We are going to start today’s
day of our annual sports day.. ..of our school with
the racing completion. In this competition which
child will complete 6 rounds.. ..and who will get
out after 1-2 rounds? It would be interesting to see this. Whatever maybe the
result but it feels happy.. ..to see that children have come here. We wish good luck to all children
participating in this competition. We would like to tell you that
the chief guest present here today.. – ..and has made our country proud
in the Olympics. – Keep quiet. I hope.. Hey, why aren’t you running? Are you going to insult
us by running? Get lost. I would like to tell
you one important thing. Winning or losing is not important. It is more important to
participate in the competition. That is why we welcome
all participants. So much anger. Even if you run for one round
I will wear an earring. Go away. You will make us proud. He will break that as well. Go now. So children get ready. The
racing competition is going to start. Our PT master has whistled
and the children have started running. Excited children have started
running to complete the first round. All children are very good. All children are trying
hard to win this race. Very good children. Keep running. – What happened? You became tired.
– First round is complete. Come on run and show us. I didn’t expect this from them. Now second round has started. Many children got out
in this round as well. All children seem to be very tired. This is the fourth round. Many children got tired
and have left the field. But even then some children
are running towards their goal. Four more children
have left the field. Sixth round has started. Children are just one
round away from their victory. If you come back after
round then..hey fatty run. Wow! Great running. Wait. Do not clap yet. The child who has won
wants to prove something. We would have to see that
after how many rounds he stops. – He is not accepting defeat.
– How much will you run? Stop otherwise you
will become unconscious. It seems as if this child
would go out after 10 rounds. He is running thinking like this. You had said that I wouldn’t
be able to run for one round. I ran for 10 rounds.
What do you think I am? Now our respected chief
guest would give away the prizes. Greetings to all. I really like this racing
competition of the school. Best wishes to the winners
who participated in this race. All the sports officials
of the school.. ..decided that one special
award should be given. This special award is given to
Rahul Singh who won this competition. I? You must be thinking that
why are we giving award to the child. That too special award. Life is also a race.
Everyone is running to win. Some run till the end
and some leave in between. When that child was running here then
many children were applauding here. Some were surprised
and some were laughing. Life is also like that. Some people clap on seeing
others running and some laugh. Rahul ignored all this
and concentrated on his aim. He completed the
race and proved himself. I am sure that this child would
reach great heights in his life. I am fortunate that I got a
chance to give award to such a child. Good. The baby is very healthy. Do not miss the regular check up. Okay. All the best. – Thank you, doctor.
– Thank you, mam. Okay, baby is healthy. Thank you. – Divya..
– I am coming. Divya, why are you wasting time?
We are getting late. Okay sure. Yes, tell me. Akhil, what are you doing? Obviously I am working.
I will call you later. Okay. Have you brought the cassette? I forgot. I forgot. How could you forget? Akhil, if you register online
in Akshya School at the time.. ..of conceiving then it becomes easy. Why so soon? It is number 1 school. Why are you calling it number 1? Because they take the maximum
fees so they must be number 1 school. They refused to give admission
to education minister’s grandchild. Now you decide. I will check the
website of that school. Look, the child is kicking. – Where is he kicking?
– He became silent. Actually I have done 160 operations
on the advice of this astrologer. He is a very good astrologer. Just wait and watch that
how your life changes in a moment. I am feeling scared
to get operated, doctor. This has become easier
than normal delivery. Oh I see. This is the ongoing trend. What do you want your child to become? – Actually doctor.
– No, pilot. – Engineer.
– Doctor. It is confirmed that
he will become a doctor. Okay. Doctor, sir. Doctor. If we go according
to horoscope of both of you.. ..then you should give
birth to a child by operation.. ..on 15th October
at 10:30 in the morning. The planetary condition
shows that the child will prosper. And your life will be happy. Mother.. Mother.. Brother, Divya delivered the baby. What was the hurry? She delivered
in seven and a half months. – I hope there is no problem.
– There is no problem. I have checked everything. What is the score of this child? On checking the heartbeat,
movement of limbs.. ..crying and sneezing we give marks.
Your child’s score is 7.5 Note down the time of birth.
It is exactly 7:30 Doctor, the child is born
in seven and a half months.. ..and you have given
the score also 7.5 And the time of birth is also 7:30 If everything is seven and a half
then I hope it has no connection.. ..with sadesatti (inauspicious
planetary condition). That you will come to know later. Start dancing before I lose my cool. I am waiting. Money, money.. Don’t irritate me. Understood. What are you thinking?
Why are you so worried? “I become Chhota Bheem
and defeat the enemy.” “I walk like Dora.” “I don’t know how many
cities I have roamed.” “I shall become Ninja
of mobile games.” “I shall cut all fruits and eat it.” “There is loud sound all around.” “There is no one with us.” “I become Chhota Bheem
and defeat the enemy.” “I move like Dora
and roam many cities.” “My hair is spiked and
my feet are like a bike.” “My hands are mike
and I keep on singing.” “There is skyscraper on paper.” “I stay in it.” “I ride roller skates on rainbow.” “Who will come with me on moon?” “The ocean would be of ice cream
and the nation would be of chocolate.” “Imagination should not be such.” “There is loud sound all around.” “There is no one with us.” “I become Chhota Bheem
and defeat the enemy.” She back answers
teacher at every point. She always questions whenever
we ask her to do something. We spent 2lakh on admission
and if this continues then.. “I shall become Ninja
of mobile games.” “I shall cut all fruits and eat it.” Your son seems to be hyper active. That is why he studies
in different schools every year. Admission is closed.
You can come next year. All the best. “I shall become Chhota Bheem.” Your son argues a lot.
He is not at all disciplined. I suggest you to put
him in some special school. Vicky, listen to me. I-pad will fall. She is very naughty. She cannot stay in one
place for more than a minute. Again and again her
eyes seem to find something. She argues on every matter. Teachers say that because of her other
children are also getting spoilt. She is always doing
some or the other mischief. Because of her I have changed
4 schools and two apartments. To spend one day with her
seems to be like spending one year. When I think of other
children I get fever. How are studies and way of talking? She is very smart but
cannot score in exams. She converses well doctor. We just do not have
answers to her questions. The schools authorities ask us to take
her away as she has some mental problem. Your explanation makes
me feel that she has dyslexia. A kind of mental disorder. Kavin, Kavin dear get up. Go mother, let me sleep. Get up. You don’t let me sleep. What an aroma! Listen, at least brush
your teeth and then have tea. All the time she insults me. Mother, it is just 3:30 You have to take a bath. Come on. – Come on, hurry up.
– I have holiday in school. You are getting late so hurry up. If you force me then
I will not have a bath. Kavin, Kavin.. Take your bath quickly
and come out son. Kavin.. Kavin, why do you have
to dance all the time? Come here. – Why did you switch off the TV?
– Keep quiet and wear your clothes. Is this the time to have breakfast? I do not know when you
will come back from there. Because that place is such. You are right. Where are we going, mother? I will tell you. Can’t you sit at one place?
All the time you are jumping around. Oh God, since 3o’clock
in the morning I am cooking food. Is the breakfast good? You just keep cooking
and I will keep eating. I will tell you the
day your food is delicious. How did you like it? Super, mother. How did he like it? Hey.. Daddy, she was staring at you
when you said you did not like it.. ..but she will thrash me if I say so. That is why I praised the food, daddy. Forget it. But where are we going? He gets leaving certificate
easily from every school. I have got you along to show you
how difficult it is to get admission. Come. Hey Mr. I have come before 5o’clock.. ..even then why have
you given me token number 1093 For your information let me tell
you that people are standing here.. ..since yesterday evening 5o’clock. Then it is fine. Why should we stand
in such a long queue? Let’s go to a school
where there is no queue. No son. This is the
best school of this area. They charge more but
this school has a standard. They will make you so capable
that you will get first rank. All the people standing
here must be thinking the same. But only one child
will get first rank. You stand quietly. You will just believe
them but will never believe me. No problem. What are you doing? Sorry madam. Hey, can’t you stand quietly? In our times the teachers
used to come home.. ..and request us to
send our children to school. But now to teach children
we have to stand in queue.. ..give money and beg in front of them. In our times the government
used to run the school. And private people
use to run wine shop. But now government runs the wine
shop and schools are run privately. It is Kalyug. Father, why are so many
people standing in a queue here? Are they getting something for free? They do not give anything for free,
child. They just snatch everything. Father, stop. – What happened, child?
