’s been away that’s why i almost broke through
teaches english at madison high school was happy to be on a way to school of
that earlier than usual last friday morning friday mister bonior do back from a
biologist convention which it lasted for three weeks i’d heard from him during his absence of
course in fact he sent me one passionate postcard after another to uh… altogether p what’s wrong i’m not a man of the main part of the french wednesday denied
these gamble which means that man is a man blackwell you have so rarely last friday but we did go before mister bond doug
wilder ali will be spent doesn’t know about the amendment uh… with nothing blood the rabbit for anything primed and adios seems to me after being away for a
long flowing probably hasn’t changed any just had a big tall dark haired good
looking guy with a sparkling smile in the throbbing voice uh… who need can do usually the tracking the girl if it wasn’t for the fact that he said
that the in love with me even here you can’t bring myself boring area which is only a younger and usernames
limits but out of them out of the day nineteen carried to the movies last
night we saw humphrey bogart tokyo jill and
after the picture we both got the same thought the same time how much misty was
reminded us involved the boring reminded you of bogey insurance brooks ec in the picture boldly goes back to
japan after the war and finds out that the wife whom he thought was yet isn’t
employee when he goes through to get that life back that’s what made you think that mister
bowling ego to almost as much not begin a light
alert bread and not be included but i must admit i’m looking forward to
seeing him again for me to in fact bringing a little gift this morning carry it happens idea we were having
lunch yesterday in the school cafeteria and she suggested that we are showing
how glad we are these home unit concrete way will be getting in the building hocking something different missed and i have to be at the table
when he reached mentioning she calld excited about the idea keyword i forgot you’re not overly find
admission right are you i’ve got my thing again for what she’s a
very good english teacher she speaks very highly of you miss
brooks just yesterday she paid you a very nice
to implement with enright sure she said you put even more effort into
teaching the japanese and then she said she thought it was a
miracle considering how monotonous your existence yet that you don’t look even grimmer than
you do do and i think he never used to like me do accord she does continue quite arrival
for mister bolton defections that’s what you’re probably getting some
real expensive gift her parents are quite wealthy you know
yes i know they are but mine are fell as much as i’d like to get into
buying a little welcome home brakeman freight is out of the questions although i suppose i could cut off all
my hair and sell it for enough money to buy a nice watching probably on his watch to get me newcomb welch sorry missed that admitted to all henry in the morning here’s what i’m given mister point it
frightens paperback take a look at it godfather pretty lousy it’s a very original design
distress when it looked like birthday rather me it looks like a big yellow
three d on eclipsed by the ocean with a purple our on top of it playing a bugle
all exactly miss do election and ask if you want mine broke too and since i never had to
get victory still wary but i think i might have all that mr bohren fashion while the advocate the courage to you but in a very good point little number
walters that after all i didn’t get kicked out which matters if the spirit with which you places on
someone well here’s biology lab is perhaps illegal and welcome back our hero
together guitar heroes arrive it might be a nice idea i don’t think i have no
clue just came out of the land and i’m rocket payment and i and didn’t do it i hope to be the bear uber writing
britain or worrying would find it yet market for a you were here when i
arrived remembers then i just want to leave it at the welcome home gets into
the lighting right here you like recruitment seconds hanging around this bill and i’m
sure you have you been like that tell me one thing you’re for the over the threshold or end
of the pentagon finally defective what date vote i suppose you are waiting to deliver
your humble little offering to mister barton interesting no man can write to
be perfectly honest with you lovelies ms brooke visited reading in the morning
for fantasy mildred we haven’t bought anything
button i thank you ridicule could’ve spreading the wealth and that’s a very
effective what do you mean they’ll winning it all cute do any item inside the gate at bundy and i realize it on a pizza and salad
dressing well take more than good pay even if you had any all i don’t have to depend on my end with to
get a lot my mom does not always been extremely
well they didn’t know how well off that you
were born like that of the on my like belittling
gazing at common canceling when you get your hair dyed a fuck you
can cut pantnagar plant one of the lamp able to
lead us missing yes if we did but you left anything off
missing right what’s in it it’s an imported way jacket losses and if you’ll excuse me now they’ve got i left my view make my way up and speak for me database by guiding eyes thing desiree used over time what wellington great all i’ve got to the two point homecoming
as a big fat envy handshake would you believe that mister i would like to be caught my predicament
like that that’s why i made on a card saying ifill appointing from customs but
and put it in the bag without trying i got constraints that day that by i was very considerate of you all to get
along side of the van dyke jacket that’s how i a bound suffered in fact it looks like it’s suffering by
a telecon i think that mister i’m sorry what i
don’t think that uh… right concern about the very end of the latin dance at
broad reforms the blame lies i dunno embarrassed buffalo ultimately
participant and it you know you have them against
her firewood let’s go to the lab and then if you want
to know that not get that don’t you think you have the same
without our principal at the conference board has left his office adrenaline souvenir biologist convention uh… with quite a meeting with brooks
come on in the lapd criminalist uk elections you’ll different he would be a it’s good to get back towards a more
blackboard same lead tables equipment say warts this little bag alternate why
don’t you maybe to present from someone d free fall off the cliff wait a minute bases identical to the
time guided stretch snodgrass last christmas uh… constraint let me get i remember it very well thought it was all right to get where
young kids with it tried that came with them review i’ll be
talking with her langley dances philip pointing from daisy
enright maybe at right that big box on your
guest mister bolick one the another package what what is this anyway
let’s take a look at this issue just like i can tell you know mom
expressed i think the pride would look like
nothing listen right yet life rights would have been to persuade
jacket miss brooks you shouldn’t have done i
didn’t all divine hyatt walter here i had gone out
marketing partner cop warnings through this convinces me of something
i’ve always felt to be true that your sensibilities you your generous nature
of the principal and i don’t wanna just comparing this exquisite jacket with
that particular style within right it’s just just overwhelming okay victimless wonderful gift ever received sided plan to stay home that catch up on
some work but this is lovely gift changes all that which proved right
there if i may well i’d like to take tonight
you want how about being in this environment
versus when did i do this but what are you having at your house all you have on good image of what coupon and they want to be on the uh…
wouldn’t have been any other way neither all that classes recipient admitted it going this if i had appreciated if you help me
to the door healthier yes i want to be sure i don’t fit over my
conscience columnist plowing eve arden will continue in just
a moment but first here is burns naal fruit brushing teeth right after
eating with colgate double cream helps stop to think a before it starts in ten
u_s_ research hundreds of case histories make this the most conclusive proof and
all of that effort research on through thick a september the devil accorded to
provide hundreds of college men and women over two years one group always brushed their teeth
with colgate right after eating the other part of their usual dental care
the group using colgate dental trainers directed using colgate exclusively
showed a startling reduction an average number of kathy’s far less food decay the other group develop new cabinet is
at a much higher rate no other benefits offers proof of the
result modern research indicates became caused by my office is with ref there
worse after meals and snacks when you brush your teeth with colgate
right after eating you help remove answered before they can farm animals yes colgate contains all the necessary
ingredients including an exclusive patented ingredient for effective daily
dental care and remembered colgate means you abreast funny green fatigues always use colgate double cream right
after eating to help prevent new cavity is help stop goofy cabey pornstar well n lunchtime arrived i hurried
cafeteria to keep my basic divine as i passed the principal’s office mr cogan daughter harriet bounded toward
me from behind a potted plant we want to see the point of alarm
naturally but the legally not something wonderful
news for you what do you think it’ll be fired if
enright lying at the foot of the stairway i’ve discovered the most ever eighteen welcome from different it
wouldn’t icon in the store around the corner do you hope your feeling it back and duplicates of mill creek what it looked like him million looks like a big yellow three d
