Sonali, can you snore? Disha would, now
I can’t sleep… All right, that’s it! I’ve known Mamta for 3 years now! I don’t even use the bathroom
before my morning selfie! Hey guys, please mention in the comment
section to which side Sonali will fall. Don’t hit me, Bulli! Bulli, please… Sonali Mukherjee was born
with a silver spoon. A silver spoon full
of rosogollas (Indian dessert). I’ll burn this cigarette on your pyre
if I don’t find my lighter today! A lot has changed at home. I’m putting up a post,
we’re getting a new roommate. It’s just a roommate! Just stop questioning my system
and pick one! Hey! I heard you guys were looking
for a roommate? Wiki, come out!