ANNOUNCER: Previously
Pretty Little Liars… Ballard? I thought it was Skidmore. How many schools
did you get into? There is no rule that says
you have to go to college. That belongs to Mona. I know. We were
just looking at it. Give me the book.
You can’t take
everything apart like you want her
to disappear. I don’t…regret being with you,
Ezra, at all. Maybe not now,
but if we stay together– What are you saying? If you take this time
for yourself, there will be no regrets.EMILY: To be alone,
to be lonely,
I know what that’s like.Ashley,
will you marry me? Did you tell him
about Jason? It would just cause him
unnecessary pain. This whole town is
strung together with whispers. Somebody else
has been helping Ali. Or somebody
we’d never suspect.Ali’s dangerous, Mike.Even in a cage,
she’s really dangerous.
Don’t ever go back there
again. Nobody’s giving me orders
anymore. Where’s your sticker? Oh, remember my summer trip
to Haiti? Turns out I can’t give blood
for another year. What? No blood.
No cookie. I didn’t make
the rules. You’re just too lazy
to get one. Are you done studying? I’ll never be done studying
for this test. I just need the numbers
to stop spinning. Hey, and the next time
we offer to help your mom, can it please
not involve needles? How’s it going over here? Great. I’m so glad
you all came to the drive. I recruited a bunch of people
from the church and they canceled on me
at the last minute. We’re happy to help. Brownie? Oh, someone from the church
actually showed up. I’m gonna go say hello. Seriously? Mm-hmm. Paula. Thank you so much
for coming. I’ll just have you
sign in here and a nurse
will call your name. Oh, unfortunately,
I’m not gonna be able to give blood
this morning on account of this little tickle
in my throat. Oh. But it’s so nice
to see you out and about. We’ve missed you at the church
these last few weeks. The Pastor
looks particularly distracted. Everything okay? Of course. Things have just been,
you know, busy. Oh, I’m sure that’s what’s
kept the others this morning. We’re all so busy
these days. I’m gonna check
on the other donors. See if they need anything. Just one quick thing
before you go. Could you ask the Pastor about putting these up
around the church? Of course. Thank you. ( plate clatters ) Young man,
this is a restricted zone. What are you doing
back here? I’m sorry. I was just interested
in how it all works. Then go sign up
and see for yourself. Yeah. Okay. Mike! Okay, what was that about? Was Mike just here to steal
cookies or something else?♪ Got a secret,
can you keep it? ♪
♪ Swear this one
you’ll save ♪
♪ Better lock it
in your pocket ♪
♪ Taking this one
to the grave ♪
♪ If I show you,
then I know ♪
♪ You won’t tell
what I said ♪
♪ ‘Cause two can
keep a secret ♪
♪ If one of them is dead ♪You ask Mike
why he was at the blood drive. I already know
his answer. That he was there
to donate? No. That I should mind
my own business. And I got that message loud
and clear at the dock. Okay,
but itisour business. We all saw
where he was standing, right? By the coolers
where they keep the blood. Our blood. Really, Spencer? Well, if he’s trying
to get his hands on something
that could help Alison– So that’s it?
He’s guilty? God, the court of public opinion
in this town really sucks. Everyone just
take a breath, okay? Well, it’s hard to breathe
when someone’s trying to set you up
as an accessory to murder. Look, we still don’t know
why he was visiting Ali in jail or why he fought with Mona. If they had
a serious falling out– Juststop.Please. Look, I know you’re all
desperate to find out
who’s helping Alison. But just because
it isn’t Holbrook, does not mean
that it’s my brother. Okay, Mike was in love
with Mona and he would
never hurt her. And he would never team up
with someone who did. Aria– No. I can’t
talk about this right now. I have a math test. Spencer? Yeah. I have a question. It’s college related. Okay. And I know
that’s a touchy subject because I got into
all these schools and you… Okay, Hanna, what’s your question? No one’s offering me
financial aid. Some of these schools,
they’re like $45,000 a year. My mom can’t afford that. She doesn’t even have a job
right now. Wait, I thought she was working
for Ali’s family? Well, she was,
but she left. But I thought
after Jason came back to work– Yeah,
he did and she left. Um… Okay, well, financial aid is
based on your parents’ income. They don’t think
that your mom can pay, but they think
that your dad can. ( bell ringing ) Aria.