on eclipsed by the ocean with a purple our probably playing a beautiful it would be i hope so they were part of the things but i
couldn’t afford the exit sixty five days the popular with don’t let that worry you know it may be
miserable and i would just happen to have the time of yellow three and then
i’ll plan ambiguity right under the military and one of the
green rented if you need something these purport but really very pretty harriet and i’m sure
that they’re going to love every we get it i’d better get into your father how keen
even if you have a great weekend app well it middlebrook that download it
will be about either that’s where all my friends it from a
drop in the premium you all right mister darden without agreement with the truth arnav all right at all i’m very inventive ji this morning that the point presented
me with a four-pound prong congratulating unintended product it’s this branch ornament be deployed and that’s
the crux of my inventors with the i had refused to join in my
daughter’s plan to purchase a gift of organ but when he gave me this france object i’d told him i had a gift
for in the bible but not too late to pick it up but i have nothing form of michael uh… how do you think i can help you
make the continent on through this most difficult to put
into words but although i don’t believe in borrowing
recently most but it is a gift for and because i’ve been at the student
body put it lines building happen you’re still standing but those have been waiting till the time is
the good regain miamisburg like feeling inner sanctum not very much more where the government to paper bag what
units when i got that tonight mister wicker thinks mrs ninety our band for a mister clinton said he had no use for
chile gave it to me course he warned me never to where it
went missing right around you’re smart you want we’re when you’re
around you know i’m stuck without it for mister bush do you think of anything i could give
him i don’t think i think that bag pet the you’ve seen it and i don’t no phone numbers for us i’m just keeping my fingers crossed that
she doesn’t get to talk to mister boyle who i’ve got to get him out of the
capital area and over the marty malt shop four lines are you going to eat now often not just yet academic medicine which mister catherine that’s what’s in the seventy uh… he’s
eating his office today he said there’s something in the cafeteria but making
very nervous right now detective matscher unaware p i’d better hurry now what is the later
happiness prep again of rudin history your lands it came to fifty-five scene didn’t do that yesterday i wait it out for you very considerate would be if you have to
wait to be reimbursed i don’t want to helping internal no way weight what do you got in that part of their
it’s just the neckline tackling yell at you like to see it opened the bag or your hand it over
myself one managing kathleen lived but frankly that i don’t think it’s
right suits your personality i might be persuaded that they get off
your hands do you know i think i can put this tied
a very good year sheerly spectacular seventy-year realty uh… interested in buying it didn’t but that we could work out straight here i might go through them usable rent brand new are just to get out of the loved living
room get far if you’ll give me the flies you may have
this coming on it’s idealistic right yes indeed i think i can put this frog in very good
news or part black repeat we win the first chance i’ve had to keep the
film copland another person thank goodness certainly appreciate his harriet not
only because of the spirit pervaded because it serves as a reminder that i
have a couple of different brooks and his him having dinner with the tonight i think that with mr bohren weakened living very ornate and later spent quite a bit of money electric
bills by the way what’s in this package you’ve
given me with your new ability groups nineteen point lead group we need to do it we were told me the drafting and thanks
again harriet yes indeed i think i can put his head he
did very good year you don’t need a link between agent
orange jerry did yesterday mediaeval leading italy continued issued i wouldn’t dream of a
good data on that night can’t be around what made
her when you go to the movies and i think it would be they’ve got for it all day married and he had at the front of the land that coffee for
the update others i’ve heard that before you print little and fifty-pound karti this afternoon and
couldn’t meet different needs building stopover tonight dozens of
people find everybody after watergate concoct and he
said he’d be over the keys ministry the earliest christmas we never hand now one-loop reportedly frank made before it was pretty obvious to the
discipline of the date of t_v_ time off for good behavior i don’t you think that they’d like to
bring you a little moments of larry subject is just that i i was waiting for the
propitious moment to present it to you allowed the this is it it was first populated why mister brian bought a beautifully
wrapped package ricocheting open it but i’m so curious
to find out that that is soma uh… that is what great the height mike do i love it nancy at least surely thanks exists all like football i love it we have no idea how difficult it was for
me because i think it’s it’s like this with the designed to match the time is
and i did this morning i don’t know i know it didn’t seem too
crazy about him personally pettigrew on relocating the issue be hope brooks are bought by harriet going in fact i grew on you perfectly
today why did you comment off on walden then lovable that hadn’t submitted adds to the front
door was perfect not locked uh… good evening the front going to be
living with cut but i’m certainly glad to see opened sharon money and my daughter harriet told me
when the beginning of what it’s like a lot of trouble then present you with us
for the welcome home gift i promise this afternoon make minute in that regard if you would one thing about all of the company never
fit funded i bought his original creation and the
most influence of habitat for a job and you don’t like it pickpocket already have is not the intended the regarding u with recovery but none are in jpeg
playing a fight k thanks a lot this company it’s just what
i need or don’t mention it my blog i still owe you a debt of gratitude for
that lovely breast broadview gave me type of resolved uh… and tell me do you still almost in
tears were you doing here in order to give
mister barnes gorgeous five involved it would be three
in a row jerry king all does one-year-old knowing about the what did you say you had a forming yes mister poling i got it right here in this room by old go dot and what are you all knowing about it the amendment for the cover with you in
the future beloved poster depicting the crime just as soon as i can make you might
miss brown plans for restaurant what thank you walter etc etc certainly is one exchanging gifts isn’t it the finally it’s the idea that there was any
way is maddening i’ve gotten some twelve days things that make their lives when i left
medicine so i could come back with company study like this way jacket
at that time stream effective one miss brooks gave me this everywhere hello with it making men hehe well the advisory admissible remember harry member in the midst of
the time prior that he looked at that point mad that
wade jacket looks inflicted by yeah all again right why don’t you and i go for a
walk it respecting me and i get that he had not
met me in my life jacket without them out urich drawing but i have a ticket we did talk with you
in the kitchen but the lying on the other life that i think
it’s what unit the bike daniele day my conferences well yes i i got retirees
that right and didn’t give you a time i gave you that we’re attracted dot but not a cure experts way right pocket mag and what are you doing in there and perhaps prop reading it non-destructive fair and in just a
moment but first premium room remove the bustin benign yet tonight show him how much
look clear your hair can look after a lobster cream campbell muster cream world finance shampoo no
other shampoo in the world gives kingdom with magic blend of secret ingredient
plus gentle let alone not assault not a liquid muster cream
shampoo leaves care three-way lovelier frequently clean three of those
standards listening with jeans manageable even in the heart of water laughter cream landers instantly no special rinse needed after lester
cream shampoo so gentle mustard cream is wonderful
even for children’s hair yes tonight trial after cream jambu remover than new we were than will ring mean and and now once again here is arm that
throws where i finally realized that there was
nothing i could do but be completely on an admin right about the consequences
might be at the entire affair with the fault of wanted then although the embarrassment was pretty
evenly distributed mister born without the police he could do with the myth and
right home and wilder of car stopped mister cochran
like a hot potato doggone elucidative came in with
expected coughing meeting everybody told connie out incubated bank bank of the problem that i’m going
to bed when buchananites randy i had to leave the felix and stephanie you know
everyone gave me the boeing no welcome home dvd ni unfortunately and that you were different but i can’t
find anything and if you don’t know i’ve got to hang but not for their you’ll be
denied business into terminal and believe me today that i don’t you know
the vinyl carmel one would be yellow three ya mechanic baggio delightful
goodnight mid-day another hard planner holiday travel quadrupling the trees and help out that the case columnist
bookstore anybody is produced by larry burns directed by al those with music by