– Our teacher. Good morning, teacher. Good morning. Go. Is he your teacher? Yes, father. Hello sir. Will you please come here? Hello, I am standing behind you.
I’ll be back after meeting him. Okay. What happened? Being a government teacher.. ..you are getting your
child admitted to private school. Having faith in you
we send our children to you. Brother, it is not just me
but there are many people like me. You can also stand
in queue if you wish to. But it is very
difficult to get a seat. We believe in our children
and not on the school. Good thought. Keep doing. Schools will improve if government
makes it mandatory that government.. ..officers should get their children
admitted in government schools. Father, what is the difference
between my school and that school? The one who studies in
your school curses in Hindi.. ..and the one who studies
here curses in English. That is the only difference child. There is so crowd. At least
they would have called for police. Sir, I am a police officer
and standing in queue for my child. Oh God, I do not know what
they will ask in interview. Why did you change so many schools? Because we were not
satisfied from any school. After making a search we found
out that your school is the best. Yes. What is your name, child? Naina. Tell me what all you know? I know many things.
What would you like to hear? Rhymes or stories. Anything would do. Either rhyme or story? I don’t think we
will get admission here. Narrate a story. Shall I narrate a story that I have
read or the one that I have written? Oh! So you write stories as well. Why not? Now no one in our family
will get admission here. Okay anyone that you like. Raavan kidnap Sita
and take her to Sri Lanka. To save Sita Ram ask
for help from Hnauman. Even Hanuman agrees to help him. The story will move further
only if those listening enjoy it. Okay, narrate further. Now Hanuman call
up his friend Spiderman. Yes tell me, what happened? Chhotu, I need a help. Why so? Because there are many seas and
mountains between India and Sri Lanka. And Spiderman can
fly by making his web. Okay. Even Hanuman
had the capability to fly. Yes, he had the capability but he
had Sanjeevani mountain in his hand. That is why he cannot fly at a speed. Hanuman and Spiderman
reached Sri Lanka quickly. They fight with Raavan and save Sita. – Sita thanks both of them.
– Why? We should thank the
person who helps us. Yes. Further.. Then hanuman calls up Hulk. What’s up, bro? Now even the Hulk has come? While coming both came easily. Now someone was needed
to bring back Sita. Even Hanuman can bring Sita. How is it possible? He has to hold mountain in one hand
and Spiderman’s web in another hand. Correct. This is very funny. My parents never laugh on what I say. They always get angry. Is the story over? No, no. While coming to
India they meet my friend Ranjana. Sita talks to her for some time. Why will they come to
meet your friend Ranjana? This story is written by
me so anyone can come in this story. Three of them come to India
and stand at a bus depot in Mumbai. Why did they come and
stand at the bus depot? They forgot their way
so they came and stood there. An idea strikes Hulk
and he calls up Dora. Dora, I am Hulk speaking. Yes Hulk, tell me. Do you need some help? Who is Dora? That is why I ask you
to spend some time with me. Dora is the one who tells the
way as she always has map in her hand. As soon as Dora comes everyone
drops Sita at Punjabi Garden in Delhi. That’s it. Why did they drop Sita
at Punjabi Garden in Delhi? Because my house is
there and I am that Sita. Our school needs children like you. – Nainoo..
– It’s okay. Thank you madam. Thank you so much. Don’t be stubborn son.
If you say then I shall beg to you. This is your fourth school in 2nd std. With the favor from police your
father ahs got this admission done. Just to find a school for you
your father gets his transfer done. Promise your mother. What will I have to do? Here you will get
rank between 1st to 3rd. You will not argue with teacher. You will not call
teachers by their name. You will not speak bad words
and will not fight with children. You will sit at one place and not
start dancing on hearing the music. Promise me. Okay mother,
I will try my level best. Okay. Naina dear, don’t be mischievious. Go. They are spoiling
other children as well.. ..so for God’s sake take
your child away from school. Is she mad?
Sometimes she bites others.. ..thrashes children and
does not listen to anyone. She starts arguing
if anything is told to her. She sleeps in the class and
suddenly goes out and starts playing. – What should we do about her?
– She is not at all disciplined. I have never seen a worst student
than this in my teaching career. Please take the child
away from our school. We will give back the fees
and donation that you have given. Please take the child
away from our school. We cannot tolerate him anymore. Good morning miss. Repeat after me. I see a rainbow. I see a rainbow. Across the sky. Across the sky. Hey, come and sit in your place. I see a rainbow. Across the sky. Miss Naina is poking
me with the pencil. Hey get up and change your place. Okay students, today we
will study about popular leaders. Kavin, what are you doing? Kavin, don’t repeat the
mischief that you did today. Okay. I have written in the diary
so show it to your parents. Go now. – Bye. Take care, miss.
– Bye. Is anything written in diary today? No, mother.
Our class teacher was absent today. Mother, does a dog
know that he is a dog? He must be aware. Then why don’t they look
back when we call them dog. When you call them by
the name Juju it turns back. Are pets’ duffer? Are you really my daughter? Actually I should have
been born to Aishwarya aunty. Sir, you took the pen to
sign but have not returned it. Sorry, nice. Sorry, earlier also you had taken 2-3
times but did not return. That is why.. Hey fool,
where are all the pens on my table? Sir, office buys pens
everyday but they get stolen. Call CID and CBI and find them.
What are you talking? Have you been to Chennai?
Have you been to Delhi? Inky Pinky para bow.. Inky Pinky para bow.. From when has he changed? Inky Pinky para bow.. Inky Pinky para bow.. Did the Sun rise from west today? He has started studying
from the first day in school. Have you been to Delhi? Paper weight. Along with vegetables
why did you bring paper weight? – This is mine?
– Is this yours? This was on billing table.
I liked it so I picked it up. You stole it? This is not called stealing.
What should I do if I like it? You gave 20/- to the beggar outside. You should have bought
this with that money. it would not be fun to buy
it but it is fun to pick it up. Get ready.
We have to go to a friend’s place. Oh no.. – Hi.
– Hi, please come in. – Happy birthday Vidya.
– Where is Naina? Naina. What happened, mother? Wish uncle and aunty. Look at sister. Clap your hands. Clap your hands. Listen
to the music and clap your hands. Turn around. Turn around.
Listen to the music and turn around. You recite poems very well, child. If I wouldn’t have recited then my
mother would have asked me to recite. Mother always asks me to recite
poems in front of guests every time. Isn’t it, mother? Shall I sing a song now?
Turn on the phone. The wavy paths, open arms. We do not know where have we come? Look, even you have
to learn like this. These silky hazy things on eyelids.. You like singing a lot. No, mother likes it. When she went to school she wanted
to learn singing, dancing and Marathi. Her wishes were not fulfilled
so she wants me to fulfill them. It is mother’s wish to sing on TV.
Isn’t it, mother? Send this video to all on what’s app. – She is very smart.
– Be careful, child. As of now you can stay happy. Once you start going to school you
will have to sing a song for guests. You will have to dance in front of them
and come within first three ranks. She does a lot of drama. More guests so soon.
Oh God I am feeling dizzy. – I will have to recite the poem again.
