Are you looking for an excuse to have people
over? Well, my name is Lori Randall, with Simply Divine Events, and I’m going to tell
you how to throw a dessert party. Maybe doing a dessert party might be something a little
bit different, than your just typical ,come on over, and have some appetizers, hors d’oeurves,
and drinks. Think of it a little bit outside of the box, and do a dessert party. Your dessert
party could be something that’s later in the evening, after dinner. Maybe 7:30, 8:00 o’clock,
till like midnight, 11:30. The dessert party that I’m going to be talking to you about
today, is basically, more of a holiday dessert party, around the holiday times. You might
want to think about having people come over. People are so busy, and they’re having to
just go to so many parties and open houses, typically during the day. Think about doing
a dessert party in the evening or at night, so people can stop by their last minute shopping.
They can come on over to your dessert party, and enjoy some time with friends and family.
When you’re throwing your dessert party, if you’re doing the holiday theme, which we are
here, you want to think of using like your reds and your whites, to stick with the whole
Christmas holiday theme. You might want to set up a buffet table, or different little
stations, throughout your house, of having different types of candies. You have licorice
here. Like some red hots, some white, like chocolate covered mints. Pull in some of your
little like votive candles, and get a little holder that has the berries, and kind of brings
in your reds, with your roses. You also want to have a station set up for your alcohol
as well, which is very important around the holiday times, to keep you a little stress
free. You want to have a bar. Make sure that you have all your cocktail attire that you
need up here. You want to make sure you have your rums, and your vodkas, all your liqueurs.
Also think of your dessert liqueurs, as well. Maybe think of doing a red velvet cake. Anything
that kind of sticks with your red and white, or your Christmas theme. Crystals, you might
want to hang, and maybe as the guests enter, you might want to have like a nice red and
white wreath on the door, just kind of sticks with the whole atmosphere and party. If you
don’t want to do it during Christmas time, say you want to do it at some other time of
the year, come up with another theme. Say you’re doing it in the fall, like autumn.
You can have the fall leaves, the pumpkins, squash, that sort of thing, and do your dessert
party that way, so I hope I gave you some ideas. My name is Lori Randall, with Simply
Divine Events, and I wish you the best of luck in planning your dessert party.