will back uh… and him you shaver the level of brushless
shave rings palmolive shaving cream comes both ways
and whichever way you prefer to shave you’ll find that using either palmolive
brushless or palmolive leather shaving cream and bring you more comfortable
actually smoother shaped here’s the proof twenty-five hundred forty-eight meant by
the new probably to shave described on the few and no matter how they have came before three out of every four got more
comfortable actually motorcade got palmolive brushless or palmolive
mothers shaving cream today october twenty fourth that the
anniversary of the united nations charter and will be observed by almost
the entire civilized world interventional cooperation is dependent
upon you individual citizens everywhere the u_n_ must have your support they tended to be awsome one mystery liberally sprinkled lamps
listen to mister and missus not declining bond by the budget one hundred
ninety minute beautiful wife tune in tuesday evening over most
amazing thing and be with us again next week at the same time for another
troubling episode obama’s roads but will monthly armin pro firing pardon and
probably have a vote on the program my elbow well many other five different it
difficult to get up early every morning but on the front through teaches english
madison high school has been doing it for years the f_b_i_ i’ve learned one
thing about a rising that helped me in measure very what if i don’t bother bad close the
window and do my thing affected by the third on the walk hard thing i want to
do and i have to get right back in bed again friday morning now i was up and almost
dead by the time my landlady knocked on the
door from thereafter i am at mid-day the come on and i have
talked about trying to get into larry if i can check with mister barone for a few
minutes before our first track recovering here is on the principle of overturning
against something today that during this past week i’ve got no plans
to do and then ever before renewed their how did you do better i’ve
been wearing my teachers to school but by that time for breakfast before
rotterdam come pick me up defending you want to talk to me about
before school starts really couldn’t tell geographic channel might because you’ve got to keep you
think that family we both know you don’t get enough provided last night bernard reflecting
here with me and she would bury redford doughnut from moderate that kathleen coke between
you and kind of five fourteen fax between you and me i think she’s got
several hello photodetector problem with the power of
love for still trying to get all the time you
know power so that the start me up half the night with her pounding abstracted fuller building on the for
our hanson hanson i don’t mind retail something come out
for a retired detective something with the one-party applaud through the other
three meantime and having the basic work i’d love to hear from you if i now have
a comparable to he died down here how important you are
comfortable from just one day profit plan delivery
say that they arrive already market that might be politically informal just
takes a there’ll be plenty of integrated during black the bathroom david david teltanter ideological market
quickly please do brochure about seven thirty on all
things we cannot tolerate breakfast at my place
power and quantity seven do you feel fanning out there picked up a nominate for all of it misfortunes and i’d like to ask you
about something like that robert for phase you know selling is usually
celebrating tomorrow night saturday but paratroopers going up to our folks
bungalow a crystal light for that weekend free wondered if it would be alright
with you at least celebrating the holiday too many right underneath each
of you contact the government union a wanted it might have a little party mary had my calf stretch not dash nine we were planning on inviting you to know
uh… where are you planning on voting that party robert but you are playing life if you do it by the alarm but i’m afraid we’ve been having a
halloween party here walter after all i don’t know in the private
sector brenda room for the day the thoroughly bart conner permission key part of the movie tonight so you
know if you’re on the phone yesterday it’s just that he’ll mistrust so i’m afraid i’m not interested in
halloween parties water i’ve got quite a bit of work to catch up on the magnified
an ideal time to do it sorry that you have to order fighting
someplace else gene’s books free and special be awfully disappointed so mister boeing means divine peanin only collect welfare lollipop halloween
one hundred fifty eight notified and one of the party to accepted now there’s no place to have the party what’s wrong with having the party right
in the of forever hartford conklin himself speaking do you
know it lifestyle we’ve been married ten years woman i
know you and then what dot com healthcare oxygen extra talking about pot so that the other evidence of uh… pack for doctor’s appointment this morning cochran tomorrow are not aware of that
plan i’ve had plenty of time to think about
it during this week with all of my friends listening to your dog something
out for a live report about that all night koch chapter there are no longer ogden ut america fraction all night long days for free dot anyway prakash at anything gulch after out that there are exactly what impact that tobacco company took a look back at their the when
you’ve got to keep them away from me high blood pressure at higher than it’s
been ten years flanked by morning complete when i went
out of time i shoelaces my glasses fell off state three rather than i straightened up and step
down down got copper applicant hotmail propaganda copycat
tactic weekly the ramada the good thing i have an extra paragraph
it with me or i couldn’t find my way to the door alfonse xuat throw frank carl think there might be that i think that starling advise mila the greater than i thought i’d better
hurry thanks a lot of coming you can hear at
lunchtime it make a plan to honor the approval demand so i presume but i’m terribly excited because i
didn’t see you coming of the year i think they’re broken your
glasses we’ll have another pair builders preferred hurt perhaps i could
get you along faith convictions trash that we know
that my heart the during the campaign trail pre-meditated cell area p watergate the entire larry hearing mid-october barrier doubt talk to you later this proof pick up that shattered glass yes sir so i can take a look at mister taylor
clan hello frank henry from trinidad mode today he looks pretty purple that even for him impregnated cytochrome karl waters home director hahaha i have to do when you
get electric morning it in the hands of the insurance company now flickering
measurable regain yes i know cordell you’ve been depressed
all week long we also out of three what he needed to recreation and the
version we have an idea quantities perhaps well instead of my plate tonight why
don’t we have a halloween party at your house harriet that way we could to try your father tearing up a little bit your anything the hypocrite i wired women at the convent
the grave uh… makes a halloween party friday night roaring out at the kids to meet me in the school
cafeteria at lunchtime and the first one to show up with
madison star athlete that’s not bad although without a football field fret about pending so i think it even occurred
during a camp last week when he found his name correctly the copywriting
approach my favorite retirement books modified saddam knotted
object but wouldn’t like to bring some food over before it got the party paloma
already a three the ready all good forget right out of business
have already but we all the masquerade as something tonight atropine idea thanks you could kind of
reform hello ultimate books productive caps commons fontana section of the show we’ll plan uncoma cop-one cassidy letters of nobody minds margin in the
body mind and i for i tried to show that the wave in america river broke i have made up my mind get stretch every good halloween party should have a
way yes i am i kind of the way corporate hurt and i’m going to the empty pretty sure i gathered to get a car you made not may not like got all that
trouble fortress where what you got on hello maybe about half of blood in guide sketchy something be sure to take a nap i think if i might make buy black market
find time to go to tap water decathlon every morning class walter you didn’t thought was important
for us there’s no harm done not even though i thought it was done
that’s what i like and i said there had been teacher repeat your thoughts you’re taking the blackboard at the time
the about firing in the mail need water here in the cafeteria sawa one or black like that busy they will pull over to the right doing
are you going to the masquerade correctly kyc image brooks i’m just gonna plan also you think mister current project economy
of the bills isn’t out of it on the level it with ad came here to revive the
threat i am quite decided yet they need to get here for just one i
don’t you think ambient pressure anything but all it is going to be a halloween party
in i’d be glad to furnish you with everone the yes i’m a natural part down over bosnia to blame comparable water multiplying the lowest
rate from a profound effect on you for dr arvind provide fred parent or not area don’t you know the illustration hugh’s company carried it around would
sure like to further four a loss hello how are you figure out how
cooperative and the entire probably appeal letter offers a longboard comic books i think it’s a splendid idea
getting a sort of surprise party preference for the record should do more
of a good thing to do after where the path to repeat brightened up a bit what kind of a knife if you think you
know where mystifying i’ve got a skeleton cut your wallet are
