– Are you filming your morning routine? – [Narrator] Yes – I filmed one yesterday. – [Narrator] You did? – The routine around here, changes every year. Do you hear how quiet it is? But I will come walk up
here just to check on her and see if she needs a hand with anything because sometimes, sometimes she does. We didn’t have a prayer. Usually we have a prayer but since Sherry driving the kids. Like, I sincerely, from
the bottom of my heart am begging the Lord keep my kids safe while Sherry drives all my precious kids to school. (jazzy music) (cell phone alarm ringing) (jazzy music) (running water) – Are you filming your morning
routine? [Narrator] Yes – I filmed one yesterday. [Narrator] You did? On your channel? – Mm-Hmm. [Narrator] Aww. So guess
if you guys want to know Sherry’s morning routine
you go to Sherry’s channel. Good morning, Passengers. The routine around here changes every year. This year is probably the easiest. I’ve told you guys before, it gets easier. Harder in some things and you guys have seen we’re
going through some hard times. But running the household and getting dinners and breakfast and kids out the door, I mean, those kinds of things
just, they just get easier. Do you hear how quiet it is? Usually it’s like, super noisy when the kids are getting ready for school and it’s just like, really
not that loud anymore. So, my favorite breakfast, you guys know, is pancakes. I love buttermilk pancakes and I am going to do buttermilk syrup, which is in the recipe book. The buttermilk syrup is so good. If you guys have not gotten
your recipe book yet, you go to www.GriffithsCookBook.com. (jazzy music) (eggs cracking) – Can you do a one handed egg crack? (jazzy music) – While I am getting breakfast ready, the kids have gotten dressed and made their beds. Did you make your bed? Julie? – Mm-hmm. – Yeah? And then they come down and they start getting
their breakfast made. Eve, is like, really really,
she’s doing really well keeping on track of what she need’s to be doing in the day. But I will walk up here
just to check on her. And see if she needs a hand with anything. Because sometimes, sometimes she does. Eve! Did you get stuck making your bed? I am so proud of you for getting up and getting ready for
school every morning, huh. I know that’s hard to do when
you’ve never done it before and. – I’m cold. – You’re cold? – Well let’s get your sweater on. Do you forget that you
have a little sweater? Here, put this on. [Narrator] I get so
cold in the mornings too that it’s almost debilitating. It gets so cold I just,
almost can’t hardly function. Look at me. Is that better? – Mm-hmm. [Narrator] Okay! Now make your bed. – Wait, wait. Did you know that this is a piggy bank? It said you have to use a tool to open it. [Narrator] Make your bed. (laughs) [Narrator] Wow, that’s a
magic sweater you put on that woke you up. Get your bed made. [Narrator] No, it does not look weird. It’s cute. – Really? [Narrator] Yeah, I
think your hair looks darling. It’s getting so long! (jazzy music) Alright, this is my favorite part. Putting the baking soda into the syrup. See how frothy it gets? Isn’t that yummy? Eve, are you all ready for breakfast? All right, did you get you bed made? Go finish your bed right now. – Nobody gets breakfast
until their beds are made. That’s just how we do it around here. Have you made your bed, Julie? Have you made your bed? If you haven’t made your bed, you shouldn’t be watching this channel. Just kidding. You totally can. But seriously, go make your bed. Like. Right now. – Cheesy. – Are you teasing me? – No, I’m just saying
that was a little cheesy. [Narrator] Sherry’s lunch has
become very sophisticated. – No, it hasn’t. [Narrator] Do you do Nutella sandwiches? – No. [Narrator] Okay, well then
it’s become sophisticated. Show us what you, what you packed. – We packed chicken and we’re gonna pack some nuts and a protein pack and some grapes. [Narrator] So, every week Sherry, she gets chicken. [Sherry] It’s become me now. I’m not asking you to do it. [Narrator] Sherry does this. She goes and she gets meat and she grills it and she, she cooks it and then every meal and for dinner she just
takes out of her meat packet. And adds rice or adds, what else do you add to it? – Just rice. [Narrator] Rice. She eats chicken and rice. – And turkey steaks. [Narrator] And turkey steaks. – I think that sounds rather bland. – I love, like, I love I have the same thing
for breakfast every day and I look for to it
because I like (mumbles) And I look forward to my turkey steak because I like turkey steaks too. [Narrator] Yeah. – I like routine. [Narrator] Yeah, you do. I, that’s, that’s something I, I like something different every time. Well, I guess except pancakes, I handpick pancakes everyday. While the kids are
upstairs finishing eating and grabbing the last
pieces for their lunches, I usually try to make a run downstairs to the laundry room and put a load through. Do you guys notice that
we have a new countertop here in the laundry room? That is new. – Hi. – Are you guys about done? – You’re ‘posed to film my job. [Narrator] Oh? – You’re ‘posed to fix my hair. – Kay, alright. Russell wants to show you that we all have a chore to do. So making their beds is required
before you get breakfast. – Ohhh! – And now, now they’re gonna do a chore. So Russell tell us what your chore is. – My chore is to take out my garbage and the laundry room garbage, – Alright, let’s get to it. (children laughing) (upbeat music) – Eve wants me to paint her fingernails. It, their school uniform
policy just changed so that they allow light pink and nude shades of nail color for the elementary kids and that’s new. Before it was no nail polish at all. So. [Eve] Because we can. – We’re gonna do like a light pink but not today because we don’t have time before you go to school. [Eve] Aww!