Hey. Aria. Oh! Hey, Andrew.
What’s up? What’s up is I saw you
reading my answers, copying them down. My God, I’m so sorry. Look, I couldn’t focus in there
at all. I froze. I got a conditional admission
into Savannah College
of Art and Design, and if I don’t make
Honor Roll this semester, they could completely withdraw
my acceptance. I– I’m so sorry. I just– I panicked,
and I– Slow down, okay?
I’m not mad. You’re not? No. But if you need a tutor– I don’t. I– I don’t. There’s– There’s just a lot going on
right now and I– Well, if you’d rather
get caught cheating. Wait. Um…how’s tomorrow? I haven’t done this
in years. Having fun? Yes. You were right. Riding downhill,
standing on your pedals. It’s the closest thing
you can get to flying. Okay. Here. Come on. It’s this way. Here? Here. This is where you had
your first kiss? Marvin Biglioni. The summer
after fourth grade. He looked like a frog. His cheeks
were out to here. So you were trying
to turn him into a prince? Ah,
a girl can dream. So we were
standing right here and he leans in, and right as we’re about
to seal the deal on my first kiss ever, he burps. And it’s wet. Ew! That’s gross. And all I could think was,
“Do-over. I just want a do-over.” It was awful. Ugh. Yeah. Okay, your turn. Tell me something. Uh…my first kiss? I don’t know
if we can bike there from here. Um, no. Tell me your biggest fear. Um… Okay, you know what,
stupid question. No.
No, it’s not. It’s just… Too soon? I get that. I mean, there are things I’m not ready
to talk about either. What was that for? Do-over. ( door closes ) Mom, are you okay? I talked to him. Ted. I stopped by the church
after the blood drive. He deserved an answer. What did you say? I said yes. I said
I wanted to marry him. And then I told him about
what happened when he was away. You did? What did he say? He said
he needed to think. He said he would call me in
a couple of hours. He couldn’t even look at me,
Hanna. I’m gonna
make us some dinner. Is there stuff
for a salad?ARIA: Yeah, and you thought
Melissa was “A”.
And you were wrong about that.
Remember?I know. But…Look, I promise
to keep an eye on Mike if you promise
not to jump to conclusions. Fine. Deal. Okay. So what are you and Toby
doing tonight? We’re not.
Something came up.What about you and Ezra?Got any Friday night plans?Uh, no.
No. I’m staying in to prepare
for a study session with Andrew. Andrew Campbell?Be careful there.Why? Um…the dimples, mostly. Okay.
I should get back to it. Talk later? Later. Hello. Hi. Oh. This part
of the rental agreement? You get to raid our fridge? Thought you had plans
with Toby. Well, something came up. Duty calls. Cop stuff. Yeah, that’s the technical term
for it. I’m painting a mural
at Hollis tonight. Wow! That’s like a huge get. It is. And I could use
my illustrious assistant if you’re available. I don’t know,
my mom really wants me to email a bunch
of these family contacts. Back on the college track? Yeah. Apparently, the Hastings
are very well connected. And I have
a third cousin twice removed
who works at Colby College. I promise you a real dinner
if you come. ( cell phone rings ) Hello? OPERATOR: This is a callfrom the Chester Women’s
Correctional Facility.
You have a call
from inmate Hank Mahoney.
Press one
to accept this call.
Alison?( click )Alison! Do you usually paint
in the dark? Well, it’s easier
this way. I don’t bother the students,
faculty. They don’t bother me. Can you help me
with this? This? Yeah. Where do you want it? Uh, just get it up first. Okay. That way a little bit. Okay. Perfect. So what were you gonna do
if I said no? Probably call Sophia. My girlfriend.
