In harsh windy conditions in the bitter cold,
turn to the Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Gloves. These are a pretty lightweight
soft shell glove that offer a lot of protection from wind in those bitter cold temperatures.
They also have an integrated heating system. The stand out feature here is the AltiHeat
Technology, which Outdoor Research has put a lot of development and research into that
AltiHeat Heating Element. With these gloves you do get two rechargeable packs, one for
each glove. These are lithium ion rechargeable batteries. And it comes with the adapter to
the wall outlet. So you just plug them in there, plug them into the wall outlet and
you can recharge these batteries. It is very important that you charge them
100 percent the first time you charge them, but after that, since they are lithium ion
batteries, you can charge them at any state. You do get with the wall outlet you get three
different adapters, one for the US, one for the UK and one for Europe. So you can certainly
use these in different parts of the world. And that stand out feature really is the AltiHeat. When you are done recharging your batteries,
there is a little pouch right here, a zippered pouch that you simply connect to the battery.
Make sure you have a good connection there and then tuck it away. This allows you to
have that extra heat. So when you are out on those bitter cold days, those windy days,
climbing, mountaineering, anything you can throw at them, these are going to give you
that extra added heat that you need. There is one push button here and it is really
convenient. The battery pack goes right on the wrist. So that is not going to get in
the way of any of your hand there. And then the push button is right on top of your wrist. In order to turn them on, you just need to
hold it in for a couple of seconds until you see that red light come on. On the red setting
they are going to last about two and a half hours. That is the highest setting. If you
hit that button again you have the yellow and that is a medium setting. It is going
to last about five hours. And then you hit it again and there is the green setting. That
is the lowest setting and that is going to last about eight hours. And to turn them off,
you just need to hold that button in for a couple of seconds until the light goes off.
So if you are going to be out for long days in the backcountry and you know you are going
got need to have it on that highest setting, you can purchase other battery packs separately
and that way you can change them out and keep it on that high setting. So certainly take those time frames into consideration
before taking these out into the backcountry. For a more technical and in depth review of
how to charge, how to use and how to care for your AltiHeat Technology Gloves, certainly
check out our separate video on AltiHeat Technology. The rest of the glove has its own set of technologies
that are really great in their own right. You have got windproof, wind stopper material.
This is soft shell material on the top of your hand. And so in those conditions where
you are going to have a lot of wind, that is really going to protect you there. These gloves are insulated with Primaloft
synthetic insulation. It is a 60 gram insulation, so you certainly get some lightweight warmth
there. And you also have a nice liner on the inside to give you a little bit more warmth.
But if you do start to perspire, it is going to wick away that sweat. It is pretty weather resistant, although these
are not waterproof gloves. They are more meant for those alpine conditions when you are not
necessarily going to be in contact with a lot of snow, but you are going to be in contact
with a lot of wind and really cold wind at that. So you are going to be protected there.
You have an overlay of some really durable materials, leather and even some rubber there,
areas that will come in contact with gear, come in contact with ropes and that kind of
thing. If I turn this over you have got flexible
goat leather on the palm. This is really flexible, but also very durable. And even the shaping
here of the glove it is already hand shaped. So it doesn’t take a lot of break in time.
It is very, very flexible and it comes in at a pretty low weight as well. Down here on the wrist you do have some stretchy
material there so it fits really well. You have got a glove attachment, so you can attach
it to the other glove. If you have it stored away you won’t lose track of both of them.
And then you do have some extra overlays here on the top. So this fits really well over
top of a jacket or underneath. You can cinch it down. There is a zipper right here. So
when you put the glove on, it goes on really nicely. You have a nice pull tab there. And
then you can just kind of cinch it down with that zipper on the side. So, as you can see,
they are a pretty lightweight glove. In the coldest of conditions, when you are out in
the wet and snow, this may not be the best option. There are certainly other Lucent Heated
Gloves, but these are great for those really windy, really cold conditions where you just
need an extra bit of added heat to keep your hands nice and warm for the entire day. They are the Outdoor Research Stormtracker
Heated Gloves.