yours there quite a bit of fun with my college days it’s just uh… tight-fitting garment with a bunch of
bones hanging on here through the trees with a prosperous
and prayed to make some glow in the dark it’s quite a starving affect but more so since i gather the bones
when i was with at least two from anyone i know the i’d only well at
least bradford farnborough forever fascinating subject argue that depend on what they’re wrapped up
in her had a pal how are you referring to that ally down now if you’re coming and galat maybe i’ll
come as a bottle of vitamin hello family divine what do you think i should be railroad two most popular figures associated with
have a leader of black capital which and i’m much too tall for cat hair paul walker cantaloop job on that broom by
conference mcbride wide died the the hardware regarding where in the morning
marker dr benson program very close to the
breaking point uh… correspondent desert storm meet some of my trouble was called by my
blood pressure but the father but with due to an overactive imagination what for difficult relax more preclusion relax without preparing dream
i’ve had can mean the one with the coast deep
tissue with now here do onto the laptop of time to come up with
words bit of a plane co-starred in getting on
with walter goodman dead on the debris on without idea health what you’ve got
to get that for polite buried combo didn’t you should see a doctor to
derivative of a proceeding room they’re getting trapped through that have been about a party
tonight courted voters think about who will be in a part of the catholic
won’t be any might better be there wife martha you realize that while i was
sitting in the box office today arkansas bulldog blackbirds peripheral because the shadow of a brown
was fair promo jumped out of my skin reported
splendid seems like that happen to people every
chaotic good not from either though initially better not argue that the board of education was
like a difficult one of their principles when grounding bulldog here many anyone doubting now i’m going to get to the back of one and they’ve felt being upset that i get back to
uh… the preparing to apply for for um… dwell on the bright cord for the
government refused have that for you coming okay and none of the contractor had come in there’s no correct the way i converted to review a
commission held in the throat habitat has arrived yet what others european when they get here if harriet wrong years here putting on their part of her housing you
know about it it should give you a lot of good with
the content of not like i have for the people to get your mind off yourself about food here’s proof positive the government
does com apko a tree interview excuse me roger for if i have
to go to be to north of the recruits significant i talked to her for britain
any excitement whatsoever your doctor the parent and family i mean i didn’t
know you were in fact bed sheets with the conference i’m on the verge of a nervous for
reference broke fight over before everybody fav i’ll just leave believes that mister cochran where’d you
go what’s the difference where i grew doable wander around the park sharply but you remember the hearing cut me i’m not aware of man at the
conference david going to the movies right i don’t let me drive you up with our
place until i can eliminate the heart of a cat who are coming here hot over there
because i think you’ll be able to relax completely if it were free of off my breakthrough
of this group trying to do for my family saddened pad a uh… nuclear pride after gaining a
divine practicing for doctor that if you live
in for the private for profit i’m sure she’ll be about uh… are slam
atlanta trying to work at even better soprano yes ma’am we thought we’d try out some of our
halloween trick across the board over mister cochran called that uh… run for fun hiding v_m_i_’s ballots out there you know i thought he was the lime green
and the dot claudio at my customer favorites now you block recapping chua pathogens are still a
concert in honor of halloween i’m happy to do that terrified hand-written properly well i’m off long kassandra davis from respects dot correct i’d never have known pretty common for the house concern for
approval from the time i’ve got to get down to get the epic
novel what will be using the latest davis doctor feelgood the hand-in-hand outcry profiting from phil pang d and what should i go with the proper
water we’re talking for appleton water project played a lot of your friends matthew all of you department spokesman fact facts on honey
somewhere so we can really surprising good idea walter dot why don’t you get
behind that effect you’re right behind the kitchen
floor and i’ll get into the hard part hockey withheld prompted doctor water phrasebook out the window referred to
come up the wv and you’ve got mister cochran wither mister cochran or she
probably one of the game out of the way while we were getting things ready at
his place prepared unsurprising ultimately paprika lights
out quick footpath adaptable applicable okay the from where your retirement progress try give me the date of that for the
movie the lights are all out for the first thing in parts of the
resident here appearing on this car light frequency to
hang in saying that in the closet apparently left out in the living room i
think laughed out loud procurement group have boundary proper karmaloop com long when you get better
hallowed potent the contract from river from prolong black confirm on the phone path call no hope coffee break right here that the problem
not investigate cultural leaders for future dancing with
a couple of days went by members of the company he didn’t provide riverfront
explain now but don’t you dare come out of there and you get a signal the broke her of industry i didn’t see anything that could happen happened in your imagination crime reckoning a mid-october freud but fight a brother not for profit growth light bulbs on record karke mister
cochran catania patrick o’connell that have occurred or other uh… uh… birth the have a fair cry the sick man a the the forever for a car with him on the part the rover rem learn monohydrate a run run run run run run the padha already worked here and you pierre cowl the background donna during or right colorado vibrant approved for easter you’ve got picked the car to get the
cash flow remind me maybe you better be a good proprietary it’s screening of your comedian
something dangerous career for the purpose but behind the couch first-grade parent that make you feel
any better but i assure you that absolutely nothing
that i did follow para and arafat w the problem that mike chapman a revert back here river sherry haven’t making repairs but don frightening aircraft and the group here
at the bar half you don’t mind the for five bucks for a couple fueled by doctor
prescribed there are some more very very fair if you’ve got an extra tailored to i’ll
be happy to join your five near the front that not going to take and get
them water now on second thought you’d better come
with me i wanted to get nervous again developed country director from for durable material might propound rare that light world brought like that separate wound
up there welfare the
the through detail right actually taken leave of my
expenses the mister cochran death on the weekend
crash but dr even get temporary hallucinations maybe we’d better go back to your house year for the private sector forty four should be in the amount of points vicarage lane what did you how does your trough live picked up my
coat coming over again what dream is to cut that i was delicacy would agree with the conference on hopalong cassidy doll for the first
our greatest makes the world not brian ard proffered dot under control myself what’s wrong with the company you don’t
seem to be enjoying herself at comcast funny fashion s drops went to a lot of
trouble to get this thing work tonight swallow colours growth organized and richard your he planned all think he deserves
every bit of credit voters certainly going to get it however notebooks report picture had other
project there’s there’s no time to be talking
about who ducking travels i’m trying to grab
my cell and now once again the area’s of this
book from its a compliment from bad to find
out that they think they probably been happening before and had been happening
during city executed colin hurried home shortly afterward ait hughes waldron
stretch which left jumped into barnes apartments over and me for a rare manuscripts the loretta lepore training when you’re
here you’re you’re absolutely with divine look at the way towards missus davis
with a part of it just what i needed three three three i’ve got a treatment today this do you think instead treat yourself to
build something big and again again hadn’t heard of a commitment to the
north through the evening over most of the administration and one of the democratic primetime
product probably haven’t thought of armor from around the pond dawn hard colgate that agreed to plead your breath
while you clean your keep that help stop to pick a and lobster clean chapel let’s
talk about mister russell the air renewal alarmist brooks starring eve
arden but somehow the fever seems to apply as
alanis brooks and teaches english at night it’s a nice guy yes i’m afraid i
have always been one of football’s mark tested fanatics but as a faculty adviser to the
cheerleading spotted an honor for ec department some months ago i was invited
to a special meeting held in our principals office during lunch period
last thursday in addition this department and i was
present included his daughter harriet mr philip buying her badge for biology
teacher rotted and in the manager of the team and stretch not best star
quarterback in captive stretches always been something of a
paradox to me never been able to understand how a
brain which can retain so many clever football plays and have such difficulty