Ex-girlfriend. We just broke up. Sorry. Don’t be.
It’s a good thing. I tend to fall for women
who are unavailable. Emotionally or otherwise. But you were
just gonna call her anyways? I mean,
wouldn’t that make her think that you were
still interested? Yes. Probably. Did I mention
how bad I am at relationships? I’ve never been
to this side of campus. There’s nothing over here
but a bunch of old
research labs. I’m here
to revitalize the place. I used to come to Hollis a lot
when I was a kid. My parents would take
Melissa and me to this summer concert series. Back when I thought I was
gonna be a famous violinist. What happened? I’m more of an appreciator
of the arts. What’s that supposed
to mean? It means,
in the Hastings family, if you don’t excel
at something, you just, you move on
to the next thing. So you’ve never just done
something because you love it? Well, how can you love something
if you’re bad at it? I usually manage. ( rock music playing ) ( knock on door ) ARIA: Mike! Mike,
I know you’re in there. What do you want? Why is Alison calling you? What? First you visit her, and now she’s sending you
secret messages from jail? Who the hell is
Hank Mahoney? I have no idea. And next time
don’t answer my phone. Why are you letting her
manipulate you like this? You know
what Ali’s capable of. Mike, I know that you got
in a fight with Mona the night before she died. Something is going on and you have to tell me
what it is. I don’t have to tell you
anything. No one wants to believe
that Mike is helping Ali. But if Ali could take down
Holbrook, a grown-ass man
with a police badge, who knows what she could do
to Aria’s brother. Hanna– Caleb, I have to go. Your father left a voicemail
about lunch tomorrow. He said
he’s at the office all day, and you’ll have to catch up
another time. There anything in particular
you need to catch up on? I was gonna
bring this up earlier. Bring up what? I found out
why none of the schools I got into are offering me
financial aid. Apparently, Dad had
a really good year last year. And I just wanted to talk to him
and ask him if– Hanna, your dad’s financial obligation
was worked out in the divorce settlement
years ago. Well, it’s not enough. Mom, I just want to
talk to him and– And what? Explain that I don’t
have a job anymore, and– (sighs)
I would rather not share
that story with anyone else, thank you. If he’s the reason
we’re not getting help then he should
take on the extra expense. He has the money. Listen to me. Going to your father
is not gonna fix this. I will figure this out. Understood? Paperwork on a Friday? Yeah. Just trying to stay
ahead of the game. Turns out I don’t get
weekends off anymore. Or summers. Hey, did Talia
leave already? Yeah. Yeah,
I was just saying goodbye. You two seem to be
getting along a whole lot better these days. Uh, can you believe that Aria
might be in Savannah next year? We could have
our very own Southern belle. Aria got into SCAD? Oh. Um, yeah,
I thought you knew. She was really excited. ( clears throat ) I’ll let you
get back to work. Isn’t Talia’s last name
Sandoval? Why does that say Mendoza
on her file? Huh. Maybe Mendoza’s
her married name. Lot of people use their
maiden name professionally. Yeah.
Talia is not married. Yes, she is. She has her husband listed
under her emergency contact. ( giggling ) This is really great. But who’s gonna see this? Those people.
Up there. The higher-ups. Catch. What? Throwing things at people
on ladders? Not cool. I told you
I’m not an artist. We’re not leaving
until you paint something. Anything. I could ruin it. That’s a risk
I’m willing to take. Okay. Looks good. You cannot even see it
from down there. Okay. Picasso,
come take a look. ( gasps ) Ho ho! All right. And let’s see the damage. I’ll clean up down here. ( typing ) SPENCER: Hey. What is this? You’re smiling about this? You don’t get to
smile about this. You told me
that you were hired to paint a mural at Hollis. I did not say “hired.”
I was careful about that. You know what else
you didn’t say? “Vandalism.” If I told you the truth,
would you have come? No!
