– Good morning. Welcome to, what
is this Thursday? – [Clintus] Yep. – We’re gonna show
you our morning routine straight up from bed.
– [Clintus] Yeah. – So I’m typically up first. Naturally, my body
just wakes up. I hear the cars
starting to go by. I think it might be the
kids going to high school. It seems like loud vehicles. I don’t know, or people
starting to go to work. I get up,
he starts stirring around. Wake up. And then, right about this
time I’m gonna try to catch it. Bryce’s alarm is gonna go off. (alarm beeping loudly) (Tiffany whispers inaudibly) Time to wake up, Bryce. So before I go downstairs
I usually walk in his room and just kinda make sure he’s
starting to wake up and didn’t fall back asleep. And Sierra’s still sleepin’. Sun is just starting to come up. Baby’s on the couch. Hi Babies, good morning. And then, let’s see. With light on here for you guys. Whoa, bright. And coffee is ready as
long as we remember to do it. We set it so it
starts brewing right at 6:30. Oh, I think this
clock’s a little fast. It’s been brewed
for about five minutes. Good morning, Babies. Good morning, sweetie. Oh. (creamer shaking in bottle) – It’s too early.
(Tiffany chuckles) – [Tiffany] It’s not that cold. – You got pants on. (coffee pouring) – He can’t do this.
It’s too hot for him. It’s gotta sit for like
five minutes before he even touches it.
– [Clintus] Yeah. Yeah, I don’t know what it is. Like super hot foods, drinks,
I burn my tongue. It burns my tongue every time
and so when I go get coffee I prefer hot coffee but
I always let it sit for, I don’t know,
up to five minutes. It’s still hot but it’s getting
that borderline, what’s that? Room temperature? And then I can drink it faster. – [Tiffany] Potty time.
– Morning pee. – I just look fabulous in the
morning, huh? (laughs) – You look
fabulous all the time. – Go ahead.
– I can wait. – So then we typically get our
cup of coffee and get settled on the couch and then
somebody got settled too fast ’cause Baby needs in. – Yep, she’s back. She’s like,
“It’s cold out here.” – (laughs) We don’t
have a doggie door. We never have.
She doesn’t need one. But we just have to
make sure we let her in. Let her out, let her in.
– Yeah. – And then we get
caught up on our phones until Bryce comes down. Depending on if he has
to shower or if he doesn’t. So last night, wait,
what was last night? – Yeah, we had
basketball practice so he showered last night. So Tuesdays and
Thursdays he just wakes up, kinda rolls around, gets ready,
comes downstairs and has more time to get on his iPad,
that kind of thing. Whereas Mondays and Wednesdays
he has to shower in the morning. – [Tiffany] Good morning, Bryce.
– [Bryce] Morning. – [Clintus] How’s it going?
– Good. – [Clintus] You
didn’t do your hair. – I know I haven’t.
– [Clintus] Okay. – [Tiffany] He’s gonna
need some help with that mop. (Clintus laughs) – [Clintus] We need haircuts. – Yes, definitely
needs of some haircuts. Anyways, I just flipped the
camera on ’cause I opened my first app which is the
Timehop app and today– – Sorry. Still yawning. – This day last year
is the day that we got our keys to this house. – Holy crap, it’s the eighth, you’re right.
– Yeah. We kinda jumped the gun
and came out here after taking the kids to school. And then, it took a
little bit longer, of course, so we ended up going to Native. Meeting my parents.
– Yeah. – And we were just like
waiting and waiting and waiting. Like, “Oh, we want
the phone call. “I want the keys so bad.” – Oh, I forgot about that, yeah.
– It’s one year ago. – [Bryce] Wait, so we’ve
been in this house for a year? – Uh-huh. Well, we got
the keys a year ago. But then we
stayed the night, yeah. The first night.
– [Clintus] Yep. – We had our sleepover. So– – And then I went to PAX
and left you guys. (laughs) – Yeah.
– I remember. – Put that video in the links. – Yeah, I’ll put
it in the cards. – Our first sleepover
in this new house. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Tiffany] So because this
was a non-shower morning, we usually let Bryce sit
for a little bit on his iPad while I finish my coffee. And then it’s go time, right?
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] Breakfast, hair. – [Clintus] There it is. – [Tiffany] Lunch, I think
we’re making your lunch today. – What is it?
– [Tiffany] Um, I don’t know. I remember it being
not so good stuff all week. – [Clintus] Alright, Sierra’s
alarm’s about to go off. (warning klaxon) – Whoa.