in spelling the word like kath bad as it may mister cochran wasted no
time in telling us why reading famine as you all know tomorrow is the day we
place place at a high you also know that i considered jason
brill the principle of that institution biatch right what you do not know is the grill is
obtained a small bear cub in honor of the place if it corrupts which he intends to drop out between us we too must be prepared to entertain the
spectators without mascot it’s as simple as that not quite mister cochran our football team is always been known
as the medicine comets it might be rather difficult to read a
comment out between haves huh let’s try to be constructed as you know
when planted to change the name of the
football team to fit the mascot please select i’m open to your suggestions equally
make any consistency greatest unreal get company and keep her from the
secretariat no one knows whether which blog dominant
women welders did you get something from them figure polite anti-peace i can just picture his ferocious tiger typically see gains
for mister briley saying did you just see the expression
undisturbed health and i’ve been looked at it i just sort
of just at that well i’m afraid of tiger isn’t quite
original in upton let’s out not to miss gangsters yes we are to
be able to pick up a cheat monster sap review as the team’s menards addendum
that name is almost i do give me an idea of it should be in the mood for today product is not got any ideas on the
subject yes sir what does all that what goes on that fortunately there on callously michel like safety caps uh… mustangs mr capa
we ought to be notes for the game and maybe mister buying for dragging
around the stadium at halftime let me know if you want to borrow my pet
project illness prescott pet ideas ours we did not have to get a
rabbit tiny sample deleted stretch your part of runs a
picture destiny militia does mr bohren we got no animals or that it would be
good for what we want for right now i don’t think there in the world did you acquire that
manner of speaking snodgrass communist brooks’ english class stop posting stretcher we may both be
back in grammar schools and animals do you have in the shop of the
present time mostly poppies and birds sorry i got an idea like that got what brand new blue jays
one restrictions the problem isn’t interested in what your father puts out
his cartons a wildly wrote a quick questions brooks
burning buildings property and they could liverpool are my debt land-based eleven pbp final maybe i could bring over my total is a
mascot internals that sort of a better give eternally exchange he’s exactly religious cooler now there is a brilliant suggestion out that the crowd in the football
stadium possibly see appreciates charge now we could pick madison in huge red
letters on his back meeting is getting absolutely nowhere as usual important decisions have to
stem from my own creative raid i will come to a decision by the time school
ends and delegate one of you to pick up the animal of my choice email go to lunch about this piece where you have listings that’s what he’s
roger no mystifying and i can live dangerously and go to the school
cafeteria managing much more inspirational inspiration as i had to do that the other day which
i’m sure it would have made a wonderful mascot health sub-regional did you think of anything
yes vote on it taking into consideration the fact that
the board of education makes a lot of national commission to team mascots i decided we must get something which
will prosecute which one you just need regina of gold dr if it’s good enough for minnesota it’s
good enough for us just capture one this evening in our
backyard uh… excuse their heads principal’s office all’s good competent understanding after spot under what type of life and put it on
you what is it might have huat distressing
your brother is staying over another day oh okay a holiday wrapping major disasters loan
demand market will simply replace the book and kick just stuffed testified carry shop catholic arts deliverable little woman my changes of the world which book and was it martha what design
which al in the mattress close think tomorrow but my dad i’ve seen in just a little while over by the way my father rather tired
so when i do come home articulate a nap in the living room please see that the
screening reactions with which i a neighborhood the browns option that is
far away from our porch as possible but now that if it’s nice perks at once if
you please hiking wisconsin the speed with which they departed souls
and revelation to me he’s helped out attention miss brooks i wanted to purchase ones elephant book
and of the type would not so much of our house recently i’ll take that vital national anything
out any and i just can’t go activity missus but i promised him a bad
guy i’d what to do for you you can deliver a
notebook you know emis brooks williams yes sir
with missus davis right subject is the right over there with him sure mister cochran where does missus davis live the address is two nine five carol
avenue non-nato she gets that message
immediately don’t worry about me mister cochran when it comes the messages
unlike the pony express always get my man vip will need a lot of poor people who want
to be a little people’s taxes relevant will not disappoint which led to plead guilty to look at
these papers well i’d like to cut down the football schedules in the bulletin
board here mister mister blinked here’s a piece of the state level d hildegard sexual act but it is service
see it again while ok stretched and just it’s funny it is definitely on the front
which is in the back book end of the type who admired so much
of that has recently although it can be very important
stretch headed i like the body of home what does this
post mister cochran’s it was important to get
this message right away let’s see it stretched for took the liberty a reading
on the way over looks like you burn but later to get our mascot acting daily solid attentiveness brooks i want to purchase
it wants an elephant war well mascot mister cutler sherwin whole hog you and how i love him must be some kind of joe i got a call
enough to find out what it’s all about shouli about this not directly from
mister haha initially in his office of the like hal squares cats match cubic out i guess that you’re not used to convert
about these ella as i recall oxford ox acts xtec sir expect serbs witnessed it
happened statement is common perhaps just allied stature any contents vacations here do
not be at times fearless books where we go on they’re
dying down to the bombay branch of gambles and charge in elephant miss brooke starring e-vite and will
continue in just a moment but first here is parents in it now proof that brushing teeth right
after eating with colgate double cream help stop to pick a before it starts
continuous research hundreds of case histories makes this the most conclusive proof and
all dot office research on food decayed emina devil at large is supervised
hundreds of college men and women for over two years one group always brush
their teeth would pull gates right after eating the other follow their usual
dental care the group using colgate double cream is directed using colgate
explicitly showed a startling reduction an average number of cavities wireless
food decay the other group developed new cavities
at a much higher rate no other benefits offers prove of these
results modern research indicates became is caused by mouth attitudes which are
at their worst after meals and snacks brushing teeth with colgate as directed
helps remove acids before they harm enamel yes colgate contains all the necessary
ingredients including an exclusive patented ingredient for effective date
dental care sol renumber always use colgate double cream to clean your
breath why do you clean your t and help stop to
decay guy kathleen strategy adopted wouldn’t start
until it was too late to go to the second strapped so i made arrangements with mister
barring picked me up to the following morning friday iowa primarily and brushed my
teeth extra well i was never at any elephants tests at
shanghai dynamite antagonizes vegas in the bag like can you tell me now it’s just armistice day israel’s rule but he’s doing it for any im going on in
elephant hundreds davis uh… that’s nasty how do you want what did you see i said i’m going i’m an elephant man in india panky persnickety but play because mister cochran wants
one right if you just think egypt’s knock
abdul he stepped up to one st apne davis i guess he’s tried abstract
jason real haircut we know that you do you make with any
kind of an elephant at all it should are you going to look for the discount hitler’s nato that brother’s circus got stuck on their
way to winter quarters with uncovered something anyway they might be willing
to rank as one of their performing elephants for the big game sounds not
before who died in utah county he is i mean if the viking at the door on our
part buying i don’t think he she can save a
lot of things dispatch what are you doing here stretched on
nascar sprouts i think it’s just about the most sensational idea every even if
mister clinton estate headed out of this debate blog coincidence i wasn’t looking what do you have this use camps visits solutions hospital because course now because it ascot do remember those prehistoric ariel
elephants don’t you miss perhaps carefully casting a symbolic nampak at economic himself almost lost by one as staff wednesday was illness to burlington striking about this today it’s not bad sally but can i get uni of instruments this
all alike he electrolytes and how do you want instance with
hammond one and if i could have some milk who plays
and bread it’s the same thing renting widely
raising our own elephant picket lines that you want me taking copies thank you judy point teleport’s highly dante’s divine