– Is everything fine? That means I will have to
take an off tomorrow from school. You are our father as well as mother. Good morning miss. Okay, sit down. Good morning.. Silence, silence.. How was the joke? Kavin. Madam, sorry. I am very sorry. He is good in bad words,
bad habits and other bad things. Sorry madam,
next time this would not happen. Write it in a letter that
next time this would not happen. Okay. Naina, no. Hi. Kavin. Naina, no. “Where have I got trapped?” “I cannot understand anything.” “This world is strange.” “My heart is not happy here.” “She keeps on shouting at everyone.” “I do not know what
is right or wrong.” “I want to do what I wish to do.” “Why does everyone stop me?” “I feel like going
wherever I wish to.” “Why does everyone stop me?” “I want to do whatever I wish to.”
– I will send you hostel. I have made a new dish today.
Will you try? Run. “Where have I got trapped?” “I cannot understand anything.” “This world is strange.” “My heart is not happy here.” Does water also feel cold? Complete your homework.
Do you know our neighbor Nitin? He is very intelligent.
He studies a lot. And you just keep on talking.
You just do mischief and nothing else. Mother, just tell
what I have to become. Do not compare me with others. Okay. He is in 1st std and I am in 2nd std. Father, today is Tuesday.
I had to wear sports dress. Oh no, Naina. Naina, I will put you in hostel.
Wait and watch. Will I have to call you
for dinner on what’s app? It is time to sleep so go to sleep. I will sleep after finishing the game. Turn on the light.
I am feeling thirsty. Come on drink it. I want to go to washroom.
I want to go for potty. You are troubling me a lot. Give me another set of clothes.
These have become wet. Listen, give him
another set of clothes. Why? Are you a patient? I will not wear green. You are
wearing blue so I will also wear blue. Wait. I will remove these clothes. Are you happy now?
Are you satisfied now? I will sleep.
Please sing a lullaby for me. Now she will sing. You know that I am tired.. ..and why are you torturing
me by asking your mother to sing. You both sleep.
I will go to the watchman and sleep. “I don’t want to sleep.” – Oh no Naina.
– Let us sleep. I will get you admitted in a hostel. “My tears are not cheap.” “You are very playful
and there is no one like you.” You always keep finding
your phone and purse. Have you ever found your intelligence? From where do you learn all this? “Whatever we want is right.” Nanina, how many times should
I tell you not to write on the walls? “We sing, dance and make noise.” Kavin. What happened? Why are
you standing outside the house? Today I had a very bad day at office.. ..and now I will not be able
to tolerate my son’s torture at home. As soon as sleeps you
give me a call and I will come. Okay, you want that I should
alone tolerate his torture. I have to tolerate both wife and son.
What kind of life I have? Mother, you go inside this. Hey, silence in the class. What is your name? My name is Naina. Stand up. Can’t you see me? Idiot. Madam, I am concentrating
on what you are teaching. I am listening to what you are saying. Then why do I have to see. I do not like to see the
same face for long. I get bored. Hey, everyone don’t laugh
and make teacher angry. Then she will throw me out. – Get out.
– Thank you, madam. Madam, my pen is stolen. This is not for the first
time but for the third time. Look, all of you belong
to rich and reputed families. That is why there is no
need to steal anyone’s things. It must have fallen by
mistake in someone’s bag.. ..or someone must have
kept if it was really appealing. I do not want to trap anyone.
But I know who has taken it. I will give her a chance
to improve on her mistake. I am going to keep a bag outside. Everyone has to go out with
eyes closed and put hand in the bag. And the one who has taken
the pen will keep it in that. And in this way no one
will come to know anything. – Okay.
– Okay miss. Wow! – Miss. Sorry miss.
– What kind of habit do you have? I had written a complaint in the
diary. Did you show it to your father? My diary got stolen, miss. Diary got stolen?
You are saying lies to me. What happen? Are you saying lies? Silence. Kavin. This is not just the case. He
does not respect his teachers at all. Every day he hits me behind. She does mischief in the class
so I asked her to leave the class. She went out and rang the bell. I was feeling bored. I wanted to go
home so that is why I rang the bell. Call your parents. – Thank you, miss.
– Last warning. Otherwise you will be
thrown out of the school. – Okay.
– Okay madam. – Go to your class.
– Thanks a lot. What nonsense is this? Call his parents. He always does this. Kavin. Madam, sorry madam. Very sorry madam. No one has
the habit of stealing in my family. The child’s future
is in your hands, madam. Please. Kavin, don’t touch that. Is it necessary to touch everything? – Why are you hitting me?
– Look at your father. – He is a bank manager.
– Divya. Because of you we have to get
insulted in front of so many people. Hey Divya. Will you never change? Because
of you we changed so many schools. Will you listen to me or not? We feel ashamed of you. Silence. Are you mad? Some children are mischievous
but they study as well. But your daughter is only mischievous. We will wait till half yearly exam. If she is able to score
good marks then it is fine. Otherwise we will give her LC. He looks so good when he remains calm. I thrashed him so hard but that
principal and madam just kept watching. Even I was getting
angry on that principal. I was thinking of picking
my favorite thing from her table.. ..but could not get a chance. Now he.. Divya.. Sorry mother. From now onwards I
will not make any mistake. Listen, if you suggest
then shall I resign from my job? In this way I will be
able to give him more time. No one likes me. Everyone calls me naughty boy. Mother, father and everyone
else screams at me. Even miss screams at
me and gives me punishment. I will not trouble anyone now. Please believe me. Promise. By staying at home you
will have to take care of her. Along with my office
how can I take care of her? Why is she so weak in studies? What do you do at home? After sending the child to
school you sleep the entire day. Are you feeling bad on hearing this? If she does not score good
marks in half yearly exams.. ..then I will send her to hostel. Or show her to doctor once again. I think she has dyslexia. After treating her for two months I
will be able to reach any conclusion. They take so much money from
us in the name of treatments.. ..X-Ray and ECG and tests. But there is no change in result. He is not hyper active. He is active. There is a lot of difference
between hyper active and over active. – Don’t worry. It is okay.
– Mother. Look, we used to get a
lot of space in village to play. We use to see birds on trees,
streams for jumping.. ..and now by cramping our
children in 500 square feet.. ..of house you say
that they do mischief. You should be happy
that your child is active. Children are like this only, child.
Even you were like this in childhood. That is why if you
get counseling done.. ..make her eat medicine then
there would be problem in future. Principals just keep
on saying like this so that.. ..they can teach without
any extra effort. Let’s see what we can do on that site. What happened, Vidya? Shall I give you a slap? Just keep yourself busy in phone,
what’s app, facebook and twitter. You prepare her for exam tomorrow. No, just..I will call you back. Bye. Vidya! Study Kavin.
You have your half yearly exams. Kavin has scored 100 marks. Thank you, son. Superb.. Madam, we both worked hard for him. Hello, he has scored total 100 marks. – E grade.
– How is this possible? Sorry madam. Really sorry, madam. Sharp, smart and intelligent
but very poor score. Why don’t you try some
international school? Day by day he is getting spoilt.
There is no improvement in him. I think he needs some counseling
badly and immediately. Our school is at number 2 position
and we are trying to come on number 1 Find out a good doctor.
I am scared that he might have ADHD Enough, madam. Along with LC every school
gives a disease to my son. My son has no problem. Father, won’t you take LC? – Vidya, are you okay?
– Take it. You will come to know. No Vidya. What if we have a son? Whatever it maybe but I do not want. We cannot handle one kid and it
would be troublesome with another one. We have not planned her expenses yet. Quack, quack.. Even I have desire but.. Now in which school
ill we get her admitted? We will have to pay 4lakhs.. ..as soon as he gets admission
in JM International school. After that there would
be no extra cost till 12th. As soon as 12th is over
they will return 4lakhs. Once we have given the
money then our tension is over. Then we will never get LC Because of the return of those
4lakhs we will not have LC problem. What do say?
Shall we get her admission done there? Okay. Will we easily get
a house on rent there? Yes, I have already found one. Be careful. There is glass
in that which might break. Slowly. Inch pinch,
pooch plum, choose your best friend. Inch pinch,
pooch plum, choose your best friend. My name is Kavin. My name is Naina. Which school? JM School. Even I am in that school.
