Even though it snowed up here in New
York, I’m not ready to let fall go. So, today we’re going to be painting the
fall flower chrysanthemums I’m going to be painting on an artboard but you can
paint on a canvas or anything you’d like alright let’s get started! These are the
materials you’ll need to get started These chrysanthemums are going to be
having a sunset behind them so we’re going to start off by doing the orange
color and then moving up into the gray color when you mix orange and blue together
that pretty much much makes like a dirty dirty color it can be tricky to get that
balance so that your blue still looks blue and orange still looks orange. This is
all still pretty wet so I’m gonna go ahead and start painting the foliage. I’m
mixing Prussian blue with raw Sienna to make this green that we’re gonna it’s
like a dark green and just to go over what colors I used on the sky I used the
raw Sienna with cadmium red and titanium white and then in the blue section tiny
tiny tiny bit of Prussian blue with Payne’s gray and titanium white and then
in the mid section mainly just Peyne’s gray with titanium white to kind of
integrate those two colors together for this darker Orange I used cadmium red
cadmium yellow and rusty and up so see here I want this to be kind of a dirtier
green color so I’m gonna add a little CAD red so because green and CAD red
when you mix them together it kind of makes things more gray or muted so any
time we want to make a green more muted you add red to it I’m just taking raw sienna and I am going along the edge of the dark
the dark that is touching or right adjacent to the orange and that raw
Sienna color is just the perfect the perfect mediator between the two colors
make the difference a little more gradual cadmium red raw Sienna and a
tiny bit of burnt umber add a little more light and go in just little even a
little bit more light check out this water very dirty so when
your water starts to look like this you know it’s time to switch it out and get
some fresh water I’m just using CAD yellow and titanium white and a little
bit of CAD red how do how do you make green you mix
blue and yellow together that’s everybody remembers that so just going
in and I’m adding some CAD yellow to kind of highlight some of those leaves a
little bit all right now I’d like to make some stems and I’m gonna add some
raw Sienna to that to that color that we were just using in this shadowing right
here in this flower I decided to go with a Payne’s gray to shadow instead of
burnt umber but you could do part number two I’d like to do the stems for the
chrysanthemums before we paint the chrysanthemums so we’re gonna do that by
mixing the Prussian blue in with titanium white and CAD yellow so the
heads are kind of like this the heads of the flowers are kind of like that from
the actual stem so you want to choose a spot and they kind of do a little mini
arch like you don’t want to just go straight down you want to kind of
imagine where the base of the flower is and then go do a little mini arch from
there we just added in some burnt umber right
here so I want to do a leaf right here right
so then I’m gonna just kind of make it big and see where else can you do one
how about we’ll do another one right here
big and then small you squish it and then you kind of just
lift up gradually CAD yellow CAD red crimson red and
titanium white I think I only waited maybe 20 minutes
my paint has been drying really quickly and you will see the texture of this
acrylic varnish so you can get creative with it you want to add some special
strokes I just finished varnishing my canvas
with an acrylic gloss medium makes it a little bit of copper paint thank you so
much for watching today please remember to subscribe and tell me what you’d like
to paint next in the comments thank you