cup of coffee i’d tell you what i wanted to take me this morning both sexes which
i was rather curious about destination that we’re going to pick up an elephant
to gether political ostensibly style sitting around it an elephant districts during keith it’ll be our
mascot we go with you when you get on the
sports actually not set people about the second to any
businessman isn’t all that they think this is nothing but japanese debate is mister blaming myself for going around just a minute disposed of mister cutler
actually say he wanted an elephant to be out mister in dfw beautifully amicably is eats everything i’ve heard some
pretty strange mascots and lights and effect of his coaching a state normal we
had a guinea pig political upheaval but it’s actually tasted curl up in my lap
all the time nobody look real cute thank you ted vehicle most animals allied and u_s_
when cigarettes at st pats find mystifying thought maybe i knew mascot logo
attached to mr capa thought they were up to the second
stands a on heidi’s citizens empties circus lighted
without any empty lot did you do it rather grand isle nothing left but a few
broken animal cages in some rusty equipment is the administration covers proves that brothers private devastating office well as they used to say goodbye
television let’s go uh… man good morning gentleman my name is
blatantly missus miss brooks all you do back is the name like but act is named
dan back you must be to bake cookies did that about to do kebab about it don’t like to point out the men he
seemed teaches at madison high school and our principal wants us to procure a
mascot for our football team out like a nice idea very nice idea fighters the mascot to mister brill a
place city hired as the other day nice little bit that united painting a little sad girl but cost most of our animals as well as the
performers the circus personnel or didn’t wait for winter quarters in
florida do you do have some animals still on the grounds aren’t you about we want to know quietly yet we just have one element
left some people that seems like a lot would you be willing to rent it out for
a while read about well frankly we never thought
about doing anything like that now we have a thought of doing anything like
that we take very good care the animal very
good care of the animals dana makeover and you don’t need the elephant
to perform today all pretty couldn’t perform today anyway yes yes that’s why we kept in behind it
as he met with a little action at your way to go up we might as well tell the truth you see folks freight back and alliance
cajun well he sort of had his tail that law teaching yes now we can’t make a circle
with the other elephants planes practically alright every other
way ascot beauty miss brooks we would judge in a battle it all
without rights is a guy right but why are you doing this to save money on the elephant speedo it’s monday their credit abedi placards how do we get freddie into town and let
you wanting bag just walk amid behind your car i come back next april next april provided of course the two probes pick
good terrible you see we’re leaving tonight we just wanted a mascot for the
clay city gain women in this divine keeping for the rest of the sea that he could be mascot brad i think
decide football miss brooks an elephant etc values your foundries side we detected at the conference did i get
the first place disprove chakras how did you have to captain i’m sorry i have to comment about the
elephants trumpet i’m about to get it back now sarah but wet you have to keep
this one long-time document spotlight oaks effects jet yet cadre k at a hundred rope it’s mister cutler’s houses with certain
you better type ready up to the front porch in outgoing timing here over the side so it doesn’t have traffic disputes come on friday eight great granite two men died haywire i_t_c_ shes fled and the darn abap like
fun that’s not the rest of the concert in dogs hectic accent and cars now than his troops to bring yes there
it’s right outside outside why didn’t you bring it in parent i’ll you’ve been rather morass recently
that we’ve got to get a few things settled immediately first of all play are you going to keep
it right next to those books on the planet planet obviously kaplan i was about to take a day that i had
some disappointing news casting that here you step by default
last night does plan to use that both the uh… a
mascot you want to go for a friend asked what’d you think i wanted an element that might be missed brooks did you pick
up the elephant book and that we bought every place elephant booking received my note yesterday didn’t you
know some of it apparently there was something not quite
clear that will happen but i think he ran his troops allowed me to record for
you but great it said quote attention comet miss brooks i want you to purchase at once an
elephant book end of the type who admired so much of our house recently period unquote well uh… rather exclamation points olestra does get smarter we don’t know about can uh… well something a baller something but
that shall hear racket front palestinian mistake to exaggerate only
the was there not alright here i’m not perfect attracted here bracket pattern thanks twenty-ninth i have a few minutes radiant moving after witnessing st fluctuations in just a moment but first jennine of mean and must yes tonight show him how much lovelier
your haircut look after allosteric resemble luster cream world’s finest shampoo no
other shampoo in the world it speed limits magic blend of secret ingredients
plus gentle and island not assault not a liquid luster cream shampoo leaves here are three ways lovelier
frequently clean free of blues standard listening was gene manageable even in harvest water monster cream leathers instantly no special rents needed after lester
cream jambu so gentle mustard cream is wonderful
even for children’s hair yes tonight dr mustard cream shampoo then munster good burden instant though and now once again here is columnist
brooks well mister cochran stormed off to the
football game after warning as not to bring freddie near the stadium this left after comes into the group
consisting of freddie myself anti-rabbit haggard looking mister bond his terrible
description of mister koppel refusing to accept any responsibility in this matter
were wearing something of a predicament how
do you mean mystifying just take credit back to the bat brothers if we get mistress but now they’re on
their way to the winter quarters in florida where the world is freddie go to sleep
tonight maybe we could get in a room at the y basis points be serious alright how big is your place tasteless package it has to be expecting shelter
combat mystifying i think i have the solution with simply returning freddy to ease
winter quarters witness brooks who can afford it train ticket for a creature
besides trying to get nothing but just pointing south and given the shot that
elephant never forget fifty after three days on-the-spot starring yvonne this
produced by larry earns directed by al lewis with music by
will batch men you shave with eleven or brushless
shave cream cannot shaving cream comes both ways and whichever way you prefer to shame you’ll find if using either some-odd
russians or plan on a blather shaving cream can bring you more comfortable
actually smooth shades here’s the probe twenty-five hundred forty-eight men
tried the new palmolive waiters shaved described on the few and no matter how old it should be for
three out of every four got more comfortable actually smoother shades that palmolive brushless or palmolive
other shaving cream today had it you know that the hotel business na
observing national hotel which is the seventh largest industry in america what’s more that constantly working to
further at your convenience and comfort in short complete modernization of your
home away from home remember the hotels are america’s hospitality industry with us again next week at the same time
one other comment campus on obama’s croats problem on st probative agreed between your bread what
you’ve removed the female bob completed and welfare queen gamble worthwhile
glamorized irascible hair renewal arm is broke starring steve martin time once again one of the calmly and
with all of our miss growth written by ann lewis well most of us have are good days and
are bad day and almost broke through teaches english
at madison high school is no exception to the through they say there are days
when it doesn’t pay you to get out of there well last friday when my rent with few
we’ve just heard today for my landlady mrs davis i wanted them to death isn’t as we had
started to eat breakfast i’m terribly sorry to david but i’m
afraid i have been bad news for you it’s about their and you last month mean
working i mean this months rent i haven’t got it
begins don’t worry about it here president of guilt billions no thinking
both of us very a thing about i’m well for the new line it down in the day that that you don’t
follow you with much as i do all hope didn’t lost i found out this week that i still have
a chance to come here that madison english department their in fact i suppose i have a meeting
with mister down of the board of education this morning created in the
office of our beloved principal mr confrim and do you think that the company will
putting it wait till you that’s why i want to get their lady i
think i know the word read activate the alarm i’m not too worried
about that the problem that if you don’t mind teaching ability t_v_ definitely
still want to make the recommending fanaticism he if it is and i understand that he won’t recommend
any promotions without a personal interview that’s why i have quoted and picking up
a little earlier this morning he’ll be and i’m a little if the position i hope so maybe davis ubi didn’t just behind our involvement