Which standard are you in? – 3rd B
– Super. – Bye.
– Bye. – Hey stupid, come here.
– Bye. Now I am becoming scared
seeing his behavior. Why are you getting scared, Divya? You are forgetting
whose mother you are. Other people get scared
when he is around. Look, it is the truth. – Hello..
– Be careful. Tell me. I saw your and son-in-law’s horoscope. Time is very good, child. I could not hear, mother.
Say it again. I said that yours and son-in-law’s
time is going on good. I had told you earlier. But bad planetary condition is going
to start for Kavin from tomorrow. You will have to take
more care of him now. What happened to you, father? Nothing. Your father and mother is going
to face trouble in the coming days. I hope I will not be in trouble. Because I enjoy putting
others in trouble. You will become a great
musician one day. Isn’t it Divya? What happened? Do you know I am feeling
good after coming here? Now I shall I invite Dr. Rahul Singh.. and his wife teacher Ramya
on stage to continue this sports.. ..competition of children
between the age of 5-6 years. – Hello.
– Hello. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Here I have not come
as a doctor but a father. That is why treat me like others. Sir, even I am not a teacher today. Even I am not a student today. – Hey..
– Come on you start it today. – No…
– Even I will run father. Look, your daughter is going.
Now you will have to start. Okay fine. – Okay child, all the best.
– All the best. Are you ready, sir? On your marks, get set go. Come on, you can do it. Very good child. Very good. What are you doing? Get up. Get up. What are you doing? Get up. – Help her to get up.
– One minute. What happened, child?
I hope you did not get hurt. She has got hurt. Even if we
ask her to run then how will she run? Take care of her. You should have run fast.
Why did you fall in between? You insulted us. What are you thinking? You have to get the
bottle and come back. What is she doing? Why is she picking two bottles? Okay come on child. Why were you looking
at me while running? If you hadn’t looked at
me then you would have come first. Oh no, now you have lost. All the time you are
running in the house. And at the time of competition
you have come at the third position. Very good, Kamakshi. You ran fast to pick up first bottle. There were many bottles there. I stopped on seeing your
favorite color bottle pink. No dear, before that you
had blue color bottle with you. Why didn’t you pick up that? I like pink color as father
does so I picked up pink color bottle. Then why did you
get blue colored bottle. Brother likes blue color so
that is why I got blue colored bottle. – Okay.
– Wow! – Very good my dear. Great.
– Sweet! Come. You did amazingly well. You ran well. Rather than getting what was
available she brought what she liked. She completed the race irrespective
of thinking about winning or losing. That is what I like about her. I wouldn’t have been so
happy even if she came first. She did what she liked.
That is her specialty. Wow! Did you all see that
Rahul ignored everything.. ..and concentrated on his goal to
complete the race and proved himself? I am sure that this child
would reach to new heights one day. Tomorrow we have admissions
in our school, father. Greetings to parents present here. Our special teacher
Ramya will tell you.. ..about the admission
procedure of our school. Greetings to all. We dream about what
we want our child to become. Raise your hands who
want their children.. ..to become doctors,
engineers, collector, lawyer.. Excuse me? I want my daughter
to become an engineer. Shall I raise my hand? Surely raise your hand. Thank you. First of all best wishes to you all. Because in just three
years you all have decided.. ..that what your child will become? But unfortunately this
school will not suit you. I am very sorry.
There are many other schools for you. You all can leave. All those who did not raise
their hand can come forward. Please. We will wait for some time. Let’s see what they
are going to tell us. We always hold our
children’s hand move ahead. Children follow us.. ..then how can we pay attention
to the activities of our children. This is the concept of our school. That we keep our children
ahead and we follow them. I mean we will not force
children to come in our world. But we will go in their world. By paying attention to their activities
we concentrate on their interest. We do not have any syllabus
in our school till the age of 5. They need not get books as well. No home work, no uniform. There are no holiday assignments. We do not believe in
home work but in team work. Children pursue life and
in doing so they pursue knowledge. If you are interested in this then
you can take the application form. Why should we spend money
and sent to school for this? They are playing with lives
of children by calling them different. How will he earn in future? Come on let’s go. Come on. Stone, paper, scissors.. Don’t play here.
Play in the ground. Go.. I need discipline,
manners and perfection. – Go.
– Loser. Aunty did not even see
our face but scolded us. That stupid pushed us
and did not even say sorry. – Shall we show them who we are?
– Definitely. There is no electric supply.. ..and it is not going to
be restored for next one hour. Water is not there.
Didn’t you turn on the motor? Vidya.. You just have a bath on Sunday. If there is no water
today then what will you do. – Poor fellow.
– I. Only Sunday.
Do I take a bath only on Sunday? I will finish the entire water today. Baby, I am coming as a courier boy.
I hope there is no one at home. Hey, no one will ask even
if you come as a courier boy. There is no electric
supply in the building. We will not get a chance
like this ever again. Okay, I am coming. Nothing will happen to you, father. Mother.. Hey, is someone watching us down? Really? Why are you ringing the bell? Who did this mischief? There is no water supply. Who put cello tape on the bell? Where is Naina? Oh no, he has started here as well. Hey Kavin. Security. I have come. Who did this mischief? Hey, who is he?
He must have rung the bell? Come on let’s catch him. Stop him. You had said that there is no one
but here they all were waiting for me. You played a very bad joke. Hey wait. Where are you going? Who is this? Hey, who are you? Since long you are ringing the bell. – Don’t you have any sense?
– Talk respectfully. – I stay in the flat opposite to yours.
– You stay here? It has been three years I am staying
here but I have never seen you. Even I am o staying here for last
5 years. Even I have never seen you. What? You have never seen me. No. Haven’t you ever seen me? No, I have never seen you, sir. – Oh no.
– I hope they do not see me. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice meeting you, sir. Father, what happened? Listen to me. Listen, father is breathing hard.
Come inside. Father. Nasty fellows. – I miss it.
– Now it is my turn. Okay. Will you call me if
someone will ring the bell? I am secretary and not security. – Hi aunty.
– What is this? It burst on her face. Super! Secretary. That is you, madam. – Security.
– That is me. Whosoever have done
this bring them down. Go. Super! It was fun. What did you say?
The car and bike tyres are flat? Shall I fill air into them? Oh God. She is saved. Who is there? What is happening? First they threw water
and then this flower pot. They will make sure that they die. Why has the ambulance come? Now what is this? It has come to take you. – Father, father..
– What has happened? Secretary,
if something happens to my father.. ..then you will be
responsible for that. What is this?
What can I do as a secretary? Madam, first call for an
emergency meeting. Go and get ready. You are right.
First get those two down first. If you hold secretary responsible
for everything then what will I do. And you all. You have come
to stay in such big apartments. Can’t you take care of your children? Can’t you teach them
discipline and decency? And you all know very well that I need
discipline, decency and perfection. Now no one can stop
the child from dancing. I will slap you. Keep quiet. What is going on here? Will you stop dancing or not? Did you see how they
are dancing in front of us? Hello, what are you looking at?
Just control your children. Kavin, enough. Kavin. Wow! Both of them should be sent to hostel. Please, enough.
No one should get troubled. We will send our daughter to hostel. – What?
– No, mother. That is very good. Do that first. – Please, mother.
– Even I will send my son to hostel. No, mother. Request father. – Akhil, what is this?
– Excuse me. They were shouting… – No, but listen to me.
– I am Rahul, a doctor. Hi. Dr. Rahul. I was listening to your conversation.
They do not need a hostel. I am a child psychiatrist, This is my clinic’s address.
Please come over and we will talk. Sir, call anytime. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go Children are of this nature.
On such a petty issue.. They threw the card. – Let’s see which hostel is the best.
– I think they are too serious. No father, please take me back. I will not do any mischief. After few days you
will like this place. Don’t cry. I will call you every day. I will come to meet you every weekend. Okay. Don’t cry. Come on move. The time is over. – Okay dear. Come on move.
