For some, the wristwatch should remain as
new and as pristine as the day it was bought for its lifetime on the wrist. For others
like Pierrick Boyer at La Petit Gateau in Melbourne, it’s in fact the opposite. It’s
all about aging and personalizing the watch. Time+Tide is here to talk patina
Pierrick! I know you from Instagram. This is a whole
‘nother thing going. What is this? Ahh, La Petit Gateau. Our own little world,
where we spend all of our time, and, you know, that’s our life.
Work is everything for me and, and, watches of course. But, uh, desserts and-for me it’s
about offering quality-you know-and diversity and creating something.
I don’t wanna copy anyone, and I just wanna be on my own identity.
And lots and lots of watch shots. yeah, I love it too, yes.*laughs*
Now we are here to talk watches, we’re here to talk patina. But first we gotta have a
coffee right? Absolutely! Can I get two coffees please?
Thank you! You are really into timepieces.
Yes. Why? Why Watches?
For me it’s about the craftsmanship, like my work and for me it’s about the quality
and consistency, and history, as well. You have a special relationship, connection,
crush on Panerai. Why the brand, in particular? Uhm, back it is about the history, you know,
2nd World War. So this one is a beautiful one. That’s the Panerai Fiddy, which I was able
to get a few months ago. It’s a sought out after piece, uh, which is great. I’ve got
a lot of straps, and this one is Tunxx, and it is in Indonesia. And it’s really about,
you know—I change straps quite often, so you know, on the mood and all that sort it’s
pretty cool. So when we talk about Panerai, Panerai is
an uber masculine brand. It’s an over-sized watch, it has a military history, which is
masculine. It’s all very, uh, macho. Is that who Pierrick Boyer is?
Well I think so, yes. They say you can learn a lot of a man from
his watch. I say you learn a lot from his watch carry. Now—
Now, I need a, I need a good one that’s for sure.
Should I open this? Yes
is that okay? Yeah, go ahead.
This hasn’t been used, right? This toiletry bag. nah, nah it’s all fresh. Ah, probably had that watch I guess when I was fifteen or sixteen.
Yeah. Probably that watch is around 25, 30 years old.
Did you know the significance of this watch for right now?
I have no idea Okay, so there’s a popular TV show called
True Detective. And Matthew McConaughey on this TV show wears a watch that was very hard
to identify for the Time+Tide Community. We thought it was a Submariner, but it wasn’t
a Submariner. So after a week of sleuthing, we found that it was an Orient Submariner
copy. Really.
it was this watch, So this watch, believe it or not, was worn in true detective by Matthew
McConaughey, not this exact watch. I have no idea.
Alright, alright! What else do we have? Take us through it. I see socks.
That’s a special one. That’s a Paneristi Forever 532 Panerai Paneristi Forever. Oh my God. So that’s from the Italian army. That’s a
diver with a little submarine. A. Uh hmm.
Uhm, that’s a 1940 case. And the story behind is the actual French
ammo from 1940. And this leather has probably seen combat.
Yes. And that burn here it’s from a friend. We were in Tokyo, the Park Hyatt in Tokyo,
having a drink and a cigar, and I’ve burnt that right there for my friend’s birthday.
You know that’s a strange male thing that you did, but it actually looks really good.
It looks like a scald mark from a pistol fire or something. This is legitimate. Let’s keep
going through the sock bag. What else do we have?
Up, That’s another Panerai.*Laughs* That’s a Panerai Pam 323, it’s a Radiomir 10 days
GMT with an Attirail Swiss ammo pouch. So, the interesting thing is he made a strap for
me in all black and I was saying, you know what it’s good but it’s a bit too boring for
me. I just flipped it upside down. So there’s-and
even the keepers-so it gives about of uniqueness. You get a little bit a pop of-Beautiful
Another sock, another watch. Wow, color! It’s a funky little one, yes.
This, you know, this, this looks like it could, it works with the cakes. It’s like a citrus-y
watch. Okay, the watch world does know this know this brand now. This is SevenFriday.
They practically launched on instagram, where you have a huge following.
I think they’re fun watch, and to have something orange, and something different, it’s 47 mil,
I like that size—They’re cool watches. What else do we have? It’s heavy?
That’s my favorite child. Okay, oh my goodness. Just-I don’t even know
where to begin with this. The army story. There’s an Arnie story for this?
Yep You shook his hand and he saw your watch,
and he said what? Yeah, he looked, uh, he looked at me and he
said wow nice watch, I was like, yeah, I know you got the same one.
He wasn’t wearing it at that day? No, he didn’t have the bronzo. He had the
big Egyptian one, the 60 mm, which is huge. 60 mm? That’s a dinner plate.
Huge, huge. Yes. That’s not a watch.
So you’re also known for patina, and I’m looking at this closely and this watch has been through
several wars. What’ve you done? Yes, well I’ve dived with it. I have, uh,
put salt and vinegar and lemon juice and soda, uhh, and ketchup.
You’ve done some brutal things to this watch. The bezel doesn’t turn. It looks like it is
actually corroded and somehow all the better for it. But I do wonder, the king of chocolate,
there’s chocolate everywhere, molten chocolate here, there’s a chocolate sculpture there,
there’s people doing chocolatey things–have you ever dipped this in chocolate.
I can do that for you. That would be so delicious.
Alright, we’re getting serious. We’ve moved from pink to white, and this looks like it
might actually happen, which is blowing my mind.
So what I’m gonna do, I have something pretty cool, I’ve never done before. Basically, I’m
gonna dip the whole thing and, ahh. Can I just say that I’m nervous. Is that,
is that, are you feeling nervous? Why? No.
This is, this is molten chocolate. This is tempered chocolate
Real chocolate Yeah.
Well, let’s do it? This is like a mix of Jackass, Mythbusters
and Masterchef. So we’re gonna leave it for a couple minutes
so the chocolate will, uhh, set. I’m gonna finish it up and set it up just for you. Alright.
Okay, alright. That’s how we roll. Yeah, mate.
Have you done this before? No, no. First time, eh.
There it is, already a sweet watch, now a little bit sweeter. Panerai Bronzo worth 25
grand, covered in chocolate.