Chocolate Hazelnut Bread Today I’m gonna teach you how to make
this delicious bread with tons of hazelnut cream! So come on, let’s do this because it
looks amazing! Moustache: It is delicious! To make the dough I start adding 1 pack
of fresh yeast inside the mixer’s bowl… …and I stir this with 1 tbsp of the total amount
of sugar that I’m going to use. I’m using brown sugar, but you can use any other. Just stir this up with a fork until the yeast become a cream – then, set aside for 5 minutes. In the meanwhile, warm up 150ml of milk and
add 50g of unsalted butter inside of it, so the milk will reach a lower temperature
and the butter will melt there. Now, just pour this mixture into the bowl and add 1/4 cup of oil – it can be any vegetable oil of
your choice, I am using sunflower oil. Then, add 1/3 cup of cream cheese – it will make
this bread much softer. Add 1/2 tsp of salt, 1 egg + 1 yolk
and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Just whisk this until combined and then add
500g of bread flour. A good tip here is to use the bread flour,
which will make your dough much more elastic and your bread much better. If you don’t have it, you can use the regular flour
but be aware that your little bread will be so so. Well, after this just place the hook attachment in
your stand mixer and start beating the dough in minimum speed. As soon as the dough is formed, crank up the speed
to maximum and let it beating for 10 minutes to knead this dough very well, so it will be
elastic and pretty! Now just spread some oil onto a bowl, place
the dough inside it, cover with plastic wrap and take it to the fridge
so your dough can rest for 6h to 12h. If you’re enjoying this video, click on “like” right down
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social networks, which are listed right next to me! And when you make this delicious bread, post on
Instagram with #ICKFD so I can check it out too! After your dough has rested, open it over a
floured surface until it is with approximately 0,5cm thickness. Then, you’ll spread 350g of hazelnut cream
on top of your dough. It can be the bought in the supermarket, but I’ve
taught you how to make a very good one here, so I am leaving the link here for you to check
out the recipe! Sprinkle 150g of chopped hazelnuts or cashew nuts
on top of the hazelnut cream. I also add some grated coconut to enhance the flavor! I am using 100g of grated coconut, but if you
don’t want to use it, it’s completely up to you. Moustache: Everything is optional, isn’t it? Not everything. Moustache: Everything is optional. Nop. Then just roll your dough just like a cinnamon roll. Cut slices of about 1 finger thick, but a chubby finger. Do you know, love? Those chubby fingers? Moustache: Actually it is about 2 finger-thick, right? Why two fingers? Moustache: Because on the screen it looks
thicker than what you’re showing. No, it’s this! After that, take a bread pan and line it
with parchment paper. Now put it vertically and place each slice
inside the pan, forming a pile of slices. When you turn it correctly, you’ll have a pretty
and messy bread, which is even cooler! Set aside for 40 minutes in a warm place
so your bread can rise. Then, just brush a beaten egg with a pinch of
salt, sprinkle some crystal sugar on top and bake in a preheated oven to 180˚C
for about 40 to 50 minutes until your bread is very big and your house
smells like…? Moustache: Bread! Well, this was my hazelnuty bread for you!
I hope you like it! Love you, kisses and bye!