– Don’t leave me and go, father. – Papa no! Don’t.
– Come on. Let’s go. Don’t leave me and go. Father, take me back with you. Divya keep the temperature at 20. Kavin is not there today.
Do one thing. Keep it on 18. After so many days,
I am going to sleep peacefully. Thank you, God. Thank you. You too go to sleep. Go to sleep. ‘If I would have got
such a stage in my times..’ ‘..then I would have
not let anyone win.’ Hey, what happened? If Naina was here then would
we be able to watch TV like this? Mother, mother.. I used to feel strange
when she used to be mischievous.. ..but I am feeling strange
too even without her mischief. I feel like meeting her. Wait for a week.
We will go to meet him on Saturday. Oh! Alright. He will be fine. Yeah! Hi, Nitin. Nitin, sir. What happened? Nice shirt, buddy. Stylish. Okay. Chocolate for Nitin. Take it. No uncle. If I eat this
then I will have tooth decay. Okay. Genie, can Nitin have
some ice cream please. No uncle, if I eat ice
cream then I will have cold. Leave it. Let’s have some
milk shakes or cold drinks. – Which flavor will you have?
– No uncle, I will get fever. What do you make him eat? Nothing, because he has
some problem in his body. It is a problem if children
do not have any problem. If there is a problem
then it means he is a child. What do you think?
What problem does Nitin have? Doctor, in our building
we see children.. ..who are very active
and keep playing all the time. They look so smart. But in comparison to them
he remains so dull and sad. Why are you saying
that he remains sad? Say that he remains quiet. When we think of
children as children.. ..only then they will
consider elders as elders. – Your parents are totally wrong.
– Yes. Come on, say sorry to Nitin. Both of you. Like a friend. – Sorry, Nitin.
– Sorry, Nitin. Yeah! Are you happy now? – Yes.
– Really? Super happy. Nitin, finding Nemo.
Which character do you like? – Marlin, Dori..
– Yes, I like. Okay. What is this? – Guess, which animal is this?
– Frog. Yes. He is very clever. – Green!
– Red! – Red!
– Okay. – And yellow.
– Wow! He said all colors correctly. A big hi-fi. Nitin, I will give you a gift.
Do you like the color? – Yes, do you like it?
– Yeah! – Take this.
– Hey! Wow! – Have you made this?
– Yes. Does he make these things at home? – Yes, he does that.
– Yes, he has made it. Wow! – Damn good.
– Thanks. Chalk art. I will keep this here. – Is Nitin a normal delivery or..
– Cesarean. He is a brilliant kid.
Don’t worry at all. Take this, sir. Sir, what is your name? – Chandru.
– Chandru. Okay. What do you do with this? Okay, now take this. You seem to be a good boy. I am not a good boy but a bad boy. If you wish you can
give me an injection. No one gets injection here, boss. Tell me, that what does he do? He has broken 2 TV’s,
4 remote controls.. ..3 mobile phones and
8 tube lights till now. He has thrashed the head
of his neighbor friends 3-4 times. – Other than this he speaks
bad words, doctor. – Yes. Look, children not speak bad words.
They speak what they listen. While driving auto even
you must have used bad words. You must have used
the same at home as well. He is just following that. Children always copy their parents. Good environment at
home is the best treatment. – Get up children.
– Come on. Come on. – Get up. It is morning time.
– Get up. – Get up! Come on, get up.
– It’s time. Come on. “Who broke these budding flowers?” “They left them alone.” “Someone tell them that we miss them.” “We feel darkness
here inspite of sunrays.” “Even if the weather is
nice the entire world is quiet.” “I like nothing. We keep on crying.” “Someone tell me what is the reason.” Come on, go to your room.
Go to your room. “All my dreams have shattered.” “I don’t know where
they have got lost.” “God has made me then
why do you complain?” “Please remove all distances.” “What kind of helplessness is this?” “We make everyone smile
and bring happiness.” “I request you this.” “Give me place in your heart.” “Who broke these budding flowers?” “They left them alone.” “Someone tell them
that we miss them.” “We feel darkness
here inspite of sunrays.” “Even if the weather is
nice the entire world is quiet.” “I like nothing. We keep on crying.” Okay. Concentrate in class. Mother, take me from here. “Someone tell them
that we miss them.” Hey, concentrate on studies. Aa.. Bb.. Cc.. Is this a new style?
Concentrate on your books. If you do mischief then.. ..I shall leave you in hostel
as uncle has dropped his daughter. Six thousand two
hundred and thirty one. When we split them we have
six thousands, two hundreds.. Kavin, come here. Solve this. Will you laugh at me? Silence. Kavin, what is your problem? No problem, okay bye. – Excuse me, sir.
– Yes. Sir, I wanted to talk to you. I have made the payment.
Do you need any tip? No sir, that is not the case. How did you like the
service of our hotel? Very nice. Service is good so that is
why we come here at the year closing. Can I say something.
Please don’t mind. Tell me. What is it? There is a silver spoon
of our hotel in your pants pocket. If you wish you can keep it as gift. Me? What nonsense? In my pocket? Do you know what you are saying?
Have you gone mad? Sir, please check once. You.. Some friend might have played a prank. Hey Manoj, prank.. He must have kept it in my pocket. – I will handle him later.
– Sorry, sir. No one played a prank but
you kept it yourself in your pocket. I am not saying this but it
could be seen CCTV footage coverage. Sorry, sir. Very sorry sir. My wife would like silver
spoon so that is why.. One minute.
What is the cost of this spoon? No sir, customer is important for us. This is not first
time but third time sir. First time you took silver glass. Second time you took a cup so that is
why management asked me to tell you. Don’t misunderstand us. I know it is shameful but
I will give you money for that. No! Sorry, sir. – We do not take all this.
– Thank you. What kind of habit is this? Being a father you do such actions. Leave aside other things.
You have even stolen my purse. Do you know how much he
had cried because of this watch? And then you say no one has
this kind of habit in our family. Divya, I am feeling very guilty. I cannot stay normal. Sorry, Divya. Okay, let’s go to the doctor. Give this to me. I had no idea that there
is such a big thief in our house. Oh, God. Greetings,
with whom do you wish to speak? – Is doctor at home?
– Sir, you caught me on landline. Sir, can I get an
appointment for today? Sir today is Sunday.
I just get one day with family. We all are going out. We will meet tomorrow, sir. – What do we call those people
who cannot see properly? – Okay, done. – Listen!
– Yes? Do you know what do we call
those people who cannot see properly? Oh my God! Spare me. Spare me. – Today is Sunday. Spare me.
– Father, what is the name.. ..by which people are
teased who cannot see. You do not know this much.
They are called Nainsukh. – Oh. yes.
– I had a desire to listen from you. Listen, what have you cooked in lunch? Ramya does not like mutton.
Will you make fish fry? It would be great if it is spicy.
With a lot of spices. Temper the lentil properly.
We do not want curd. Make Curd Curry with coriander, curry
leaves and green chili. It would be fun. We are just leaving in 5 minutes. I need cold sweet
betel leaf in dessert. Okay. Okay we will meet soon.
Okay, bye. Should you give such a list of
food where you are going as a guest? Of course. After inviting us if they
cook food of their choice.. ..then when will we
eat food of our choice. I like you a lot but I
think you do not like me mother. Who said that we don’t like you?
I like you a lot. If you like me then why
did you put me in hostel? I am sorry father
if I have made a mistake. But I do not do it purposely. Please mother take me from here. Please, mother. Today when I was having
a bath the soap went into my eyes. My eyes were burning
and I kept on crying. No one cares for me here. Who will give me kellogs in breakfast? Here, I just get butter chapatti. Do you know yesterday, I vomited. The maid was shouting
at me while doing cleaning. But you used to wipe my body with warm
water when I used to vomit, mother. I will not write on walls
or play games on mobile. I will not hit anyone
who steal chocolates and eat. I will not waste food. I will
finish homework on time, mother. I will not do anything
that a bad boy does. You got insulted in front
of the teacher because of me. But I promise no teacher
will complain about me in future. Please, mother. – Please mother take me away from here.