Of course not! Look,
I am all for protest art, but I’m not
for getting tricked into doing
something illegal. Spencer, hold on. Hold on. What? I’m sorry, okay? I-I wanted you to come. All this college
talk with your mom, I thought maybe
you’d enjoy coloring
outside the lines for once. For once? I was arrested, Jonny. For murder. And they dropped the charges, but I cannot mess up again,
okay? I can’t be arrested again. I didn’t know. Okay.
Well, now you do. ( door opens, closes ) What’s next? Vectors and equilibrium,
or the French and Indian War? Aria? Oh. Sorry. I’m a little out of it.
I didn’t get much sleep
last night. Is anything wrong? No. No, I’m fine. Uh… guess I should choose
what I’m worst at, right? I take it math and science
aren’t Fitz’s strong suit. Excuse me? I mean, you could always
ask him for help, right? Assuming you’re
still together. Let’s, um, let’s just stick
to the books. Okay, so there are two types
of physical quantity. They are– ( cell phone beeps ) Vector and scalar.
That’s correct. Sorry. ( cell phone beeps ) Which is your phone? Scalar? And if your phone were
to sail through the sky, accelerating at a rate of
3 miles per hour per second? Vector. Looks like someone’s worried
about your brother. Come here. I have another table to bus. You have to try this. I’m really not hungry. Oh, come on.
There’s always room for dessert. Come on, try it. No. I’m good. Emily. Hey. Are you okay?
What’s wrong? You’re married, Talia.
That’s what’s wrong. I saw your last name,
Mendoza, and it’s the same
as your husband’s. Were you ever gonna tell me? Yes. When? I don’t understand. Emily– I don’t understand how you can
stand there all this time and not tell me this. How you can kiss me,
how you can tell me you like me and not tell me any of this. Emily– Is everything okay in here? I’ll talk to Mae.
She’ll set it up. Great seeing you, Alan. Hey, Dad. ( laughing ) We good on time? I’ve got about an hour
till batting practice. Want to move on
to Spanish? Hmm. Baseball team,
Spanish group, decathlon– are there any school activities
you arenotinvolved in? Well, compared
to your exciting life, mine must seem really– Functional? Healthy? Planned. ( knocking on door ) One sec. I need to talk to you
about Mike. Hey, Andrew. Hi, Emily. Okay. Where did Mike get
$18,000? Doesn’t “A” always have access
to a ton of money? Maybe this is one of Ali’s
secret accounts. Mike got a call last night from the women’s
correctional facility. From Ali? Ithinkso. She called, said her name
was Hank Mahoney and hung up. I mean, it’s got to be
some kind of code. And now he’s got $400 burning
a hole in his pocket. ( car door closes,
engine starts ) Mike just took the car. We need to follow him. How? I am not riding
on your handlebars. Hey, Andrew. Can we borrow your car? Just for a little bit. Do either of you
drive a stick? Ballard, Skidmore,
Trinity? Not bad, right? Not bad at all. You know which one
you want to go to? Not yet. I still have to figure out
how I’m gonna pay for it. That’s sort of what I wanted
to talk to you about. Your mom and I
have an agreement in place. If she’s got an issue– Well, she doesn’t. I’m the one asking. Hanna, I’m so proud of you. I really am. But I didn’t even know
that you wanted to go
to these types of schools. This is– This kind of thing
takes planning. So what are you saying? I’m saying, $10,000 a year. That’s what your mom and I
agreed on. Kate starts Dartmouth
in the fall and I cannot afford to put
two kids through private school. Hanna, it comes down
to dollars and cents, and I just don’t have it. You’re paying for Kate? Hanna, Kate worked hard
for this. She got early acceptance, and I have already
promised Isabel that I will take care of it. So Kate is going to Dartmouth,
and you’re paying, and you didn’t even ask me
where I applied. Last we talked about college, you said you’d rather spend
the money on a beach vacation and a good manicure. Last we talked about college, I was 12 years old
and obsessed with donuts. You’d never even
heard of Kate. Hanna, I want to help,
I just– You just–you don’t want to
disappoint the wrong daughter. I get it.SPENCER: “I owe you much more
than an email…
“especially this one.“I know it’s a long shot,but any chance Wren still
has that contact at Oxford?”