explorers the promotion gary to raise with it something i’ll be able to pay you back
here and i owe viper new close to my christmas shopping picked up a new
winter coat maybe went down car that wonderful planned permitted obeyed government begins job
two dollars a month all and maybe it did out of the week and we think of it i might have to wait
a while for the car a really excited for your panel highly restricted because of the more
that you really think tourist in miami indymedia how i don’t have much of that
i’m side needs i’ve tried to call the market this morning but our partner in the field intently almost all these if right now
every time a woman named great known developing but they seemed very details drafting sometimes when you want to call
avery can you pick up the phone someone talking right now i’m not a gated
payment without breaking the important beget on content content content they didn’t have anybody one of the n_ double feeling that we
feed them misery they didn’t know you know do you get the long kathleen about
nothing one do you think that the needed you private bag nine inevitably manager
ready and have you know you with marc kaufman bank
there were no it like that but what’s keeping warm in denton my
interview with missus founded nine sharply dvd maybe journey i think it’ll make you feel anything
here why don’t you be able to remove good
idea excuse me and speaker not outlet help pack since the party line again what you know when i have to make a
quick call account and then try again one two three
four five six seven age nineteen and hedge out hello yeah well i’m going to watch the beauty freedom to put your hand one of the old
lady alright david at first and then tried and found one more i can’t right no and crack helped quite yet widened to green man on and when did you think that what we
think we it’s almost indicates you know one would still like to think about
half-an-hour ago to take a cab if i had the money or if you had the money heavy into david don’t bother answering i can tell by air
freight printed only take ten minutes to drive
through the way walter drive but if he doesn’t show up within a minute that too identical with the content might not be
a little late yeah any chick act abstract pictures revealed he’s not talking for just a minute but yes you then all right david david it unhappy or doorbell at bringing it at the end well it’s about time it’s harriet conkland come in handy
politically improvement he went to portland show should you harriet minority began to get them out there and
it is pulling out really sure that you got to school on time talladega lally
can you please pick me up on it will be politically you up to be called a
visited color broken down he had to walk into any
private phone you like it getting they’d know black at the mouth of the value in
your book to be late in getting a product calculus dismantling u it back then seven women cheers nobel
prize for literature you c_e_o_ recibo local hero i’ve tried julie harris that we’ve got a party line
and their phones venues all morning at whitewater got a busy signal when he
called then i’ll give it another world chuck half finds bachche shit asked athlete make student track match-up out alike except our old shipwrecked uh… spot definitely don’t go away white stopped help people jacket friendship yet helped and out together brendan it mean that the company’s that nice of you to drop in on the disproved just happened to be in the neighborhood
debut a fine no i’m late but not limited to nine
o’clock appointment in this office with mr do you know what time it is no group after nine thirty the years if he is a to nine thirty extent daddy reunion i can explain if you just let the relate
for explanation misoprostol has left he’ll be back probably hadn’t decided on
a morning fortunately for you miss broke this was billed happens to be an
extremely fair minded individuals he’s leaving for the state capital of
seven o’clock this evening but has promised to call you on the phone
between six and six thirty on the phone yet confidential in this group in spite of
the steady stream of it returns mid-week and pepper my otherwise prostate life my integrity forced me to recommend you
rather highly for this position old thank you mister kyle and i know they’re
reporting thing to mr soh is the availability and cooperative spirit of
the first need to zip that is if you’re going to be head of the department you’ll probably want to know how it
festival you can make yourself to the other teachers here to talk to the
divine i mean past it could very nice of you to tell me all
that the government give my getting this job depend on this is down repeat me on
the phone the night i’m afraid i’m still out of the running what you mean on the
party line that won’t quit that constantly using the phone you’ll
never get through to me then have your party line chain call the telephone company and tell them
you want a different party line what a wonderful suggesting that the
conklin i’ll do it right after my last morning press apollo phone company and ask for a new
party line an alarm chlorine along ward football that talent they don’t give me the new
party line i can hang great and very thin on the floor starring eve arden will
continue in just a moment but first there is very smith now proof that brushing teeth right
after eating with colgate double cream to you gave before it starts spend ten
u_s_ research hundreds of case histories makes this the most conclusive proof and
all dot oppress research on two of the case eminent double of art is supervised
hundreds of college men and women for over two years one group always brush their teeth with
colgate right after eating the other follow their usual dental care the group
using colgate double cream as directed using colgate explosively showed a startling reduction in average
number of cavities fire less food decays the other group developed new cavity is
at a much higher rate no other benefits offers proof of these results modern research indicates became is
caused by mouth acid with repair work right after eating brushing teeth with colby says directed
helps remove passes before they farm enamel yes colgate contains all the necessary
ingredients including an exclusive patented ingredient for effective daily double care so renumber always used colgate double cream to
clean your breath while you clean your feet and help stop to decay all well when lunchtime rolled around i
called the telephone company and replace your brain to learn that they couldn’t
possibly taint my party line by the same evening so i think they’re going to put into
effect plan and which decoded man operation now face the
people and ask them to keep up the line from sixty six thirty i don’t want a damn about nineteen when
i ran into him in the school cafeteria i can tell you all the details of
automatic absolutely essential at my phone is clear this evening and there’s
only one way i can accomplish it will you help me now it’s always miss brooks my started mine hartley allied
forgetting you arthur do paintballing now pick up your jacket i can’t get over
that level of chicken broth down here and then add water and i’ll
tell you what i’d like you to do for me alkenes wraps first of all i looked up the address of
my party line play my playmate grace dribbles and i found out that it’s quite
a distance from my place and i’d appreciate it lists so i’d be
happy to supply delivery trucks but alas my chariot is at present proposing
in duran’s biol enduring viral i’ll ask that the cadre now attracting gardens reps that’s why i couldn’t get through this
morning i hope you forgiven me for that time
seeming lack if you have for lunch today and
shakespeare burgers a wrong with the car i talk a little while waiting to catch
the carburetor so it shouldn’t take too long to have
another wire put in doesn’t know that when the wire
broadcasting a definite and ultimately species when all you needed a new wiring up and
down not exactly easy when the fan belt hit the fan lack
of its socket and you need a new friend too in advance calling it a radiator
candidates get your email in the end and the spark plugs so all we need the new pan down and
radiated distributor and spark plugs when you signed the contract around the
corner that’s right smack in the when i’d like
to get the wider a officer replaced the sun they’ve assigned to a walter safety zone me if i knew you’d you’d get through you’d
be lying across that field naval binding that i’ve got to get out to one forty
five collier dr today walter that’s where the triple play and have you any
suggestion brochure have enough mister clinton just on his car optics back i was in the repair shop unpainted steel mr bohren that’s right a lot on task indeed right here this
afternoon this late you will not only get your
destination proudly but both you and mister point will be in the company of
people who calmly is leaning much more to each other than shows on the surface
so far kill me if i love this type of all i am made lambert’s ms brooks committee thanks
mister barnes and that i caught you before you left of
the day allies of setting up the ladder bit at quite a job cleaning my bunsen
burner jadi flame p something seems to be stuck here at edits out villa collectively books
you’ve been dragging out the time here at the earliest by if you’ve got the car indiana taking an important call from
mister down and picked this evening and i got to talk to people who share the
party line on my telephone folded over wasn’t not personally that they use the
phone almost incessantly and fifty film wants to talk to me about my
qualifications for the english department i guess one s and believe it
free between six and six thirty i see i’d certainly like to help you out this
proves that frankly i’m on a budget i don’t want you to buy needy people i definitely have to their house if you don’t understand guardia evan is quite a way out but i’ve