– Kavin! Please. Naina, look here. Don’t cry dear. I don’t feel it is
right to keep him here. I have never seen Naina
crying like this before. She has changed so much in one week. If she stays here for one
year then everything will be fine. Sir, that day is speech you
had said that we should not waste.. ..electricity, water and other things. But two pipes are lose in canteen. Plastic bags and glasses
are lying here and there. Please pay attention to all this.
Abhiman. Superb, son I promise that I will ask
peon to set all these things right. Okay, son? – Okay.
– So today you get two stars. – Thank you, madam.
– Thank you, sir. Its name is Kleptomania. You have a mental disorder. Just as a man is lefty similarly
in this case he is a thefty. The patient may be very rich.. ..but he feels like stealing
whenever he sees even a small thing. You feel like stealing
anything kept here.. – ..and there or belonging
to someone else. – Yes. Yes. Impulse control disorder. This means that the stolen
thing may be not of their use.. ..but still they will keep them
safely and be happy on seeing them. – Yes sir, you are right.
– This disease is that of rich people. – Doctor, is this problem
of the rich people? – Yes. Did you hear? Many rich people in our
country have this disease. You don’t worry. First you
will have to start psycho therapy. And after that you will
have to start all the treatment. Doctor, is the treatment expensive? Of course. You.. Doctor, I don’t steal
money but things. Doctor has said that there
is nothing to worry about it.. ..so why are you worried? I am feeling very bad about myself. Doctor is such a nice man. He counseled me in such a nice manner. How will he work without stethoscope? – Thank you, doctor.
– Did you do stealing again? – Oh, God!
– My hand does not want to do it.. ..but my heart flutters to touch it. I just listen to what
my heart says, Divya. Wow! Great aroma. Who are these people? – They are from E block.
– Oh! Wow! Superb. You have spoiled the entire wall. Doesn’t your mother shout
at you when you do this? She likes whatever I do. He is a lucky boy. My mother thrashed me,
house owner shouted at me. Now, I have started hating drawing. What is that? Stars. I get one star when
I listen to my mother. Look, how many stars I have. These stars are mine. – Is it tasty?
– You are progressing well day by day. – Tell me the truth. Is it tasty?
– You only cook from tomorrow. It is superb. Hey Kamakshi, who has come? Our new friends Kavin and Naina. Their parents thrashed them
and they were crying in the park. So, I brought them here. Hey guys, someone hit you?
What, where and why? You want me to bite them. – Isn’t it funny?
– It is all going to be fine. What will you like to eat? French fries,
Chicken fries, fish fries. Is your father a chef? No. He is a doctor. Look at them. Come and eat food. – No. She must be somewhere here.
– Where has she gone? Naina. Aunty, do you never thrash Rohan? Does Rohan study well? He is not really great in studies. Okay, how is hostel life?
Why were you thrashed? Did you do some mischief? Can’t parents stay
without asking questions? Sorry, madam. Can I ask that what
would you like to eat? We are so hungry that we
will eat whatever you serve us. Did you find them near swimming pool? Does your father buy
for you whatever you ask for? He refuses ice cream but
if I become stubborn then he gives. After that when we get cold
then he smilingly gives us medicine. Rohan, will you exchange
your mom and dad with me? No. I love my mom and dad. Juice for small children. Aunty, have you put ice? If mother
comes to know then she will hit me. Aunty I saw an ad in TV. In that one aunty was
looking very beautiful. You look just like her. She talks good things but does not
tell that why did her mother beat her? Tell me,
why did your mother thrash you? Shall I tell? First they left us in hostel. After that we did
not like staying there. Then do you know what I did? Hey friends,
shall I tell a story to you all? Do you tell stories? I narrate very nice stories. What kind of stories do you narrate? Shall I narrate a story of dog? No,
no let me narrate a story of a ghost. Yes. It would be fun. No, tell us the story of a dog. Hey, presently we
are sitting with a ghost. What are you saying? Yes. Look there.
Hi, Shalini. How are you? Hi, Naina. I am fine. – Did you eat your food?
– Yes, I ate it. There is no one there.
She is saying lies to us. Who is this Shalini? Where is she? She used to stay in the
apartment where we stayed earlier. When we were coming back from school
then a dog was standing on the road. She went to save her and met
with an accident with an ambulance. But ambulance saves everyone. But it had come to kill Shalini. Do you know that Shalini
now sleeps with me? She talks to me only. – I am going. I am feeling very scared.
– Even, I am feeling scared. Shalini, everyone is getting
scared listening to your story. You go now and come after
everyone goes to sleep. Okay. Bye. Now who is she? This aunty always
sits in the graveyard. After drinking her
husband thrashed her. Then she hanged herself. Don’t tell the story. Did you see that children
are getting scared? Don’t come here. Get lost. Get lost. She is coming towards us.
It is our time to escape. Run. Run. No, no. Go aunty. Please go aunty. Go aunty. Don’t do anything to us. Hey, stop talking on the phone.
There is a problem here. – What happened? What happened?
– Come, everybody. Come. Come. – Why are you crying?
– Come to me. Come/ – She is narrating a ghost story.
– Why are you narrating a ghost story? You are warden then can’t
you do your duty properly? Sister, hit the warden hard. Mother..run away from here. A murder has been committed here. Our warden uncle is lying
in the bathroom covered with blood. He will die and become a ghost. Even we will also become ghost? What else can we do? We don’t want to become a ghost.
We will go home. Hey, why are you all standing here? – Ghost! Ghost!
– Keep quiet. Why are you all shouting? What has happened here?
Will you tell me? Oh God, we can only
hear warden uncle’s voice. – I am standing in front of you. I am
still alive. – He is standing here. Go and see in the bathroom. – Look here the warden uncle is here only.
– Your dead body is lying there. What did you say?
Am I lying dead inside? Why is lightning taking place?
What is happening? Oh, God! – Listen, children.
– Ghost of Warden uncle. Run. I searched inside
and I am not anywhere. I saw that your dead
body was lying there. I am telling you the
truth that I am not inside. That is warden uncle’s dead body. What is happening?
I don’t understand anything. What will happen now? The entire night he frightened us. I could not sleep the
entire night because of fear. – Hello. – Why are children
getting scared in your hostel? Nothing, sir.
There is nothing to be scared of. – Hello. Sir! – I have heard
there is ghost in your hostel. – No sir. There is nothing like that.
– My child called me. She was crying. All parents want to take
their children home, sir. It is better to throw those
two children out from here. Shalini, you came here as well. Who is this Shalini? What should I do? Hey, listen to me. If someone asks me that
in which school I have studied.. ..then I will take
name of only one school. But how many schools’s
name will you take? I will at least name 5 schools. – What new in it?
– How dare you answer me back? – You will tell me stories?
– Mom. – You will tell me false stories?
– Why are you hitting me? – How dare you argue with me? How dare
you argue with me? – Mother.. – How dare you argue with me?
– What happened? Get out of my house. Get out. – Get out from here.
– Mother.. – Mother, it is paining.
– You won’t learn, right? Father, say something. – Hey, throw him out of here.
– Mother, look at father. – Will you never change? Will you
never change? – He has troubled? Get lost from here. I am going from here. – Go away and never show your face again.
– I will not stay with you all. I am going from here. I was thrashed very hard.
Do you know that? It is not less than a crime to thrash
a small child by such a hefty man. Poor girl. – You look beautiful when you smile.
– Kavin! – Did you see my son?
– Am I a fool to find him? It is okay if you find him or not.. ..but do not fall in
muddy water while talking. Kavin! Kavin! Sir, it seems you are
also finding something. – I am finding my daughter, sir.
– I am saved. Are you feeling happy about it? No sir. Even my son is missing so
I was relieved that both are missing. Is that so? They are not there. They are not even that side, sir. Let’s find out on this side. – Naina..
