0:00do let’s face n the diet you should eat
0:04to be in great shape lose weight easily sleep like a baby
0:08and have more energy than the energizer bunny is the diet provided by mother
0:13that we’ve been eating for millions of years before agriculture
0:16well you see
0:19are Paleolithic ancestors didn’t suffer from some are modern burdens
0:24like obesity heart disease diabetes
0:27autoimmune diseases cancer and a host of other chronic conditions
0:32they lived very natural lives that made them actually healthy
0:36said and strong their food
0:39meet dish fruits vegetables eggs and nuts and seeds
0:43was simple nutritious and non-toxic our bodies are meaty eat and get nutrients
0:49from the same food as they did
0:50eating our modern grains vegetable seed oils and sugar leading foods
0:55is but damaging our health greatly the now if you’re here
0:59it’s because you’re smart and you’re already making a rate changes in your
1:03to achieve great health and well-being are but things aren’t always so easy
1:07and making such huge changes can prove to be a real pain in the rear
1:11if you know what I mean the what’s more
1:14the diaries the post EE is just about the opposite of what everybody else
1:18Eaton’s so let me ask you do you feel left on your own with your quest for
1:23health without much people help you
1:25would you like to spend much time thinking about food and more time just
1:29enjoying a healthy and vibrant life
1:31de de Boer to build food feel like you eat the same things over and over again
1:37or expand contents craven
1:39how great would it be to God collection easy recipes
1:43and cooking tips that you can always rely on for your help on
1:47I’m pretty sure I got the right solution for EM it’s called the pally a recipe
1:52and it’s brand new cookbook filled with more than 370 Palya recipes
1:57the recipes and instructions are dead simple and cooking tasty meals will be a
2:01breeze with it
2:02no confidence skills needed %uh in this cookbook
2:06he won’t find any of these toxic pollutants grains like wheat corn and
2:11vegetable oils sodas sugar fruit juices
2:15League lose like so a peanut plant tools dairy products
2:20and processed foods and preservatives here are the full deal fine instead
2:25meet like beef pork chicken in bison
2:28eggs here omelets and frittatas fish
2:32salmon sardines travel time fruit and vegetables like berries spinach in beats
2:37shellfish in see through this is your muscles scallops and shrimp
2:41good fats like coconut oil tallow clarified butter and olive oil
2:46and not just like on the NSE macadamia and won’t
2:50everything in dealey organized into 18 had an orange
2:53course fish snacks salads port really red meat
2:57stir-fries borden needs economic just use increase possible designs
3:02shellfish in CT and vinaigrettes marinades and sauces
3:05lacto fermented vegetables breakfast and dessert
3:08dips in condiment simpson’s socks and smoothies on
3:12its 395 pages at the easy recipes
3:16the live pictures and is an instant access to e-books so you don’t have two
3:19weeks and can change your life and health
3:22right now he covers absolutely everything
3:25seal never need any other resources for your convenience the following are also
3:31included in the cookbook
3:32the value food list where to find food online
3:36your guide to good fats easy cooking time charts
3:40meet done this chart and your guide to cooking the perfect steak
3:44ok before I go on with this presentation
3:47let me take a minute to introduce the author and good friend of mine
3:51his name is Sebastian oh well and he’s been in nutrition fitness and healthy
3:55lifestyle enthusiast for as long as I can remember
3:58unfortunately for him life is but many health challenges in front of his road
4:03and he’s been forced to find his own way to help after years the mistakes
4:07research in South experimentation he’s finally nailed down when
4:11talk to a human diet should look like and how to treat
4:14just about any health problem completely naturally with the right food and
4:19not through techniques clear we’re top comments sebastian has helped thousands
4:24of people with his popular Palio diet lifestyle website
4:28and wants to share his knowledge because many people possible
4:31he’s found that it’s only by eating the natural food at your body was designed
4:36to eat
4:36that you can experience true optimal and vibrant health only the Palio diet
4:42satisfies that requirement
4:45here is what I mean by optimal and vibrant health effortless weight loss
4:49mental clarity and natural positive attitude
4:53constant and radiant energy a sex drive
4:56on overdrive deep and restful sleep
4:59clear and smooth skim an increase constraint
5:03endurance and performance now
5:06it’s time to go back to what to make a buck for you
5:10here are just a few examples and the 372 recipes
5:13included in the cup but rib roast with horseradish in arms
5:18the thrones almond butter start a sausage
5:22chicken marsala cinnamon and apple on let
5:26lamb tagine with data nominees crock pot beef and sweet potatoes do
5:31how did with green herb sauce pumpkin pie
5:35bacon and spinach frittata making rap scallops
5:39and Dec allies the cookbook is a downloadable PDF ebook
5:44that you’ll be able to use freely on your PC and Mac for even your iPad or
5:50you get immediate access to secure download became an be opened with the
5:55free Acrobat Reader program
5:57the eBook format makes it easy to browse printout
6:00and take notes on your favorite recipes or to find recipes within the cup but
6:05with a simple search function
6:08but that’s not it I decided to include three special bonuses for those who
6:12decide to jump on board
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6:50eight-week value meal plan you can make it easy on yourself with this complete
6:5450-60 meal plan covering breakfast lunch
6:57dinner as well as snacks the meal plan itself is an eighteen dollar value
7:02but today he get it for free do me a plane is crafted to make it very simple
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7:31to summarize the pally a recipe book its
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7:42as much as 372 recipes see you never have to eat the same through
7:47over and over again only the most tasty and finger lickin food
7:51so everybody rushes to the kitchen and ask for seconds
7:54very simple to use and no special equipment needed
7:57you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family or doing
8:01anything he left
8:03none of the usual toxic foods found in today’s diets
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