♪ There are days
when I wake up ♪
♪ That I don’t know
what I’m doing here ♪
( cell phone beeps )♪ I barely recognize the pair
of eyes staring back at me ♪
Spencer says
she’ll meet us there. Left. He’s turning left. Do you often follow
your brother places? Not usually. And you have no idea
where we’re going? Um, I’m sure it’s close. What exactly
is going on with Mike? Drugs. ANDREW: Drugs? You know, like stimulants,
amphetamines. Yeah, we think
he might be dabbling. Really? Yep. ( cell phone beeps ) Okay, well,
no word from Hanna, but Spencer’s getting
on the highway. So I’ll just text her
when we get… uh… get to where we’re going. Thank you so much
for the ride. Should I come in with you? No, no.
We’ve got it from here. How are you getting home? Spencer can give us a ride. Yeah. And if you leave right now, you could still make the end
of your batting practice. Drugs?
Seriously, Em? ( country rock
playing on jukebox ) ( indistinct chatter ) I’m Mike. Hank.That’sHank Mahoney? No.
That’s Cyrus Petrillo. Ali’s fake kidnapper. Hanna?
Are you okay? Where’s Emily? She left early.
What’s going on? Nothing. I just left my phone
at my dad’s office and I can’t reach anyone. And you can’t go back
and get it? No, I can’t.
I cannot go back there. Okay, well, look, you don’t have
to tell me anything, but…you can if you want to. My dad doesn’t think
that I’m college material. He thinks Kate is, not me. And he never thought that I’d go
to a good school, and now, because of him,
I might not get to. Sorry, who is Kate? My stepsister. My stupid,
perfect stepsister. You know, I wanted him
to help pay for school, but you know
what I wanted more than that, was for him to just look
at me once and say, “I knew that you had it
in you.” When I was in high school, my parents couldn’t agree
on a single thing except for the fact that
I wouldn’t amount to much. And what happened? Once they cut me off and I realized
that I was on my own, I took out
a bunch of loans, I applied to every job
that I could, no matter how ridiculous, and I paid my way
through school by myself. You know, those guys
that stand outside with the hot dog uniforms
in 90 degree heat? You were a hot dog? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I was
the best damn hot dog. I know this isn’t the same. But I used
to be your teacher, and I always knew
that you had it in you. I’m so sorry, guys.
I got here as fast as I could. What do we know?
Anything? We think Mike brought
Cyrus money. $400. We tried to get close,
but they almost saw us. And that message
that Ali sent from jail, that was her way of telling
Mike Cyrus’s new name? Yes, so Mike could find him. That’s what we think anyway. So he’s here
on an errand from Ali? I mean, is it just me,
or is she even scarier
behind bars? Look, Cyrus, Hank,
whoever this guy is, he’s really dangerous
and he’s talking to my brother. So I-I don’t care
if Mike is working for Ali. I’m not gonna let him get hurt. So we should just– Aria, stop. Hey.
You cannot do that. Look, I know that you’re
really worried about Mike, but as soon
as they leave the diner, we’re gonna follow Cyrus
and we’ll find out where he’s going
and what he knows. If we go in there,
we won’t know any more
than we know now. ( cell phone rings ) Shut it off. Shut it off. Okay. (sighs)
Straight to voicemail. Oh. Um… Well, do you want
to call somebody else?
I have Emily’s number. No, it’s fine.
I’m just gonna head home. Okay. Thank you for the image of you
in a hot dog costume. And everything else
that you said. Yeah, anytime. I told Ezra about Savannah. I thought he knew. Yeah.
I should’ve told him already. Why didn’t you?
You guys fighting? I don’t know
what we are, honestly. I mean, he thinks
he’s the reason that I didn’t have this perfect
high school experience. Is that even a thing?