– Kavin.. Is this your house? They are not to be found anywhere. What happened? Isn’t anyone in? My father would be talking
on phone or would be in bathroom. Where did you go?
Since long we are finding you. Sorry, they were at my place. What is this, sir? You are a doctor.
It is wrong to keep children like this. I know it is wrong, sir. Children were talking
and I just kept on listening. I am telling you once again.
Don’t misunderstand me. Bring them to my clinic.
We will talk face to face. This is my card. We will meet soon. Sorry. Bye. Did you see sir? Nowadays doctors have started catching
hold of patients in their homes. They have a good business. We have met so many doctors.
Let’s meet him once. Sir, even if I have a small
pain I feel I got an attack. I have met many doctors. That day without thinking she threw
your visiting card. Sorry doctor. No problem. There are different doctors
for different problems. Your problem is that you did
not get a doctor for your problem. Many parents make a
mistake of understanding.. ..their active children
as hyper active. And those who are hyper active.. ..are ignored by parents
thinking them to be naughty. Both the things re wrong. Doctor, what would be your fees? We will have to do MRI and scan again. What is the need for all this? No need. But we have got X-Ray, scan
and other tests done from head to toe. Why did you get all this done? What has naughtiness
to do with scanning? Don’t feel bad but because of her one
weakness every doctor is fooling us. From the one who is selling toys
to the one who is running a school? Even the garment seller. Our clothes cost 500/-
but her costs between 1500-5000/- Just go to doctor and
ask what problem the child has. They will try to get money
from you in every possible way. – We have got tired from all this.
– Akhil! If you get so emotional then
you will get only one thing for free. – What is that sir?
– BP I already have it, sir. Then what is it that
is troubling children? Before treating the children
I will have to treat their parents. What? Yes, first I will have
to give counseling to them. They are on the last stage of stress. That bank manager must have
crossed the last stage as well. What to do? This thing
cannot be treated in one meeting. I am feeling very tired
and feeling hungry too. – Look, they have brought food.
– Hey, you got food here. Akhil, what do you
think about Bill Gates? Bill Gates is the
richest man of the world. He must be having 10
times more money than Ambani. I would have gone crazy
if I had that much money. Michael Jackson. I am a big fan of him, sir. When I was in school I used
to stick his posters in my room. So much craze, what style.. When his dance used to come on TV.. ..then I would allow
no one to change the channel. Do you like Lord Krishna? Who does not like Krishna?
I have seen all his episodes. From Lord Krishna to Bill Gates.. ..Michael Jackson,
Tom Cruise, and Einstein.. ..not only these but many genius
of our country were hyperactive. Your child has the same special
quality that they all possessed. What are you saying, sir? Yes, I am serious. To believe what I say you have to
remove the spectacles from your eyes. No, I am not talking
about these spectacles. I have asked you to remove the
spectacles that make you see your child. You can wear this. Okay, your child does not
have any ailment or disease. This is part of her personality. She is not a special but a super kid. In fact we call it ADHD. Attention
deficit hyper active disorder. That means can’t he live
a normal life like other children. They stay aloof from others
does not mean they are abnormal. They are extraordinary
and outstanding. They are not different from us
but are standing on a separate path. They do not like to move
on the path suggested by others.. ..but like to make their
own path and move on it. This is fine but we cannot
let them do what they wish to. Academics is also important. If they do not get good numbers.. ..then how will they
get admission to IIT and IIM? IIT and IIM are fine. I am
not saying that your dreams are wrong. But do not try to achieve
from them what you could not achieve. They are not only hyper active but along
with that they are hyper intellectual. She will always stay
two steps ahead of us. She commits a mistake
also brilliantly. She is a gifted child. Whatever it may be but if
she does not score marks then.. ..we have to fold hands in
front of teachers and listen to them. We also need that school
so we stand in queue there. Then you will have to
fold hands and stand quietly. Just kidding. Nowadays in many schools
there is no teaching.. ..but are prepared them for exams. Come. Can’t we come out of
that race for God’s sake? We should try to increase
their level of thinking rather than.. ..helping them to
increase their marks. Sir, will he ever change or not? He will become fine on his own. Your clinic is just like a school sir. Really. Thank you. Can she get admission in school
where your children are studying? Actually my wife
is a part of the school. I will talk to her and check out. – Thank you, sir.
– Hello, doctor uncle is busy right now. – It’s okay.
– Naina. Thank you, Naina. Hi, Kavin. Hi, Naina. Welcome. Now you both can leave.
I will handle them. You had said that
it is not like a school. But here also they are given punishment
by asking them to hold their ears. That is not punishment.
It is called super brain yoga. So that children remain energetic
all the time and concentrate well. That is why we make
them do some exercise. Don’t worry. I will handle everything. – Bye.
– Bye. Hey kids, two new friends have come. You go and sit there. Okay children. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Ready. Is everyone mad here? I feel the same. Naina, why aren’t you laughing? Because I am not mad, madam. By laughing like this
our muscles become free.. ..we forget tension and after getting
relaxed we can concentrate on studies. This is what is followed
in foreign countries. Right. I was saying that whether
they are teachers.. ..or doctors they just give advice. But still it will be
very interesting. Go ahead. Children are like seeds
and parents are gardeners. Our families and relatives
are like mud that holds the seed. Teachers are like sunrays
and friends like water. Therapists and doctors
are like agricultural officers. Family therapy is best rather
than therapy given by doctors. Those parents who play with
their children can control AHDH. I am saying parents but
dads are also included in that. Dads also. But mothers are the best therapists. “These children
together look so nice.” “Who has brought stars from the sky?” “These small angels are so innocent.” “The one who messes up
with them will not be spared.” “They have started
to learn lessons of life.” “These children
together look so nice.” My friend was saying
that AHDH cannot be cured. Doctos just extend the
treatment to earn money. There can be doubts in life
but life should never be in doubts. Oh God. Thanks mother. Thanks father. If you want to buy chocolates
from Honesty shop.. ..then it is not
necessary to have money. Just like Kavin and Naina
if you buy things today.. ..then you can put money tomorrow. – Okay.
– Okay teacher. “Listen to them.” “Try to understand their emotions.” “They may do different
things but still support them.” “They are lovable so understand them.” “Give them a place in your heart.” “They seem to be naughty.” “Give them chance..” Divya, look there. “But one day they will
rise to great heights.” Do you know that your
food is tastier than theirs? Hey, ambulance. We can keep the phone but
the phone should not keep us. Okay. – Drawing is over.
– Wow! Thank you. “Leave them alone.
Do what they want to do.” “Don’t stop them from
doing what they want to.” “Become a character of their stories.” “Listen to what they want to say.” “Let them not remain quiet.” “Let them become lively.” “These children
together look so nice.” Are you all sitting
on your favorite places? – Yes teacher.
– Madam, a circular has come. Oh! Talentia 2014 Those who want to participate in
Talentia 2014 inter school competition.. ..should come and give me their names. I will not force anyone. Who wants to participate? – I will mime act.
– I will narrate a story. I will do dance. How story narrating will
be useful in their lives in future? Same is with dance and music.
What is the use of learning that? Don’t ignore the interest
that Kavin shows in music. Just think about
Illayraja and AR Rehman. Harry Potter writer JK Rowling earns
millions of rupees by writing stories. Not only that our writers JK Sujata,
Chetan Bhagat are also good examples. That is why do not
think that Naina’s.. ..story narration will
go useless in future. Let their talent not go waste. Just think how to
encourage their thoughts. Okay, what do you
want Kavin to become? Whatever he wants to
but not like his father. Spot painting is over. Wow Ravi. Excellent. Come here. You drew so well. Both your kids are so smart.
I feel jealous on seeing them. What do you follow? When I was pregnant then
we used to follow good things. That time we were just
married for 3 months. What is the matter?
Why did you call me here? Surprise. Okay I will not see. Hey, thank you. Is it a watch? You are going to become a father. You are looking very beautiful. Okay then write a letter to me. Why just one?