– Maybe when you get home. While I am fixing Eve’s hair, the older girls are getting their chores done. So, Sherry’s job is to make sure the floor in their bathroom is wiped. That all the hair is wiped off, any hairspray, we don’t usually use hairspray but maybe on a rare occasion. – Ow! So, to clean up the floor. Abby’s job is to make sure
that the toilet is clean and the garbage is taken out. And Julie’s job is to, let’s see. [Eve] Clean out the sink. – Clean out the sink, wipe the mirror and make sure the cabinet’s all wiped off and so it’s free of toothpaste and toothbrush splatter and so it’s nice and clean. (upbeat music) – Nice dress. (upbeat music) – So, every morning Sherry drives the kids to school in the car. – I’m not gonna wear my sweater anymore. – Are you not gonna be cold there? – Yeah.
– Okay, I’ll hold it for ya. I go pick up the kids in
the afternoon in the van and then, Sherry stays after school for volleyball practice and when volleyball practice is over, she drives the car home
around 7:30 at night. (knocking) – [Narrator] Love you! – Bye! [Narrator] Hey, we forgot to have prayer! – We will, Momma. (upbeat music) [Narrator] Thanks, Sherry. Drive safe. [Eve] Bye, Mom! [Narrator] Bye! Hey, love you. Do you guys have your seat belts on? – We didn’t have a prayer,
usually we have a prayer but since I’m vlogging, I’m forgetting. We usually kneel down just on the rug in the front entrance and have a prayer. So the kids, they just hurried and folded their arms in the car and said a prayer. I, it’s always just been kinda like, roll off the tongue, “And bless us to be safe as we drive” but since Sherry is driving the kids, like, I sincerely, from
the bottom of my heart am begging the Lord keep my kids safe while Sherry drives all my
precious kids to school. Thankfully, we’ve been safe so far. So, now in the mornings this is about the time where I enjoy a minute of quiet. I have an hour before my first gym class. I say first because sometimes I stay after for a cycling class. But I usually try to get to
an exercise class everyday. So, for the next hour, I’m gonna go rotate the wash that I put
in the washing machine. I’m gonna rotate it over to the dryer. I’m gonna go get on my workout clothes and I’m gonna straighten up. And today I’m gonna read a letter. So I checked my email and there is a letter from Chad waiting and so, I’m gonna go sit down and enjoy reading his letter
without anyone talking. Without anyone interrupting. and just like, soak it all in. I’m also, so my goal is now that I have some quiet during the day is to finish my book. And the revisions on the
book have been interesting. I’ve gone back and forth and my editor has gone
back and forth with me and we finally decided
like, what style we like. It just takes a lot of writing and a lot of making mistakes before we land on a style where we’re like, “Okay, we’ve nailed it.” And we’ve been really close but I’m thinking we’ve, we’ve nailed it. I’m hoping it will be done and ready to go out by Mother’s Day. I know that sounds like forever it just takes so much longer than you would think. Kay, well I would love to hear about your morning routines. A lot of you who can’t make comments have gone over to my Instagram page and that’s really fun to see and to talk to with you there. I will see you tomorrow! (upbeat music)