Hi everyone, nomoshkar and welcome to Curries
with Bumbi. Today I will be making a very simple paneer recipe where the paneer is stewed
in a coconut milk gravy along with vegetables. It is bit different from the usual spicy,
paneer recipes but extremely satisfying and delicious. So let’s get started.
Peel and chop one large potato . Peel and chop 2 carrots. You can take any vegetables
of your choice like green beans, cauliflower , but do not use eggplant or okra for this
recipe. Here I grated some ginger .You need about
2 teaspoons of grated ginger. After grating ginger i usually squeeze out the juice from
the fibers that are left after grating. Chop finely one large onion along with a green
chili. Today I am using my handy dandy mini food processor to speed up everything.
Heat 4 to 5 tablespoons of oil in a pan on medium high heat. Once your oil turns hot
add a cinnamon stick, about 8 green cardamoms the tips of which I always crack open before
adding to the oil, and about 6 to 7 cloves. Fry them for a few seconds till they are fragrant,
then add the chopped onions. Fry on medium high heat till moisture from the onions evaporate
and oil starts leaving the sides. Then add the grated ginger. Here I have taken a large
stem of curry leaves, I will be using the leaves. Stir for a few seconds. I think I
need a little more oil so I added about a teaspoon of it . To it I added little red
chili powder and mixed it with the onions. Next I added some coarsely crushed black pepper.
Here I have taken about 1 & a quarter cup of coconut milk.Stir it very well and from
this add just a quarter cup . Stir till the coconut milk thickens up like this, then add
the potatoes and carrots. Mix till the vegetables get coated with the thick coconut milk . Now
add salt. Add about ½ a cup of hot water. When it comes up to a boil cover it for about
8 minutes. Those of you living in the US I know it is
very hard to get curry leaves. You get them only at Indian grocery stores or some Asian
markets and they are quite expensive. Be on the look out at your Indian grocery store,
sometimes they sell small curry plants in pots. I bought one a few years back from my
Indian grocery store. It was just 3 to 4 inches in height when I bought it. You can keep them
on a sunny spot on your window sill or plant it in a pot. My curry plant stays inside my
home the whole winter. Then again I bring it out during spring time after the last frost.
Let’s now see what’s happening in that pan. The potatoes are almost 80 percent done,
now I will add the paneer. Add salt and mix well. Those of you who have been following
me for a while now know that I like to add salt in layers while cooking so that all the
elements get well seasoned. Now add the remaining coconut milk. Here I have taken a heaped teaspoon
of brown sugar. You can even use jaggery or plain regular sugar. I added about ½ a cup
of hot water in my coconut milk container to wash off any remaining coconut milk. I
added little kashmiri red chili powder. This will turn the gravy slightly orange in colour.
Once the gravy comes up to a boil, cover it on low heat for about 10 minutes.
In the meantime I chopped some red jalapenos . This is totally optional . I happen to grow
some so I am using them and it gives a nice color to the dish as well. In between just
give a stir , add the jalapenos and cover again.
The potatoes have turned tender. Now do a taste test and adjust the seasoning. I felt
it needed more salt . I added few more curry leaves and a dash of lime juice. Then cover
for 2 more minutes. This paneer stew goes very well with rice
and roti or even bread. Please check out my other recipes as well and if you are new to
my channel, please consider subscribing. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Bye bye.