Today I will be making pani puri. This is very popular snack all over India. Or also known as chaat. These are small crispy puris eaten with spicy hot water. This recipe will make about 60 puris. So first we are going to make dough. And while dough is resting we will make pani. So we need 3/4 cup of suji. Suji comes in two ways one is fine and one is little coarse we need the fine suji. And 1/4 cup of all purpose flour or maida And about 1/2 cup of water. So we are going to mix suji and all purpose flour together. And make a firm dough. So we were start with little bit less water than half a cup. And add more water as it is needed. Knead the dough really well. Dough is ready. And I am just going to cover this with damp cloth for about 10 minutes before I am going to make the puris. Now I am going to make the pani. It’s a hot spicy water. Here I have 1 cup of mint leaves. 4 green chillies 3 tablespoons of tamarind pulp 3 tablespoons of lemon juice 1 tablespoon of ground roasted cumin seed powder. 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper 1 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon of dry ginger powder 1 teaspoon of black salt About 1/8 teaspoon of asafoetida or hing. 1 tablespoon of sugar And we are going to blend all this together in a fine paste. Green chillies I will put few at a time because sometimes they are very hot. And we will add the water if it is needed slowly. Spice should be very strong because we are going to add about 4-5 cups of water. I think it’s ok and after we add the water that’s the time we are going to taste for more salt if it is needed. Now we need to strain this spicy paste. Let’s put some water right over the strainer. We are done with straining. Now this is a base you can add salt, pepper, lemon juice or sugar to your taste. Dough is ready. And I have 2 kitchen towels which I have wet and just squeeze enough to get excess water out. When I roll the puris, I put them between wet towels it helps to puff the puris both side the same. And it doesn’t dry when you are rolling you can roll basically all the puris one time and then start frying. So going to divide the dough in about 60 pieces. And see they are very small pieces because you eat the pani puri whole at one time. I am making this small balls. And just put them in damp cloth so they don’t dry. And start rolling them. It should be 1 inch in diameter. After I roll few more then I will start covering with another damp cloth. Cover it and start rolling more. I have rolled all the puris. And heat is on, medium high. So it’s time to start frying. So I will fry the puris one side which I rolled first. And press them as you feel they are puffing. Turn them around. And put the next puri in. Turn them around. When you are taking them out just tilt your spatula little bit. So excess oil is out. Pani puris are looking great. And they all puffed. And they are crispy. And I am really ready to try it. You can really put some potatoes or boiled chickpeas. But I just like the water. Puris are very light and fluffy. That’s how I like them to be. Thank you. And I hope you will enjoy it. And I will see you again with new recipe.