Does anyone have that? I don’t know. God, Em, I know you must be
missing Paige right now, but at least your love life
isn’t full-on confusing. ( cell phones ring ) “Thanks for donating
to my get-into-jail fund. “A.” ARIA:
What? Guys. The envelope.
It wasn’t money. ( car starts ) Where’s Cyrus?
Was he with Mike? I don’t know. ( motorcycle approaches ) ( revving engine ) So you here to watch
the kid or me? Hmm? ‘Cause to be honest,
I don’t like being followed. You have something
that belongs to us. Do I? Yeah.
We just want it back. Maybe we could
work out a trade. ANDREW: Back away from them. Now. ( chuckles ) Hmmm. You guys okay? You went to see your dad. Did he drop it off? I’m sorry I went. Believe me, I am. And I didn’t mention
anything about your job. Let me guess. He said it all comes down
to dollars and cents. I know your dad
can be…dismissive. But please tell me
you’re not looking for validation
in a beauty pageant. I’m not. The winner gets
a $20,000 scholarship. We’re gonna have to pay
for my tuition somehow. Did Ted call? No. And I don’t think
he’s going to. So that’s it? Hanna– Mom. You love him. You can’t just give up
like that. It’s not just my decision. Well, he’s hurt,
and you have to fight for him. I’m serious. If I can put myself
in this beauty pageant, then you can call the man
that you love and want to spend
the rest of your life with and tell him
to take you back. Here, you can even use
my phone. ( cell phone beeps ) ( cell phone beeps ) ( car door closes ) Please? Hey. I’ll be out of your hair
in a minute. Um, I’ll–
I’ll be right upstairs, okay? Okay, look, I talked to my mom
and she informed me that she would never ever buy
frozen mac ‘n’ cheese or anything that started
with the word “zesty”. So I’m really sorry that I’ve been eating
all of your food. Uh, no worries. And also, you were right,
by the way. I did have fun last night. But I also have boundaries. And getting to go to college
is maybe my best chance of getting out of this town. So I really
don’t want to ruin it. I get it. I do. Believe it or not,
I have boundaries, too. Really? At least I’m trying to. Good night. Okay. Good night. Eric and I started dating
in 9th grade. We were married
right after high school. We loved each other, but we barely
even knew ourselves. We still love each other,
but it’s not romantic. He knows
I’m attracted to women. He knows that I have
to be true to myself. Then why stay with him? Because he’s my best friend. Because he has been with me
through everything. I know this is complicated. No one wants complicated. I’m beginning to think that
there’s no such thing
as simple. I shouldn’t have
lied to you. I just didn’t want
to scare you away. I know how it all sounds
when I say it out loud. I’m sorry, Emily. I just wanted to tell you
that in person. Remember… when you asked me
what my biggest fear was? Y-Yeah. There are things I’m not ready
to share with you either. Things that would scare you
away from me. That is very hard to believe. We just filled
my overnight bag and ran. Was the car back? No. Not yet. Thanks. So glad you’re staying
here tonight. It was bad enough when Mike
was stealing Jenna’s pottery.
Now this? This is our blood. ARIA: Well, what do we do now? We just wait until “A” paints
the town red in our DNA? I don’t know. One drop here,
one spot there, and kaboom, we’re all sharing
a jail cell with Ali. You are, like,
the queen of not helping. See? There’s a reason
I’m afraid of needles. We should’ve all spent
the summer in Haiti. I’m gonna go get us
another blanket.CALEB: What are you gonna do
with all the stuff in the bin?
HANNA: We’ll burn the clothes
and personal items.
CALEB: And the barrel?HANNA: We’ll roll it
into the woods,
and then we’ll call the police
from a burner phone.
We’ll never pull this off.
HANNA: Yes, we will.I found a drill bit
that can break the lock.
And I already rented
a van and a dolly.
CALEB: What are you gonna do
with all the stuff in the bin?
HANNA: We’ll burn the clothes
and personal items.
CALEB: And the barrel?HANNA: We’ll roll it
into the woods,
and then we’ll call the police
from a burner phone.
We’ll never pull this off.
HANNA: Yes, we will….