had to limit my gas consumption as i told you last night on the phone if we
go for a ride tonight through the park i will be able to use the car again
until monday but this is very important divine i gotto is self discipline
mistress it isn’t just the money involved although i find by purchasing only three
gallons a week instead of four i save eighty three cents a month but all added up the name a few years ago i’m
still a pretty penny believe me mystifying taking a pretty
penny maybe find that you can also get a kick out of spending
indicating allowed reporter do the question of dad’s breaking
because i replaced but every day at the view is that reason experts are you suggesting that i
take money from a woman you know that but don’t know it’s out of the question all right then i’ll let you paid for it well that’s not the solution either it it’s a matter of principle would
leave right away but at the window at this time of the time to do it again thing like that can become habit forming
don’t you see in this book spending money is a disease without makeup too
well yet you’ll never catch it p gates but u make me feel as if you think
i’m chief all not at all mystifying sarah very
ready man with a budget but don’t worry about it all get out
there some way filled up my good writes on pair of
uncomfortable old shoes on my eighteen p with infants born i’ve just been stalling and flat broke welcome aboard what statement lived through the matter is
that i spent my last six dollars getting the current that night at seven
appointees to to put on a gas in this afternoon with i’ll tell you what i’ll borrow a
couple of dollars in one of the other pieces that don’t you worry i’ll get you
out there some way in fact that it month i’ve heard that
the thousand i’m there’s no sense in both of those worrying you know we are restricts one forty five
hundred if you don’t mind i weighed out here in
the car were you talk to the group are identifying how do i think unit baap disagreeable yes ma’am prime minister i hear the party line on your telephone
radio said something i’d like to speak to you and missus develop at uh… left them in this book right down in the thank you wife will be
on the minute you down the colorful uh… naturally thank you brian nothing that’s agreeable
easy the reason i dot so great that a little favor i’ve always tried to be a good
party-line neighborhood filled women’s books i don’t see any reason why people
on a party line to get in the axle of the uh… well i believe it did just respect one
another’s privately everything will work out for within a week ago thursday but
we’re not avoid to somebody balanced the winning lined up that scientific level found alive but missus vivo is on the phone quite a bit
him tonight i’m expecting a terribly
important call between sixteen six thirty and i wonder if you could sort of people
off your phone until i’ve talked to my parveen again with the world we can work
something out about the great about a right now but we
just weren’t healthy at birth that some people you just can’t read and i
think uh… i’m talking to ask i spelled out the yet leasing dont laid out i don’t get if you
think he’s listening for a great we’ve got company so that you thought for the addressee if in fact that hangout wait yes i’ll be back in a couple of minutes well in the back of the young lady who
shares up body language come on out and buck this is my life great how do you do
dammit reference i have registered your condensate not had gone down america don’t mind me in on he wait for a half-hour sometime he’s
very light the last way you know and i want to ask a favor
breaks about hopeful but instead well i’m expecting a
terribly important call the nightmare between fifty and fifty and it’s a blank then do i know but how how do you and that
boynton ph dot much get up and go in and have
the a demanded that the life that free ride
around the clock tonight hehe a had we could with the bill if we get the pot that me and i think anything like that
cost money there could be river mister barney isn’t
cheap it’s just that you have to detailed who
wouldn’t you know i going to the plate and we
don’t know when we got to do dish itself but khaki camel excited if mr i think you have very considerate texan
believe me when you want to be keeping to the movies that wednesday night
limbaugh think that it was a little he one of the babbit acting caterpillar rely almost hung up k and i thought i was living alone adamantly admitted david at some doctor king when she called him up with that like no black mandy it didn’t take
twenty minutes into the phonemic exchange from your place i haven’t seen as the data since this
morning that would be able to tell me how he’s feeling today a i think that it phone had known dan on like i get back and let them i want to
tell how that might not tearing down hemophilia dot at this moment if the baby dead might not see fit note about tonight disagreeable i’ve just got to have a
clear line on my phone this evening let’s be honest with books if you want
to clear line on your phone ever you better get another five issue tonight disagreeable a phone company said they
can’t do anything about it right now you didn’t speak to the right people my
brother bill works for the phone company will be able uh… talk to him tell him i said yes you’ve identified in item in really
miserable uh… that’s wonderful but before i go there is something else
i’d like to ask you if this man if you have a brother working at the
telephone company why can’t you window yourself a private
line confidentially will i get better that
story and applying on the great relaxation the same is true we haven’t got a television set what connected with the view is that you
believe in respecting people’s privacy alright bill did you ever in the drawing or the
ability of conversation for finding out that david seven fifteen and understand why mister stone didn’t
call if the phone company change of heart now yet from madison four five eight seven
two madison six three one nine without grace level it couldn’t possibly
have been busy from six to six thirty inclusive made in the second one word to mister
stone i’ll give him a ring uh… help ac this is great will work you’re doing on
this line supplies somebody tell me i’d be sharing
aligned with the new member madison thanks everyone and fat yeah deliberate gap dandy handycam instead of having grades and i was
talking to break that i know and without that partners on this growth returns in just
a moment but first urine new that and tonight yes tonight show him how much lovelier your hair
commode after allister creams and blue monster cream world finest shampoo no other shampoo in the world gives k
duma’s magic blamed of secret ingredients plus gentle and eleven not assault not a liquid luster cream
shampoo leaves hair three ways lovelier fragrant lee clean free of loose bender
listening with xin manageable even in harvest water muster cream
leathers instantly no special rents needed after lester
cream shampoo so gentle mustard cream is wonderful
even for children’s hair yes tonight trial on strict cream jambu green girl mean you u than noon being bloomington mn um… and and now once again here is armistice
wrote well i was feeling pretty low about
making the system column reichheld mister bonior as much money phoned me at
eight o’clock so don’t worry about these foods and i’m
sure mister slowly backing thrown soon you can have your interview with him in suppose you chair of the with little
movie i don’t know how long this posted
florida officials are real nice times that i don’t really feel like a movie
wages broadus always there that my party line neighbor very fast very famous divined mister barton
birthday how do you do huh outside you i don’t understand who is this business
of our unit madison takes three one nine do even restricted number we don’t get them
out peeved about that movie miss divine and
second thought i’ll be happy to go with you peter and hang out movie did you have in mind mister barnes
for any number can play dude any number can play it only on the
screen in the balcony strictly one to a customer joining another army top-level carafe of o’hare and colgate
double green between your breath while you clean your teeth and help stop to pick a are miss brooks starring steve martin is
produced by larry burns directed by al lewis with music by wilbur match mister blanton is played by jeff
chandler mister conklin by gail norton others in the knights password gained
more than decline of lawyer mcmillan source of parents lucille madison sandra
do here is actual factual proof of more comfortable actually smoother
shares by using palmolive mother shaving cream twelve hundred fifty one and five the
clan mother by the way to shave described on the two and will never held a shaved before three other forgot more comfortable
actually smoother shes flight from one of my other shaving
cream see if you don’t get more comfortable
actually smoother shaves the palm of mother shaving greenway it most of our schools remain understands
overcrowded handicapped by buildings and equipment inferior quality from all of these conditions undermine
the morale of teachers teachers in who’s keeping rest the future of the rising
generations of american citizens there’s a continuing shortage of teachers
themselves reflecting the fact that educational
crisis is still with us you can help by taking an active part
yourself and parent teachers organizations and local educational
groups our teachers more than our nation’s
future in that future you have a vital stake or mystery liberally sprinkled with labs
listed as an investment he was the evening over most of these
same station and be with us again next week at the same time or another comedy
epiphone of our most drug problem on timing