today we are making the most delicious
fudgy paleo brownies I think I have ever made these are gonna be perfect for all
your special occasions your family’s gonna love them your friends and of
course you’re going to love them as well they’re just so rich and decadent
definitely a special treat but made with better-for-you ingredients I will also
leave a link to my free healthy dessert ebook that you get it has my top healthy
desserts so that you can have dessert every day because they’re healthy and
delicious so let’s go ahead and jump right in so to make these we’re starting
off with coconut sugar which is a great alternative to your normal white sugar
along with some Kasaba flour which is a great green free alternative it’s
probably the most similar to a white flour in terms of texture that is paleo
in a separate bowl I’m combining some vanilla along with some egg now I
haven’t tried this with a flax egg but if you do and it works let me know so
that I can let others know as well then I’m going to be melting some dairy free
chocolate chips and some coconut oil over a double broiler which basically
means that you put a pot over some heat and then add boiling water and then the
bowl goes on top in that way it melts it nice and smooth add the egg and the
chocolate to our flour mixture and fold that until it’s nice and combined then
I’m adding in some cocoa for some extra chocolate flavor as well as a pinch of
salt and the salt really helps to bring out that chocolate flavor so don’t skip
that step because that’s a really good secret in a lot of chocolate baking it’s
adding that pinch of salt in order to bring out the chocolate then I’m putting
that into my pan and then we’re gonna bake it I’m gonna leave the instructions
down below you want to let them cool before you slice it and once you do you
will have these decadent fudgy delicious brownies okay guys I hope you enjoyed
this video you need to make these brownies so click ‘save subscribe
because you’re gonna want the recipe for these and if you make them tag me on
instagram because i love seeing your creations and it also reminds me about
recipes i’ve created that are so good so it reminds me to
make them again I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in
my next video bye guys