Hi! Starting now another I Could Kill for Dessert! On today’s show I am going to make a double cream bread… Good one… … and a very tasty tea for us to drink! Shall we? So, the first thing I’m going to do for the bread is warm up the water. “Waiting is a virtue” Im going to sieve the flour inside here. Thank you Jefferson Trevisan, who gave me the recipe for this bread! If you too would like to send your recipe send it through the website, that I will try to make it here ok?! Remember that all the recipe is on the website, the ingredientes, everything exactly is there, all you do is access down here and see all the ingredients and all the recipes, ok? Now just make a little whole, in the middle of the flour, add the two little yeast tablets, add a little water here in the middle… But aren’t you supposed to make bread on the counter? You’re doing it in a bowl, don’t you have to do it in the counter, mix it with your hands, make a dough… Is this dough going to taste like “skull ring” too? Now take it to the mixer, shall we? So, now just add the other ingredients Now just mix a little with the mixer. I am going to add the powder milk two egg yolks, the butter and the double cream. Ah, this mixer thing that I am using is the spiral dough hook, ok? So you cannot use that wire whip or anything, it has to be this hook if you want to mix it here or you better make it using your hands, to avoid breaking the mixer. Well, now I am going to add the salt. I am going to add the water little by little while the mixer is still stirring. I have here 200ml of water, but I don’t know if I will use it all, it will depend a lot on the flour, if the flour is going to be drier or more humid… it’s kind of “rule of thumb” to check the dough’s consistency and see if it’s going to be good or not… And how does one know this? I will show you the dough’s consistency, ok? Ok, the dough is ready. Now, we can put a little oil on our hands and grease the dough… Put it in a bowl, I will cover it with a plastic film and we will wait for 40 minutes the bread to grow, ok?! Look at the size of our ball! Gigantic, right?! Our bread grew a lot, and also here is an absurd heat, but oh well… At home you can also leave it at a warm place, inside the oven, an oven turned off, ok? Well… “Little pieces of 60g” “Make little balls” “Fill it” “Rosemary leaves” This doesn’t look like bread, it looks like one of those wraps I used to eat at my school’s cafeteria… Good one… Ok folks, the loaves rested another 30 minutes, they grew a little more… I wrapped them with plastic film so they wouldn’t get dry, and now I will whisk here a little bit of oil, one egg and a little pinch of salt and I will brush the top of our bread with it and they will go to the oven that is already preheated to 190C. Ok, the little breed are now baking, huh??? The little “breed”? So, while the little bread are in the oven baking, they’re almost ready, I am going to make some tea for us to eat the bread drinking tea, everything hot… “2 lemons” “Greated ginger” “Honey and Rosemary” “Boil the water” “Let it sit for 5 minutes before serving” The loaves of bread are ready, and now it’s time for the best part guys, eat! Guys, that was the show, we made double cream bread that are delicious! You can fill it with anything you want. It’s not a salty bread, so if you want to fill it with chocolate chips it will also be good. The tea is delicious, if it’s too hot you can put it in the fridge so it can cool down, you will have the same result, it will be super tasty… Where is it going to be hot? In the tea? No, the temperature! If the temperature is hot, you can leave the tea in the fridge! Got it… Got it? Ok? And that was the show, in 15 days we will have another one so watch it, coment down here on the website and this was I Could Kill For Dessert, and you? Subtitles by the Amara.org community