(Clintus laughs) – [Clintus] Did I scare you?
I’m sorry. (laughs) Totally scared her. Oops, I scared her.
Didn’t mean to do that. I was just
standing in her doorway. Creeper! (laughs)
– [Tiffany] Aw. Totally scared her.
Yeah. I didn’t do anything. She just, you know, you,
Tiffany jumps all the time. I’ll just be standing here
and she’ll walk by (gasps). I’m like, “I didn’t do anything.
I just was standing here.” Alright, next is breakfast. – [Tiffany] Breakfast for Bryce. Sometimes I help
him with his breakfast, other times he
just goes on his own. But when it’s the banana
toast, I usually do it for him. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Tiffany] Got these bananas
that needs to be eaten. Hint, hint, hint, hint.
– [Clintus] Okay. – [Tiffany] Oops. – [Clintus] In your
natural element. That was a natural scrunch face. That’s not natural. That’s natural.
She snorts. (laughs) – Stop. So I still make the
kids lunch. They’re lucky. They have a mom
that’s still home. – [Clintus] Well, honestly,
in my opinion, it stops at high school. So Sierra’s got one more year.
– Yeah. – [Clintus] After that, yeah. – She’ll come down
and help sometimes if I’m not already done. I go to the gym
so I want everything, oh I used mayonnaise,
everything to be like good to go before I go upstairs
and get myself ready. I could leave it up to
them but I could do it too. – [Clintus] There’s gonna be
days where if they tried to, “Mom, where’s this?
Mom, where’s that?” And then you’re running up and
down the stairs a dozen times. I hear you, I hear you. – Bryce is more of a ham
sandwich kind of a kid so he typically has just
a ham sandwich. Sierra would rather have, she doesn’t even
really like jelly. She has just a
peanut butter sandwich. – [Clintus] What’s
her favorite though? Peanut butter, fluff. – Oh, I haven’t
bought the stuff for it. – [Clintus] I know but I’m
saying that’s her favorite. She’s all about the sweets.
– Yeah. – [Clintus] She’s gotta
have a sweet sandwich. – So this is better for
you but it’s white chocolate. Peanut butter blended
with sweet white chocolate. They usually each do
some type of a yogurt. This is a yogurt with granola. Picked out a
smoothie for Sierra. Some chips, green chips. And then some type of dessert.
– [Clintus] Mhmmm. – And a drink. – [Clintus] You’re
really good to them. – [Tiffany] Today was fried
chicken or mac and cheese. No thanks. (laughs) – Yeah, so basically every
morning Tiffany looks at the menu for the school,
’cause even though the kids go to different schools,
they’re menu’s the same. But she’ll look
at the menu and say, “Alright kids,
today’s lunch is this.” And they’ll be like,
“Oh, we’ll buy.” Or, “Ew, no,
we’ll pass. We’ll bring.” So they
definitely have a choice. We give ’em the
choice of what they want. Sometimes they buy,
sometimes they bring. Some days we
don’t have time to make, so we’re like, “Sorry guys,
you’re just gonna buy your lunch “today ’cause we don’t
have time to make a lunch.” Like Monday, for example,
we came from the lake, camping. We got here, Bryce missed the
bus ’cause we got here late and I had to take him to school. So it was like no time for
me to make a lunch for him or anything like that. You guys are buying
hopefully you guys like it. But most the time
they get to choose. Alright, Sierra
is done showering. She’s dressed and now
it’s time to do Shelly. What do you do every morning? – Food.
– [Clintus] Food. Every morning?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Yep.
And what about water? – If it’s empty
then I’ll refill it. – [Clintus] What if it’s dirty? – Then I just
pull the pieces out. (Clintus chuckles) – [Clintus] And there she is. She knows, she knows as soon
as Sierra wakes up she knows, oh, it’s breakfast time. She’s a pretty good tortoise. (water dripping quickly) – This is the problem
with showering at night. – But then it’s better ’cause
I have more time downstairs. – [Clintus] Sierra’s breakfast
of choice usually is cereal. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– [Sierra] Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Multi-Grain
Cheerios. – [Tiffany] Bryce
is four minutes out. Loading up his backpack. Got water bottle and snack.
– Okay. – We’re having hair issues. – [Clintus] Alright,
first one’s off to school. Bye!