I will write hundred letters. Father has come, baby. – Say hello.
– Hello, my wife. – What were you doing?
– I was reading a letter. Okay. This is for you. – So sweet.
– One more. It is written in Bhawad Gita that
you should become what you want to. I am reading Bhagwad Gita for you. Mother and child are
now going to do brush. This is Illayraja’s ‘Nothing but win.’ Mother and father like it a lot. Just listen to it. Can you hear what I am saying? – He kicked.
– Let me see. You are talking to 6 month old baby.
What will he understand? Mother, they can
hear after three months. He reacts to whatever we say. When we play music
then he hears peacefully. He moves his hands
and feet on its rhythm. That is why if we want to give them
moral values then we should start it now. Doctor is saying that mother
will have to get cesarean done. No baby, mother wants
normal delivery. Right. Tomorrow we are going to
your maternal grandmother’s village. This is sound of a duck. And this is a rabbit. – Son-in-law, you go out and wait.
– No mother, I will not go anywhere. Wow! Great. I thought family planning
is not to give birth to children. But after talking to you
I understood that educating.. ..the child during pregnancy
is real family planning. Thanks a lot. Why did you select Naina
and Kavin for Talentia competition.. ..when there are so many
talented children in our school? You know that only 3 children
are allowed from each school. Many press reporters are
going to come in Talentia function. Try to understand. Our school will become
popular only if our student wins. What is this sir? You are
talking like commercial people. Now you think whether I am
thing commercially or being selfish. I am feeling that slowly
you are changing, sir. Just think about it. No miss, if she does something wrong
there then it would be insulting. I am feeling very scared, sir. Kavin and Naina will
have to take part in Talentia. It is now in your hands. But if principal is
refusing then what can I do. You can at least say that
you do not want to work in school. Isn’t it?
You do not like such a school. It is fine if Ravi
does not participate.. ..but Kavin and Naina
should participate. Does anyone leave a
job for such a small matter? Even your son is participating
in this competition. I do not like this competition. You know I was working
in another school earlier. There the co-ordinator used
to ask me to give B grade to the one.. ..who deserves A grade and
C grade to those who have got B grade. Then after two months
put A or B grade. Only then we can show
betterment in front of parents. Say that discipline of children coming
from another school is not good. And after two months show
that child has become disciplined. That is why I left that job sir. By selecting good children
and saying that our school is good.. ..our school will not become good. There is no use of getting a certificate
by making a talented child perform. But our school will become famous.. ..if a weak child performs
and gets a certificate. If you do not have this kind of thinking
then why should I do a job here? I do not want to lose a good teacher. Kavin, Naina and Ravi
will represent our school. Thank you, sir. Children, there is a competition
called Talentia 2014. Interested students can give
their names to class teachers. ‘Radio city..’ Talentia 2014.
Children’s inter-school competition. In this competition you will
see how children present their talent. Hi, hello everyone. Ours how is modern
and its name is Talentia. There is no dearth of talented
children in our country. What is this sir? Today you
seem to have applied a lot of ash. Actually my son is going to perform
for the first time on such a big stage.. ..so on the way I offered
prayers at Natraj temple. I prayed for your daughter also. Friends, there are three
special guests in our program. Firstly we welcome
director Simu Ramaswamy. Our second guest is Mr.
Sanjay Ramaswami. He is a great racer. And our third guest is
Supreme court’s judge Mr. Imanji. Our show begins with Apple Kids. Next is Manish.
A big round of applause for him. Father, brother was
also going to do the same. What happened son? Why did
you leave the make up half done? I was also going to do mime
act and he has done my concept. That’s it. Mother knows
that you have many concepts. You just do not know mime. If he has done your concept
then you do something else. Even brother was going to do this. You have a lot of talent.
Why are you worrying? Okay. Be happy and chill. Do confidently whatever you do. Go now. All the best. Now Ravi Singh is going to perform. Wow! Good, very good. Next is Kavin from BRIB school. He will perform a dance
in front of all of you. A big round of applause
for him friends. All the best. Go ahead. What happened to music? He is my son, sir. My son. How did you like the performance?
Wasn’t it amazing? Good, very good. Next performer is
Naina from BRIB school. Naina, what do you have to say?
Come quickly. Greetings to all. There was a big mango
tree in a beautiful jungle. Many sparrows had
made nests in that tree. There was father sparrow,
mother sparrow.. ..and baby sparrow
that stayed together. Father sparrow and mother sparrow
did not like the baby sparrow. Because that baby sparrow
never listened to her parents. She was very mischievous. That baby sparrow was
thrown out of every school. When neighboring aunty sparrow said.. ..that when my baby
sparrow listens to me.. ..then why your baby
doesn’t listen to you. You should treat her. Then her parents went
and met many doctors. But they could not find what
problem that baby sparrow had. When there was no option left then
that baby sparrow was sent to hostel. In this hostel another baby sparrow
became friends with that baby sparrow. The other baby sparrow
also had the same problem. Bothe the bay sparrow planned of
flying from the window of that hostel. After flying two more baby
sparrows become their friends. The mother of e two
news sparrows is a teacher. And their father is a doctor. Along with baby sparrows
there was grandmother sparrow.. ..and grandfather sparrow
in the nest as well. They used to stay happily together. In that nest the baby sparrows
were not told about their mistakes.. ..but were kept happily
by saying think positive. That is why that sparrow
always remained happy. Father doctor sparrow
and mother teacher sparrow.. ..started taking care of
these two baby sparrows also. Slowly, slowly those baby sparrows
started getting place in their house. Now those baby sparrows
also became good sparrows. A school was built for Those
sparrows that were mischievous. Today in that school a children’s
competition named Talentia is being held. That baby sparrow who
was told that she knew.. ..nothing is narrating
the story in front of you. I hope you liked the
story of this baby sparrow. I request father sparrow
and mother sparrow.. ..not to send that
baby sparrow to hostel. This baby sparrow will
listen to everything they say. Naina. Go, your teacher is calling. Kavin, Kavin.. Hey, superb. Okay then I will leave, Where are you going? What else do you want? Children have given performance
on such a big stage. I am very happy. I am happy that they
knew they have talent in them. Let’s wait for the result. Three
of them have given good performance. How is it possible that we
do not have faith on our children? According to me every child
who performed should be given prize. Judges will give prize to
those children whom they liked. These awards, trophies and certificates
are for school and principal. We will go and enjoy.
We will do horse riding on the beach. See you. Let us know which rank they have got.
What is wrong in that? I used to come last in
sports and I am a doctor today. Many last benchers have moved ahead. It is wrong to give ranks to children. See you. Bye. See you soon. Sir.. Sir is right. Shall we also leave? – Mr. Sanjay Ramaswami.
– We are also coming sir. Hello. Hi, Buddies. I am Sanjay Ramaswami. I am very happy that this group of.. Tell me clearly. You are confusing. We are telling you clearly. Come on children.
Let’s go to the beach. Horse riding. Are we going to the beach? Why did you bring us out
before the result was announced? Now I am going to tell
the truth to the three of you. What is this uncle? What is all this, father?
Tell us quickly. You three are prize winners in the
Talentia in which you had participated. – Are you saying the truth, uncle?
– Yes. I talked to the judges
to give prizes for my children. They gave and brought them. Why did you get them? It would be great
if we got it on stage. Because you performed the
best and you were given medals. Did the others performed worst? If you all got the medals and
they did not so they would feel bad. After that their parents
would have cried. Children would also cry. Just
like they cry on reality show in TV Would you like this? We would have felt bad. Everyone give a round of applause.
The best story teller is Naina. Best dancer award goes to Kavin. – Hey congratulations.
– Best artist goes to Ravi. Congratulate them. Let’s all have a selfie. Come on stand in line for a selfie. Why are you looking so confused? After twenty years when
you will remember this.. ..you will realize that
you have won these medals. – Ready.
– Shall we go? Come on. Alright.