– [Bryce] Bye. – [Sierra] Alright,
we got her food. Baby’s also eating over there. Yeah, we got her food. I don’t even know what
kind of lettuce this is. We have Romaine and then we
have something else in there. I don’t know.
Some type of lettuce. But I’m gonna go
bring that up to her. Are you good, Babies? Shelly, so hungry?
You excited? “Aw, yes.” What’s up my dude? What’s up? So cute. (toothbrush running) It’s so frizzy. I’m actually gonna
change shirts after, oh wait, I should change my
shirt before I get my hair done. Yeah, because today
at school it’s camo day, it’s spirit week,
and today is camo day. Mom said I’m probably gonna get
hot after the morning passes, like after it goes to afternoon. If the sun comes out more,
she said I’ll probably get hot with this on so I’m
gonna change into a camo, I have a lot of camo. So I was choosing
between this dress, which is camo,
this shirt that I’m wearing, this shirt or these pants. ‘Cause I love camo and
I have a lot of camo stuff. So, my mom said, “You
should switch to this shirt,” so that’s what I’m gonna do. I might have to change
my pants out too ’cause it doesn’t really match. Alright, this is what
I’m wearing right now. I figured this kind of
actually matches still, I guess a little bit. But it’s a camo shirt,
v-neck with these pants. This is my number one hairstyle. You guys probably know
from my videos, our videos. I keep saying vlogs. Oh god. Yeah, this is my go to because
it’s really easy and you can do it with the messiest, craziest
hair ’cause it covers it all. Brown, it’s kind
of brownish gloss, I don’t know. – [Clintus] Getting
ready for the gym. That’s Tiffany’s little seat. She keeps her socks and
her gym shoes right there. – [Tiffany] I know,
it’s so nice. – [Sierra] Oh! – [Tiffany] There’s
an extra drawer here. – Alright, so about this time is
when I sit down and edit today’s video or if I edited last night
just do the final YouTube stuff. Title, tags, description,
that sort of thing, get it scheduled and
ready to rock and roll. I also check notifications,
Twitter, Instagram, reply to YouTube comments. This is kind of
my morning sit down, take an hour to
just catch up on stuff before I go upstairs
for my livestream. Sierra’s pretty proficient with
getting her stuff done so she has plenty of
time to sit and chill. She usually, honestly,
has about almost a half an hour
of just chill time. She’ll sometimes just sit
and watch a show on Netflix. She’ll also catch
up on social media, that sort of thing. Musical.ly,
Snapchats that sort of thing. And then I come in here and grab
some breakfast which usually consists of leftovers. I’m a big fan of
Tiffany’s cooking. So we eat something for dinner
and then I usually eat it again the next day for leftovers. So we have some
of the potato stuff, which I’ve actually eaten this
three times now so even though I know it’s good,
I’m kinda like eh. So today, even though
there are other leftovers, I’ll save those for tomorrow. I’m gonna make
myself some ramen noodles. I gotta go to the other fridge. CostCo’s got this
in the frozen section, these ramen noodle bowls.
They’re amazing. They come with
chicken, vegetables, yaki soba noodles
and this soy broth. Oh, so good. And literally all
you do is add water, throw it in the microwave for
like four minutes and you got yourself a delicious, delicious
little ramen noodle bowl. It’s amazing. Baby takes her spot on
the couch or the floor. Chills, chills for the,
you know, most of the day
and I end my morning, “end”, here in my little studio. I’m sure you guys have
seen this numerous times but this is my
little space station, broadcasting station,
if you will. I stream pretty much every
morning Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. That’s 9 o’clock
California time, 10 o’clock our time right now. Though I think that’s
gonna change I think next week. I think daylight
savings ends next week. But yeah, I stream
pretty much every day while the kids are in school. So that’s my
quote-unquote day job. So if you ever want
to come hang out with me, Twitch.tv/Clintus.
That’s where I’m at. I play a lot of video games
but I also do IRL streams which IRL is kinda like this. Like me and the camera,
talking to chat. Sometimes it’s
here at the house. Sometimes it’s out and about, doing stuff like
that and that’s it. That’s our
morning routine, guys. That’s pretty much what
we do Monday through Friday. Obviously weekends
are a little different ’cause kids don’t have school. Maybe we’ll do a weekend routine
but this is our weekday routine. Thanks for watching. Let us know in the comments down
below if you do a lot of the same things that we do
or what you do different. And we’ll see
you guys next time. Vlog on. (electronic music)